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The Angaston Football Club has a rich history, which was celebrated at the club’s reunion function last Saturday night July 4.
Held at the Angaston Town Hall, over 100 past players, officials and supporters came to the event to discover additions to the Angaston Football Club’s Hall of Fame as well as retrospective presentations of the Anzac Day Bob Christie Medal.
Renowned for their strong presence in the Barossa Light and Gawler Football competition, the Angaston Football Club is the home of Shannon Hurn, West Coast Eagles; Kent Kingsley, formerly North Melbourne, Geelong and Richmond and Shaun Tasker, Adelaide Crows.
It is also the adopted home of Peter Vivian, Central District; Mick Clingly, West Torrens; Bob Philp, Port Adelaide; Ron Benton, West Adelaide; Len Atkins, South Adelaide and Pat Tocaciu, North Adelaide.
Angaston Football Club Hall of Fame Inductees recognised on the night were: Peter Morgan, Steven Moulds, Gil Reimann, Max Binding and Brian Schubert.

The retrospective Bob Christie Medal was presented to the following:
1945, John Evans; 1946- 1947, Ian Kleinig; 1948, Colin Falkenberg; 1949, Roger Miles; 1959, Norm Reu; 1951, John Lange; 1952, Eric Hearl; 1953, Roddy Kleinig; 1954, Lance O’Neill; 1955 Alick Hearl; 1956, John Lange; 1957, Roger Miles; 1958 Geoff Mueller; 1959, Robert Fulwood; 1960, Geoff Marshall; 1961, Dean Hausler; 1962 Gary Polkinghorne; 1963, Darrell Hearnden; 1964, Chris Friend; 1965, Geoff Lewis; 1966, Len Atkins; 1967, Peter Baker; 1968, Graham Johnston; 1969- 1970, Brian Hurn; 1971, Darrell Hearnden; 1972, Daryl Beale; 1973, Peter Kleinig; 1974, Kym Reid; 1975, Malcolm Johnston; 1976, Kym Reid; 1977, Tim Jackson; 1978, Tim Knight; 1979, John Kretschmer; 1980, Kym Schmidt; 1981, Richard Miles; 1982, Robert Jenner; 1983, Clark Thiele; 1984, Des Sadauskas; 1985, David Argent; 1986- 1987, Peter Cameron; 1988, Peter Collins; 1989, David Argent; 1990, Peter Collins; 1991, Brenton Jones; 1992, Steven Moore; 1993, Richard Miles; 1994, Jason Kingsley; 1995, Peter Dowling; 1996, Tim McNeill; 1997, Greg Burgess; 1998, James Linke; 1999, Craig Harvey; 2000, Shane Mitchell; 2001, Stewart White; 2002-2004, Matthew Doecke; 2005, Craig Hadden; 2006, Matthew Doecke; 2007, Kym Reimann; 2008, Greg Bain and 2009, Craig Harvey.

Strange but true facts of the Blue and Whites
Secretary of the Angaston Football Club for 21 years, Mr Anthony Schubert compiled a brief history of the Angaston Football Club into a book in 2004 to celebrate 125 years of the club.
Angaston Football Club, the strange but true facts of the Blue and Whites, provided a brief insight into the diverse history of the club as well as a year by year account of the club from its first recorded match in 1876 until 2004.
As well as supplying a detailed account of each year the club has been in competition, the book contains interesting information such as Family Affairs, which details the families who supplied numerous players/workers to the club, players who have debuted at A-Grade level at an early age and a Believe it Or Not section.
The Believe It Or Not Section offers interesting snippets into the club’s history, including facts such as on August 26, 2000, a brawl by players and spectators after the final siren at the Angaston v. Barossa District match at Angaston resulted in both clubs being fined $1,000.
Earlier this year, Mr Schubert compiled an updated book on the history of the Angaston Football Club, providing a follow up to the initial edition released five years ago.
Highlights of the updated book include the club’s Team of the Century and the Long Service League, which recognises the efforts of individuals who have played for Angaston for a long period of time.
One of the most notable include Mr Matthew Doecke, who, on May 30 this year, became the first Barossa, Light and Gawler footballer to play 300 A-Grade games.
Both the books detailing the rich history of the Angaston Football Club are available for purchase through the club. $10 for the new book or $15 including postage and the 125 year book is $15 or $20 postage. Both books can be purchased for $20 or $25 inc. postage. Box 166 Angaston or email