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Saturday September 16, 2006 - GRAND FINAL
RAMBLERS 19.12 (126) def TUMBY BAY 7.11 (53)
Best on Ground: Joel Fitzgerald (5 goals)

Best: Ramblers – J Fitzgerald, J Holman, S Pedler.

Tumby Bay – B Coad, J Hunt, D Butler.

Goals: Ramblers – J Fitzgerald 5, D Rule 4, S Fitzgerald, A Richardson, S Pedler 2, T Mickan, S Minhard, J Minhard, S Deslandes 1

GREAT FLINDERS FOOTBALL IN 2007 (Teams: Cummins/Kappinie, Eyre United, Lock, Ramblers, Tumby Bay, United Yeelanna)


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GRAND FINAL at Cummins on September 15, 2007

Tumby Bay




24.12 (156)





6.11 (47)

Best: Tumby Bay - C Prime, N James, J Shannon, M Curtis, B Coad, Jacob Cave. Ramblers - T Motan, S Pedler, S Fitzgerald, J Holman, S Mickan, D Whittle. Goals: C Prime 14, J Shannon 4, L Shannon, G Curtis, J Hunt, J Cove, J Kemp. Ramblers - A Crettenden 3, S Pedler, S Fitzgerald, A Doyle.

Preliminary Final at Tumby Bay on September 8, 2007

Ramblers 11.20 (86) d Cummins/Kappinnie 12.8 (80).

Best -- Ramblers: I Mickan, S Fitzgerald, S Pedler, J Halson, S Fuller, A Haarsma. Cougars: T Siegert, C Howell, L Turnbull, D Head, B Hazelgrove, D Green. Goals - Ramblers­ S Fitzgerald, J Cuderford, A Crethy, S Pedler 2, T Mickan, S Fuller, L Murray. Cougars: C Howell, J Siegert 3, C Meaney 2, J Siegert, 8 Hazelgrove, L Moroney, D Bache.

Second Semi Final at Karkoo on September 1, 2007

Tumby Bay 24.12 (156) d Ramblers 8.4 (52).

Best -Tumby Bay: N James, D Fleming, P Jefferson, B Coad, M Curtis, J Cavern S Lawrie. Ramblers: S Fuller, D Wittle, S Mickan, S Pedler, T Mickan. Goals -Tumby Bay: J Shannon 5, S Read 4, C Prime 3, P Jefferson, J Cave, D Clark 2, T Neindorf, J Kemp, B Birkin, D Fleming, L Shannon, N James. Ramblers: A Crettenden, P Boxer 3, S Fitzgerald, A Haarsma.

First Semi Final at Cummins - August 25, 2007





20.17 (137)





16.8 (104)

Best - Cummins/Kapinnie: D Cummings, C Turnbull, J Siegert, L Turnbull, C Howell, S Taylor. Lock: I Halman, B Wake, T Zacher, L Northcott, Z Tiller. Goals - Cummins/Kapinnie: B Hazelgrove, C Meaney 3, C Turnbull, J Siegert, J Murnane 2, D Cummings, S Meyers, L Turnbull, D Bache, C Howell. Lock: K Beard 6, Z Tiller 4, B Longmire, G Glover 2, G Hetzel, L Northcott.

Round 15 - August 18, 2007

Eyre United 18.14 (122) d United Yeelanna 13.14 (92).

Best - Eyre United: S Moors, B Pugsley, R Gil, B Foster, T Baldisserra, S Drewer. United Yeelanna: B Jolly, M Habner, S Hancock, D Stephens, A Little, S Graham. Goals - Eyre United: B Pugsley 5, D Noble. T Fitzgerald, J Kidney, D Evans 2, T Baldissera, L Tonkin, S Evans. United Yeelanna: S Hancock, B Breed 3, R Meakin 2, B Jolly, B Skinner, M Meaney, R Skinner, M Habner,

Cummins/Kappinnie 18.14 (122) d Lock 13.12 (90).

Best - Cougars: S Meyers, J Seigert, C Turnbull, D Cummings, LTurnbull, C Howell. Lock: S Beard, S Hentschke, M Mellor, B Wake, B Longmire. L Northcott. Goals - Cougars: B Hatzel 6, D Batson, J Seigert, C Meaney 3, J Murnane, C Howell, D Comming.  Lock: K Glover, L Northcott 3, B Wake 2, S Hentschke, C Wheare, A Hetzel, G Hetzel, I Halman.

Tumby Bay 23.18 (156) def Ramblers 8.5 (53)

Best: Tumby Bay – J Shannon, Josh Cave, C Curtis, N James, S Read, M Curtis. Goals: Tumby Bay – C Prime 7, S Read 4, J Shannon 3, J Kemp, Jefferson 2, N James, L Shannon, C Curtis, J Cave, Josh Cave. Ramblers – A Crettenden 4, S Fitzgerald 2, D Guidera, A Haarsma

Round 14 – August 11, 2007

Tumby Bay 26.15 (171) d Lock 5.7 (37).

Best - Tumby Bay. J Shannon, B Coad, S Read, R Clark, Josh Cave, P Jefferson. Lock: N Cumming, M Houghagen, S Beard, L Northcott, Z Tiller, A Pearce. Goals - Tumby Bay: S Read 7, C Prime 6, P Jefferson 4, J Kemp, Jacob Cave 2, J Shannon, B Goad, L Shannon, Josh Cave, N James. Lock Z Tiller. A Hetzel, A Plance, S Hentschke, K Glover.

Ramblers 14.11 (95) d Eyre United 12.14 (86).

Best - Ramblers: D Holman, S Fitzgerald, S Pedler, J Minard, M Forster, A Dabot. Eyre United: R Modra, B Foster, D Evans, C Yager, S Telfer, S Evans. Goals - Ramblers - S Pedler, S Fitzgerald 3, A Crettenden 2, A Doyle. J Holman, C Povey, A Cabot, B Quigley, S Fuller. Eyre United: S Telfer 4, T Baldissera, D Noble 2, R Modra, C Yager, B Pugsley, S Evans.

United Yeelanna 11.10 (76) d Cummins Kapinnie 9.11 (65).

Goals - United Yeelanna: M Meaney 6, S Hancock 2, S Graham, A Hancock, L Lawrie. Cummins Kapinnie: J Siegert 3, L Moroney 2 C Turnbull, J Murnane, B Green, K Pringle. Best - United Yeelanna. L Lawrie. S Graham, D Green, L Turnbull, B Jolly, A Hancock. Cummins Kapinnie: C Turnbull, W Carter, M Haylock, R Skinner, V Phelps, S Meyers. 

Round 13 – August 4, 2007





11.7 (73)

Eyre United




11.4 (70)

Best- Lock: C Pearce, G Hetzel, S Hentschke, B Wake, T Zacaer. Eyre United: C Vagar, S Evans, R Gill, B Foster, J Modra, D Evans. Goals - Lock: Z Tiller 3, K Glover 2, M Mellor, A Pearce, C Wheare, S Hentschke, B Wake, G Hetzel. Eyre United: D Noble, T Baldissera 3, B Pugsley, M Graser 2, D Evans.

Tumby Bay




18.7 (115)





5.6 (36)

Best -Tumby Bay: B Coad, J Hunt, T Neindorf, Josh Cave, M Curtis, Jacob Cave. Cougars: S Meyers, B Hazelgrove, C Howell, D Green, T Siegert, L Turnbull. Goals -Tumby Bay C Prime, S Read

4, J Shannon, B Coad 3, J Kemp 2, P Jefferson, D Clark. Cougars: S Meyers 2, D Webb, S Taylor, J Murnane.





11.10 (76)

United Yeelanna




11.5 (71)

Best players: Ramblers: S. Fitzgerald, S. Mickan, A. Crettenden, S. Pedler, S. Fuller, A. Cabot. United Yeelanna: B. Jolly, B. Breed, A. Hancock, S. Graham, B. Skinner, L. Lawrie Goal scorers: Ramblers: A. Crettenden 5, J. Minhard, S. Fitzgerald 2, J. Nagel, S. Pedler. United Yeelanna: M. Meaney 4, Z. Glover 2, L. Lawrie, R. Skinner, J. Norton, B. Breed..

Round 12 – July 28, 2007

Eyre United 21.15 (135) d Cougars 10.12 (72).

Best- Eyre United: D Evans, T Baldissera, M Fraser. R Gill, S Evans B Foster. Cougars: D Green, L Turnbull, T Siegert, W Carter, B Traeger. Goals Eyre United: M Fraser 6 B Pugsley 5. J Kidney, T Baldissera 3. S Telfer 2, D Noble, S Evans. Cougars: J Siegert, D Green 2, C Howell, B Hazelgrove. T Turnbull, D Bache, T Siegert, D Wood.

Tumby Bay 22.22 (154) d Unitea Yeelanna 4.9 (33).

Best - Tumby Bay: J Shannon, B Coad, C Curtis. J Kemp, C Prime, D Clark. United Yeelanna - M Haylock, B Jolly, A Hancock, J Phinnes. L Lawrie. Goals –Tumby Bay: C Prime 10, J Shannon, J Kemp, B Coad 3, D Clark, S Read, B Birkin United Yeelanna: R Meakin 2, B Jolly. Z Glover.

Lock 14.13 (97) d Ramblers 11.13 (79).

Best – Lock:  G Hetzel, Z Tiller. L Northcott, B Wake, A Hetzel, T Daly .Ramblers - T Mickan, K Wauchope R Boxer, S Fitzgerald, J Minard. Goals – Lock:  G Glover, 4. G Hetzel 2, Z Tiller, A Pearce, Z Holman, L Northcott. D Kay, A Hetzel, G Weave, G Griffiths. Ramblers – M Richardson 4, S Fitzgerald, L Murray, G Crittenden, K Nagel, A Richardson, K Nagel, A Haarsma.

Round 11 - July 21, 2007

Tumby Bay 24.15 (159) d Eyre United 11.6 (72)

Best: Tumby Bay – J Cave, P Jefferson, C Curtis, B Coad, J Shannon, C Prime. Eyre Utd – J Baldissera, D Noble, T Fitzgerald, R Modra. Goals: Tumby Bay – C Prime 11, D Butler 4, J Shannon, C Curtis 2, J Cave, D Clark, N James, J Kemp, L Shannon. Eyre United – J Kidney, B Pugsley 3, L Tonkin 2, M Fraser, D Noble, J Fitzgerald

Ramblers 12.10 (82) d Cummins Kapinnie 10.12 (72)

Best: Remablers – S Pedler, J Holman, T Mickan, G Crettenden, B Quigley, D Wettle. Cummins/Kappinnie – D Boane, M Traeger, D Green, S Meyers, D Webb, C Howe. Goals: Ramblers – A Crettenden 4, S Pedler, G Crettenden, L Murray 2, T Mickan, A Richardson 1. Cummins/Kappinnie – D Boane, J Seigert 3, C Howell, S Taylor, C Meaney, T Seigert 1.

United Yeelanna 10.17 (77) def Lock 10.5 (65)

Best; United Yeelanna – B Jolly, A Watson, L Lawrie, A Hancock, M Havelock, J Norton. Lock – G Hetzel, A Pearce, A Heath, C Wheare, A Hetzel. Goals: United Yeelanna - M Meaney 3, R Skinner B Sk nner. S Graham, R Merkin, B Breed, J Horton. S Hancock.  Lock  - K Gawler 5, K Beard, S Hentschke, G Hetzel, C Wheare, A Hetzel

LOCK RISE FROM THE DUST  by Duane Sholson-Schultz….Friday July 13, 2007

Before Round Six you could be forgiven for thinking that Lock was down and out, and that they would struggle for the rest of the year. Well that was of course before they found some much needed form to be sitting fourth, one game from the second placed Cougars, and registering four wins from their past five games.

Lock’s confidence boosting 36-point win over the Cougars last week has meant they now have a place in the finals in their sights.

Their only loss has been to the high flying Premiership favourites Tumby Bay, who gave them a football lesson and appear to all the local football lovers as unbeatable, due to their successful recruiting and enormous depth. Chris Prime has kicked 10, 18, 14 & 12 majors in his last four games to give him a total of 95 for the season, the highest total in any country league across the state. If someone does not figure out how to beat the Blues soon, they will march on their merry way to a comfortable grand final flag win.

So what has changed for Lock in recent weeks that have allowed them to pick themselves up off the bottom of the table to now be in the race for a flag if Tumby Bay tumbles in future weeks? They have the same personnel; however some tweaking of their team structure after some unlucky loses in earlier rounds have meant that the team has ‘gelled’ together.

According to President Ian Burrows the new team structure allowing some boys to play in their natural positions has allowed the ball to ‘flow well’. With the likes of Luke Northcott, a 16-year-old half-forward type player who has come through Lock’s juniors, standing up for them in the forward 50 has added to the ‘good mix’ of youth and experience the team has at the present moment.

However admittedly Lock lack depth in the B-grade and will struggle if players look to shift at the end of season.

But a finals birth could eliminate that fear with the club president declaring the boys will ‘cause a bit of a headache’ for teams if they reach the finals. Old heads such as Craig Wheare are standing tall which are aiding Lock’s latest resurgence.

In stark contrast to Lock’s recent fortunes, Eyre United has crashed to a seventh successive loss, the latest being to United Yeelanna by 7 points. It doesn’t get any easier for the team with their round 11 game coming up against Tumby Bay coming at a bad time for the club. The Blues will blow Eyre United out of the water if the boys from Eyre are even a little bit off their game. Maybe they should double, or even triple team Chris Prime!

No-one from Eyre United was available for comment so it is unknown what the cause of this down turn in form is attributed to. They now sit bottom after a strong start to the season and must win their next few games otherwise they fear falling out of touch with the rest of the league. However, the competition seems relatively close apart from Tumby Bay’s dominance and it will be a ‘tight, interesting finish” Lock President Ian Borrows said.

Round 10 - July 7, 2007

United Yeelanna




11.12 (78)

Eyre United




10.11 (71)

Best -- United Yeelanna: B Skinner, R Skinner, L Lawrie, M Habner, M Jolly, D Stephens. Eyre United: D Noble, T Fitzgerald, B Pugsley, R Gill, T Baldiserra. Goals -- United Yeelanna: M Meaney 5, L Laurie. S Hancock 2. A Hancock. B Breed Eyre United: B Pugsley 4, M Fraser 2, T Baldiserra, S Brewer, L Tonkin, N Teller.

Tumby Bay




20.13 (133)





8.10 (58)

Best -- Tumby Bay: B Coad, J Shannon, C Prime, Jacob Cave, D Clark, P Jefferson. Ramblers: S Pedler, A Crettenden, T Mickan, K Wauchope, J Holman, J Minard. Goals - Tumby Bay: C Prime 12, L Shannon 3, B Coad 2, D Lunn, C Curtis, S Lawrie. Ramblers: A Crettenden 4, S Fitzgerald, J Holman, A Richardson, T Mickan.





15.21 (111)





12.3 (75)

Best - ­Lock: I Halman, T Dolphin, L Northcott, G Hetzel, S Beard, A Pearce. Cummins Kapinnie: D Wedd, C Turnbull, D Green, B Hazelgrove, D Puckridge. Goals - Lock: J Halman, C Wheare, A Hetzel, M Haughagen, K Glover 2, C Pearce, K Beard, L Northcott Cummins Kapinnie: D Puckridge 3, J Murnane, J Siegert, L Moroney 2, B Hazelgrove, D Cummins, C Howell.

Round Nine - June 30, 2007

Cougars 16.11 (107) d United Yeelanna 11.11 (77).

Best-Cougars S Meyers, C Turnbull, L Turnbull, T Wood, J Siegert, D Wood. United Yeelanna: M Haylock, M Jolly, M Habner, B Jolly, B Skinner. D Hancock. Goals --- Cougars J Siegert 5, C Meaney, S Taylor, C Howell 2, S Meyers, J Murnane, B Hazelgrove, T Wedd, D Cummings. United Yeelanna: L Lawrie 4, B Breed 3. B Jolly, M Habner, S Hancock, R Skinner.

Ramblers 16.8 (104) d Eyre United 14.8 (92).

Best - Ramblers, A Richardson, A Crettenden, K Nagel, J Cuttertord, E Nagel, A Laurie. Eyre United: S Drewer, M Fraser, D Noble, T Fitzgerald, B Foster. Goals -- Ramblers: A Crittenden 8, A Richardson, A Laurie 2, B Quigley, S Fitzgerald, K Wauchope, J Cuttertord. Eyre United: D Noble 6, B Pugsley 3, M Frazer 2, 5 Teldfer. E Foster, G Davis.

Tumby Bay 25.12 (162) d Lock 9.6 (60).

Best -- Tumby Bay: J Cave. P Jefferson, C Prime, T Neindorf, D Clarke. Lock - B Wake, T Zacher, G Hetzel, N Cummins. A Pearce. Goals - Tumby Bay: C Prime 14, J Kemp 4, B Load 2, M Curtis, B Gossink, S Laurie, D Fleming. Lock - K Grover 4, I Halman 2, G Hetzel, S Hentschke, B Longmire.

Round Eight - June 23, 2007

Tumby Bay 28.9 (177) d Cummins Kapinnie 12.6 (78)

Goals - Tumby Bay: C Prime 18; J Shannon, D Clark, J Kemp 2; A Allen, C Curtis, T Cross, S Read. Cummins Kapinnie: C Meaney 3; B Green, J Siegert, T Turnbull 2; D Bache, C Turnbull, T Siegert.





18.12 (120)

Eyre United




11.16 (82)

Best – Lock: T Zacher, B Wake, G Hetzel, C Pearce, A Pearce, G Griffiths. Eyre Utd – R Modra, S Evans, D Evans, M Fraser, L Tonkin. Goals: Lock – K Glover 4, L Northcott,  C Wheare, S Hentschke 3, G Griffiths 2, A Pearce, H Hetzel, M Mellor 1. Eyre United – B Pugsley, D Noble, R Gill, S Evans 2, M Fraser, R Modra, D Evans 1.





19.15 (129)

United Yeelanna




8.13 (61)

Best – Ramblers: S Pedler, P Boxer, T Mickan, J Holman, T Minhard, A Lawrie. United Yeelanna – M Jolly, A Hancock, B Jolly, J Norton, L Lawrie, S Grande. Goals: Ramblers – A Richardson, A Crettenden 5, S Pedler 4, L Murray 2, T Mickan, P Boxer, A Lawrie. United Yeelanna – J Norton 3, L Lawrie 2, C McFarlane, N Habner, M Haylock

Round Seven - June 16, 2007

Lock 12.12 (84) d Ramblers 11.10 (76).

Best -- Lock: M Houghrigen, A Hetzel, B Wake, S Kay, L Northcott. Ramblers: S Paddler, P Boxer, J Holman, S Fitzgerald, A Cobet. Goals - Lock: K Glover, L Northcott, A Hetzel 2, A Pearce, Z Tiller, S Hentschke, G Hetzel, C Wheare, M Houghagen. Ramblers: A Crettenden, A Haarsma 5, A Richardson 2, Fitzgerald, A Lawrie, B Ouigley.

Tumby Bay 23.16 (154) d United Yeelanna 7.5 (47).

Best - Tumby Bay: C Prime, J Cave, J Cave, D Clark, J Shannon, S Lawrie. United Yeelanna: A Hancock, B Breed, R Skinner, M Jolly, S Hancock, R Campbell. Goals - Tumby Bay: C Prime 10, J Shannon 5, B Coad 3, C Curtis 1, S Richardson, B Birkin, T Cross, M Curtis. United Yeelanna: B Breed 3, S Hancock, A Hancock, L Fitzgerald, R Campbell

Cummins Kapinnie 27.14 (176) d Eyre United 11.3 (69).

Best - Cummins Kapinnie: D Weed, P Cummines, J Siegert, C Howell, W Carter, C Meaney. Eyre United: C Yager, 8 Foster, M Fraser, J Modra, 0 Noble, J Kidney. Goals - Cummins Kapinnie: C Howell 6, J Siegert 5, D Bache 2, T Turnbull, L Moroney, T Wedd, D Pittaway. Eyre United: B Pugsley 4, T Baldissera 3, M Fraser 2, G Davies, D Noble.

Lock win at last by Duane Sholson-Schultz….Tuesday June 5, 2007

After losing its first five games of the season, Lock has delivered with confidence boosting 71 point win over United Yeelanna.

It was relatively close at the main break with only 24 points in it, but Lock came out in the second half and slammed on eight unanswered goals to ensure their first victory of the season.

United Yeelanna could only manage one solitary point for the quarter and trailed all day.

Glover kicked eight goals with Wheare and Pearce best a field for Lock. 

However, Tumby Bay continues its dominance of the Great Flinders Football League with a rampaging win over Eyre United. The Blues cruised to an emphatic 101-point win at their home ground at the weekend.

The hard, in-and under C. Curtis continues to stamp his authority on the league, whilst solid performer B. Coad continues his stellar 2007 form in the strong Tumby Bay outfit.

The Blues now sit on top of the table with six wins and a three game gap separating them from the Cougars who jumped ahead of reigning premiers Ramblers with a 13-point victory.

Last year’s premiers the Ramblers have dropped four winnable games to be reeling in fifth position with just two-wins.

But the season is a marathon not a sprint referring to the overused expression in the footy world, the boys can still deliver their seventh Grand Final in a row.

Especially if Richardson can continue his great form in the 50 metre-arch.

They sit fifth, despite a very good percentage that will help them in the following matches.

Eyre United was aided with Lock’s big win, keeping them second, however they must continue to win as only their percentage is keeping them above the Cougars and United Yeelanna.

Round Six - June 2, 2007

Tumby Bay




23.10 (148)

Eyre United




7.5 (47)

Best -Tumby Bay: M Curtis, C Prime, J Kemp, J Hunt, C Curtis, B Coad. Eyre United: T Baldissera, R Modra, L Tonkin, J Kidney, D Evans, J Modra. Goals: Tumby Bay: C. Prime 9, J. Kemp 4, J. Shannon 3, S. Richardson, P. Shepherson, A. Allen, D. Butler, B. Birkin. Eyre United: T. Baldissera 2, D. Noble 2, C. Yager 2, S. Evans.





10.10 (70)





7.15 (57)

Best Cummins/Kappinnie: C Turnbull, B Bilney, B Hazelgrove, L Moroney, D Gumming. Ramblers: S Pedler, S Fitzgerald, T Mickan, J Holman, P Boxer, S Fitzgerald. Goals - Cougars: J Siegert 5, C Turnbull 2, C Meaney, C Howell, D Cumming. Ramblers: A Crittenden 4, J Holman2, S Fitzgerald 1.





18.7 (115)

United Yeelanna




6.8 (44)

Best: Lock - C. Wheare, A. Pearce, B. Wake, N. Cummins, T. Zacher, K. Glover. United Yeelanna: M. Habner, B. Jolly, M. Jolly, S. Campbell, R. Skiner. Goals: Lock: K. Glover 8, L. Northcott 3, M. Houghagen 2, B. Longmire , M. Miller, Z. Tiller, G. Hetzel, C. Wheare. United Yeelanna: D. Stephens 2, A. Hancock, B. Breed, L. Lawrie, Z. Glover.

Round Five - May 26, 2007





10.7 (67)





6.18 (54)

Best - Cougars: L Moroney, J Murnane, C Meaney, B Green, C Turnbull. Lock: A Pearce, L Northcott, C Wheare, A Hetzel, I Halman, M Mellor. Goals - Cougars: C Moronsky, J Seigert 3, S Taylor, C Meaney. Lock: L Northcott 3, G Glover, S Hentschke, A Pearce.

United Yeelanna




14.8 (92)

Eyre United




10.11 (71)

Best - United Yeelanna: B Hancock, L Lawrie, B Breed, R Skinner, L Fitzgerald, M Habner. Eyre United: B Modra, R Gill, D Noble, S Baldissera, D Evans, C Yager. Goals -- United Yeelanna: D Hancock 3, L Lawrie, M Haylock 2, B Breed, R Meakin, C McFarlane, E Adams. R Skinner, S Little, S Hancock. Eyre United: B Pugsley 4, M Frazer, R Gill 2, D Noble, T Baldissera.

Tumby Bay




12.10 (82)





10.6 (66)

Best - Tumby Bay: B Coad, D Butler, C Curtis, J Shannon, M Curtis, S Lawrie. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, S Mickan, J Cudderford, J Minhard, T Mickan, A Haarsma. Goals --- Tumby Bay: B Birkin, S Lawrie, C Prime, S Read 2, P Jefferson, O McMahon, J Kemp, J Shannon. Ramblers: A Crettenden 3, S Fitzgerald, J Cuddeford 2, A Haarsma. K Wauchope, S Pedler.  

INTERLEAGUE - May 19, 2007

Great Flinders 20.21 (141) d Far West 2.2 (14)

Best: Great Flinders -B Foster, M Mellor, B Hazelgrove. Far West: T Theodosiou, M Green, R Scott.Goals - Great Flinders: B Bread, L Moroney 3; K Wauchope, J Holman, B Jolly 2; T Baldissera, B Wake, Josh Cave, M Mellor, C Howell, S Meyers, P Jefferson, B Hazelgrove. Far West: B Kloeden, L Brown 1.

Round Four - May 12, 2007

Tumby Bay 25.12 (162) d Lock 10.18 (78).

Best - Tumby Bay: C Prime, S Read, J Cave, C Curtis. Lock - L Northcott, M Mellor, A Pearce, D Kay. Goals - Tumby Bay: C Prime 10, S Read 5, J Shannon 3, B Birkin, D Clark, J Kemp, S Richardson, C Curtis, L Shannon. Lock G Rebel 3, L Northcott 2, G Glover, N Cummins, M Mellor, J Andriske.

Eyre United 14.19 (103) d Ramblers 13.8 (86).

Best - Eyre United: R Mode, D Noble, S Dower, C Yager. Ramblers: S Fitzgerald, J Holman, T Micken, J Cudderford. Goals -G Davis 5, R Modra, B Pursley 3, L Tonkin 2, T Baldissera. Ramblers: A Crettenden 4, S Fitzgerald 3, J Holman, A Richardson 2, K Nagel, J Cudderford.

United Yeelanna 12.12 (84) d Cummins/Kappinnie 8.9 (57).

Best - United Yeelanna: R Skinner, B Skinner, M Jolly, A Hancock. Cummins Kapinnie: S Meyers, D Pittaway, C Cummings, D Bache. Goals --United Yeelanna: A Hancock 3, S Little, R Mickan, C McFarlane 2, B Jolly, S Hancock, B Breed. Cummins Kappinnie: C Howell 3, J Siegert 2, C Meaney, T Turnbull, S Taylor.  

Round Three - May 5, 2007

Tumby Bay 27.20 (182) d Cougars 7.11 (53).

Best - Tumby Bay: B Coad, C Prime, J Shannon, S Lawrie, S Read, C Curbs. Cougars: B Hazelgrove, D Wedd, S Meyer, C Meaney, C Howell, C Turnbull. Goals -- Tumby Bay. C Prime 9, S Read, B Coad 4, J Shannon 3, C Franks, B Birkin 2, J Kemp, D Clark. Cougars: C Howell 2, C Turnbull, J Siegert, C Meaney, B Green, S Taylor.

Ramblers 17.9 (111) d United Yeelanna 10.10 (70)

Goals - Ramblers: A Crettenden 8; A Richardson 6; C Bellenger, S Fitzgerald, T Mickan. United Yeelanna: B Breed 4; A Lawrie 3; M Habner, A Hancock, C McFarlane. Best - Ramblers: T Mickan, S Fitzgerald, J Minhard. United Yeelanna: B Skinner, B Jolly, B Breed.

Eyre United 14.14 (98) d Lock 6.13 (49)

Goals - Eyre United: D Evans 5; D Noble 4; B Pugsley, T Baldissera 3; C Dunn, S Evans, L Tonkin. Lock: G Hetzel 2; G Glover, A Hetzel, M Houghagan, M Mellor. Best -- Eyre United: T Baldissera, R Gill, T Fitzgerald. Lock: C Wheare, D Kay, C Pearce.

Round Two - April 28, 2007

Tumby Bay 23.17 (153) d United Yeelanna 7.7 (49).

Best - Tumby Bay: J Shannon, P Jefferson, C Curtis, B Coad, J Hunt, L Shannan. United Yeelanna: E Adams, B Skinner, B Jolly, A Hancock, R Skinner, M Jolly. Goals -Tumby Bay: J Shannon 6, C Prime 5, B Coad 4, J Kemp 3, C Curtis, M Curtis, J Cave.

Eyre United 10.22 (82) d Cummins/Kapinnie 10.9 (69).

Best - Eyre United: S Evans, P Evans, T Baldissera, L Tonkin, T Fitzgerald, D Noble. Cougars: B Hazelgrove, T Turnbull, 0 Cummins, D Wedd, C Howell. Goals - Eyre United: B Pulsey 3, S Evans 2, D Evans, S Baldissera, J Fitzgerald, D Noble. Cougars: C Howell 3, J Siegert 2, B Hazelgrove, D Bache, S Meyers, T Turnbull, C Meaney





17.10 (112)





7.2 (44)

Best: Ramblers - Simon Pedler, Cody Pilgrim (seven goals), Shawn Fitzgerald, James Minhard, Tysan Mickan and James Cuddeford. Lock - Brad Wake, Craig Wheare, Chris Pearce, Gary Hetzel, Dillon Kay and Andrew Kelly. Goalkickers
Ramblers: C Pilgrim 7, T Mickan, S Fitzgerald, S Pedler 2, P Boxer, J Nagel, M Richardson, B Quigley 1. Lock: K Glover 2, G Hetzel, Z Tiller, N Cummins, A Hetzel, L Nonkett 1.
Umpires: Ian Harrowfield and Nick Fahey

Round One - April 21, 2007

Cummins Kapinnie 14.8 (92) d Ramblers 10.13 (73).

 Best- Cummins Kapinnie: T Wedd, R Kenny, B Hazelgrove. L Moroney, J Nelligan, C Howell. Ramblers: J Holman, S Pedler, A Richardson, T Mickan, S Fitzgerald, K Nagel. Goals - Cummins Kapinnie: J Siegert 4, S Meyers 3, B Hazelgrove, C Howell 2, C Mullan, T Wedd, J Nelligan. Ramblers: A Richardson 6, B Deslandes 2, K Wauchope, C Bellinger.

United Yeelanna 9.7 (61) d Lock 7.14 (56).

Best - United Yeelanna: Adams, Jolly, Hallock, Hancock, Skinner, Watson. Lock: Wheare, Hetzel. Dolphin, Hentschke, Tiller. Goals - United Yeelanna: Wilksch 3, Little 2, Breed, Graham Adams, McLachlan. Lock: Durdin 3, Tiller, Hetzel, D Kay, S Kay.

Tumby Bay 14.14 (98) d Eyre United 4.4 (28).

Best - Tumby Bay: B Coad. C Curtis, I Lebrun, S Lawrie, C Prime, J Shannon. Eyre United: B Smith, D Evans, B Foster, J Modra, T Baldiserra, R Gill. Goals -Tumby Bay: C Prime 6, S Lawrie 4, L Shannon, D Colman, J Hunt, D Clarke. Eyre United: D Noble 2, J Kidney, T Baldiserra.


By Julia Prosperi-Porta

April 3, 2007

The Ramblers will be fighting for their sixth premiership in a row, after losing nine players this year from last season’s premiership team.


Over the last five years, the club has maintained a strong line-up that contributed to their victory. However, A Grade coach Paul Boxer, believes the team will be back in the pack a bit, this year.


Darren Rule, who kicked about 100 goals last season is departing and George Pedlar, Joel Fitzgerald and a few other players have transferred to Adelaide.


I think it will be a challenge for us, losing all these players, said Boxer.


Last year, the challenge for Boxer as the new coach was to keep the squad motivated, after winning the premiership four years in a row. However, Boxers fresh ideas helped inspire the players and they responded very well, with only two losses for the season.

Boxers main concern this year is losing quality players, but he expects to rebuild. Weve got a lot of players who are looking forward to the challenge. Now we realise were going to have to step up a lot further, going for number six, he said.


The B Grade will be looking to get back on track, after losing the grand final by a few points last season, breaking their five year winning streak.


Ramblers are a very proud club, always looking to be around the mark,” said Boxer.


Numbers are a worry, especially recruiting into country areas which tend to be less popular. The club has picked up one player from Cleve and is hoping to pick up a few more before the season begins.


New players entering the squad this year who have not yet experienced premiership triumph may bring a surge of enthusiasm and more success for the club.



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GREAT FLINDERS P Points Percentage
Tumby Bay 15 30 73.51
Ramblers 15 14 48.91
Cummins Kappinnie 15 12 44.02
Lock 15 12 43.73
United Yeelanna 15 12 40.19
Eyre United 15 10 45.84
Leading Goalkickers Club Rd Total
Chris Prime Tumby Bay 14 150
Andrew Crittenden Ramblers 3 62
Jed Siegert Cougars   44
B Pugsley  Eyre Utd 39
Gus Glover Lock   39
Jay Shannon Tumby Bay 38
A Richardson Ramblers 0 37