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Ryan McInerney (Luc) 29
Matt Willson (Penola)           25
Clint Diment (Bordertown) 22
James Hinge (Mundulla)      18


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Round Two - April 22

Penola v Bordertown




Teams: Border Dists, Bordertown, Kaniva/Leeor, Keith, Kingston, Kybybolite, Lucindale, Mundulla, Naracoorte, Padthaway & Penola


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Round 2 - April 25, 2017





17.13 (115)





7.4 (46)

Best: Kyby -  C. Murrie, S. Munn, R. Jaensch, C. McPherson, T. Cooper, J. Bittner,. Naracoorte - R. Pendle, K. Jacobs, F. Stephan, J. Macdonald, N. Boon. Goals: Kyby - S. Munn 5, C. Murrie 4, C. McPherson 2, T. Cooper, S. Craig, B. Munn, N. Stark, R. Jaensch, S. Crook. Naracoorte - S. Bates 2, J. Bell, B. Hill, J. Bettoncelli, F. Day, J. Macdonald

Round 2 - April 22, 2017

Kaniva Leeor Utd




20.18 (138)

Border Districts




14.10 (94)

Best: Kaniva Leeor Utd – A. Brown, C. Thiele, C. Meyer, T. Stribling, V. Thach, L. Vivian. Goals: Borders - F. Adams, T. Robinson, G. Cother, B. Keast, G. Hampton. Goals: KL United - C. Sandercock 4, J. Thomson 2, B. Keast 2, M. Bellinger 2, C. Robinson 2, F. Adams, L. Nicholas. Borders - C. Sandercck 4, J. Thomson 2, B. Keast 2, C. Robinson 2, M. Bellinger 2, F. Adams 1, L. Nicholas 1





30.17 (197)





5.8 (38)

Best: Penola - S. Berkefeld, S. Guilhaus, L. Walker, J. Currie, S. Merrett, S. Jackman.  Bordertown:  J. Searle, L. Borrillo, B. Shuttleworth, H. Trenorden, B. Foulds, N. Dahlitz. Goals: Penola - D. Williams 5, S. Berkefeld 5, A. Merrett 4, L. Walker 3, B. Foster 3, D. Bunnik 2, L. Gibbs 2, S. Merrett 2, D. Hackwill 1, J. Galpin 1, O. March 1, S. Guilhaus 1.  Bordertown: C. Barras 2, L. Borrillo 1, N. Dahlitz 1, J. Searle 1





25.18 (168)





13.6 (84)

Best: Mundulla - T. McIntyre, G. Obst, J. Hinge, D. Ridgway, T. Perry, W. Nankivell.  Lucindale: T. Mackenzie, T. Menz, A. Smart, D. McCarthy. Goals: Mundulla - G. Obst 4, N. Mosey 4, T. McIntyre 3, T. Perry 2, J. McGrice 2, W. Nankivell 2, J. Grosser 2, J. Hinge 2, D. King 1, L. Wiese 1, D. Mosey 1, N. Davis 1.  Lucindale:   A. Smart 6, R. Mcinerney 1, J. Boschen 1, D. McCarthy 1, N. Clarke 1, T. Fisher 1, S. Spriggs 1, T. Mackenzie 1





20.13 (133)





5.9 (39)

Best: Padthaway - L. Eats, S. Townsend, J. Battifuoco, T. McNamara, M. Brown.  Kingston:  L. Exton, T. Baker, A. Cunneen, S. Robertson, R. Clarke, J. Gluyas. Goals: Padthaway – Lachie Eats 10, J. Dicker 5, C. Marshall 2, K. Hicks 1, S. Townsend 1, D. Boyanton 1.  Kingston:  T. Baker 1, G. Hewett 1, M. Harrison 1, G. Shuttleworth 1, C. Baker 1


APRIL 20, 2017

Some interesting match-ups loom in round 2, which starts this Saturday and finishes with the Anzac Day clash between Naracoorte and Kyby.

The match of the round is undoubtedly the game between Mundulla and Lucindale at Mundulla on Saturday.

Both sides have come into 2017 with high expectations and did nothing to dampen those hopes with big round 1 wins over Border Districts and Naracoorte respectively.

Mundulla seems to have much improved depth this season with stars Tim McIntyre and Grady Obst added, along with a handful of others which means they have a deeper list.

Lucindale has probably less depth but its stars are as good as any in the competition and they will be tough to knock over in this one.

Border Districts will host Kaniva/Leeor United which will give both sides a chance for their first wins of the season. Borders aren’t as bad as the round 1 result might suggest.

Kingston will host Padthaway, with Padthaway looking to build on a round 1 win, while reigning premiers Penola will host a Bordertown side which will be very different to last year’s with so many of its A grade players gone.

Then it’s on to Anzac Day on Tuesday, when Naracoorte will host Kyby.

Kyby will be hot favourites after making last year’s grand final and beating reigning premiers Penola in round 1, while Naracoorte was well beaten by Lucindale.

But clashes between these two clubs are rarely one-sided and Naracoorte will want to put on a good show on its home deck on such a big day on the footy calendar.

As usual on Anzac Day, the order of games will be junior colts at noon, followed by reserves, A grade and then senior colts under lights.

Round 1 - April 8, 2017





17.7 (109)

Kaniva Leeor




10.5 (65)

Best: Padthaway - T. Edwards, A. Longbottom, L. Eats, J. Dicker , I. Noles, B. Leahy. Kaniva Leeor - N. Bowles, C. De Visser, A. Brown, C. Hitchcock, J. Brown. Goals: Padthaway - L. Eats 3, C. Francis 3, J. Dicker 3, T. Edwards 2, A. Longbottom 2, T. Brown, D. Fraser, W. Thompson, B. Leahy. Kaniva Leeor - J. Salt 3, C. Thiele 2, J. Wagg, A. Brown, C. Hitchcock, V. Thach, J. Jarred





20.19 (139)





7.8 (50)

Best: Lucindale - T. Logan, N. Cane, R. Mcinerney, T. Mackenzie, J. Watson, D. McCarthy. Naracoorte - J. Macdonald, J. Bettoncelli, R. Pendle, R. Jacobs, B. Hill, W. Harris. Goals: Lucindale - T. Logan 4, A. Smart 3, S. Spriggs 3, R. Mcinerney 2, N. Cane 2, T. Mackenzie 2, T. Fisher 1, S. Mardling 1, L. Jones 1, S. Graetz 1. Naracoorte - J. Bell 2, N. Boon 1, S. Patterson 1, T. Hindmarsh 1, J. Ashby 1, J. Kelson 1





12.17 (89)





11.21 (87)

Best: Kyby - T. Cooper, N. Stark, B. Munn, S. Craig, D. Warren, W. Russell.  Penola:  J. Galpin, S. Berkefeld, S. Guilhaus, S. Merrett, M. Skrypek, B. Foster. Goals: Kyby - W. Russell 2, C. McPherson 1, S. Carberry 1, S. Munn 1, T. Lawrie 1, B. Munn 1, C. Murrie 1, S. Shepherd 1, S. Craig 1, J. Bittner 1, T. Cooper 1.   Penola:  S. Berkefeld 2, A. Merrett 2, J. Galpin 2, S. Jackman 1, S. Merrett 1, M. Skrypek 1, D. Williams 1, L. Gibbs 1





33.16 (214)

Border Districts




4.5 (29)

Best: Mundulla – G. Obst, T. McIntyre, J. McGrice, B. Packer, N. Mosey, J. Grosser. Borders – Z. Edwards, B. Keast, K. Phillips, G. Cother, N. Naylor, C. Robinson.  Goals: Mundulla - J. Grosser 6, G. Obst 5, T. McIntyre 5, N. Davis 4, J. McGrice 4, D. King 3, J. Hinge 2, S. Luckett 2, L. Wiese 1, B. Douglas 1.  Border Districts :  D. Perry 1, Z. Perry 1, L. Bowd 1, C. Robinson 1





21.18 (144)





4.5 (29)

Best: Keith - P. Capurso, S. Lehmann, G. Johnson, S. Molineux, T. McAllister, S. Schreiber.  Kingston:  B. Warner, L. Exton, W. Goode, R. Werchiwski, B. Smith, R. Williams. Goals: Keith - S. Molineux 5, S. Schreiber 5, G. Johnson 2, J. Wilson 2, H. Wilhelm 2, H. McMurray 1, A. Dunstan 1, S. Lehmann 1, P. Makin 1, L. Wilhelm 1.  Kingston - R. Starling 2, B. Warner 1, G. Shuttleworth 1


April 6, 2017

Round 1 of the KNTFL footy season kicks off on Saturday, with great interest surrounding big changes within quite a few clubs.

The headline clash is the rematch of last year’s grand final, with runners-up Kybybolite hosting reigning premiers Penola, but the other four games will also be followed closely.

Border Districts v Mundulla. Borders have just about wiped the slate clean with a huge turnover of players from last season. new coach Darrin Wilson has brought a heap of new recruits with him and they will be keen to play good footy together, but losing top players such as Nick Tarca, Corey Burr, Dan Hargraves and Nyani Thomas definitely won’t help.Mundulla looks like being quite steady from last year and has added some class and depth with the return of some young former locals as well as key on-baller Grady Obst. The Moots will be looking to build on last year's fifth placing and will be warm favourites to start 2017 with a win.

Keith v Kingston. Keith’s non-playing coach of the last few years Brad Richardson gets a tough challenge first-up in his debut game in charge of Kingston.Keith is perenially strong and there’s no reason why they can’t finish as high or higher than last year’s fourth placing.Kingston has been near the bottom the last few years and has lost quite a bit of class with on-baller Karl Lohde and a handful of others moving on. The Saints will be keen under Richardson but might be outclassed here.

Kybybolite v Penola. Kyby would have been looking for grand final redemption ever since being beaten by Penola in last year’s premiership finale, and they haven’t put a foot wrong in preparation thus far.The Tigers have kept nearly all of last year’s top 21 and have added a few more including WA recruit Josh Stark, so confidence will be high that they can start on a positive note at home.Penola has lost several of last year’s stars including on-ballers Matt Willson, Kane Ransom and Brett Lindner, forwards Ryan Richardson and Bailey Walker and defenders Tom Pearce and Matt Ferguson, but the big news this week is former K/L United ruckman Seb Guilhaus has lodged a clearance to play with the Eagles.With key position player Drew Clayfield also coming back to the club and with enviable depth having won the reserves premiership in 2016, Penola will still run out a fit and strong side and this game is nearly too hard to call. A narrow win to the reigning premiers maybe?

Lucindale v Naracoorte. Lucindale has held on to all of its stars from last year and added a good one in ex-SANFL player Scott Spriggs, while 2016 recruit Riley Milne has recovered after missing all of last year. The Roos look set to finish at least as high as last year’s third placing.Naracoorte hasn’t been able to find many recruits apart from Hayden Biddle, and has lost its best tall in George McWaters and best small in Matt Gill.Despite adding some good senior colts from last season, it looks like being a tough year for Naracoorte and Lucindale will be hot favourites to have a first-up win at home.

Padthaway v K/L United. There’ll be plenty of interest in this one with both sides picking up some exciting recruits.Former Port Adelaide AFL players Wade Thompson (Padthaway) and Cam Hitchcock (KLU) will go head to head and there are many other new players for both sides.Padthaway only just missed the finals last year and has a more solid base to build on, so while KLU will look to improve, Padthaway at home will be a tough game in round 1.

Bordertown has the bye in round 1.


Report by Terry Willoughby - September 18, 2016

Kybybolite kicked with the wind in the first quarter and needed a good start against the powerful Penola outfit whose winning form returned last week. Adam Merrett looked set to impose himself on the game when he kicked the first goal before veteran Scott Carberry put Kyby on the board but the Penola defence led by Scott Merrett repeatedly turned Kyby back and Spencer Jackman also made many intercepts. Adam Merrett and Foster goaled for Penola but clever small man Nathan Stark goaled to keep Kyby in touch but they hadn’t made any use of the wind and trailed by four points. Penola exploded into action in the second quarter when Adam Merrett and Dylan Williams ran riot around the goal-front. The Eagles slammed on 6 goals in the first 12 minutes and rocketed to a big lead and leave Kyby with a mountain of work to do. Mid-fielder Tom Cooper and ruckman Dave Arnold were battling hard against the odds for Kyby but Stark was their only goal-kicker for the quarter before Cooper got one right on half-time. Penola had burst the game open with their nine goal effort when the third quarter started but Kyby were not done with yet.

Both teams lost key players to injury. Carberry goaled immediately on resumption and McPherson followed soon after before Carberry again put life into the game. Kyby held Penola to a solitary point for the third quarter and booted five goals to give themselves an outside chance at three quarter-time but the Eagles still led by 11 points and would come home with the wind.

Foster, Matt Willson and the menacing Merrett all goaled early and put the game beyond Kyby’s reach but the Tigers battled on for Carberry to boot his fourth goal. Merrett iced the game with his eighth before little men Skrypek and the elusive Dylan Williams sealed the deal. Kyby continued to battle away and goals to Munn and Cooper averted a rout but Penola ran out convincing winners by 34 points and plunge Kyby into another year’s wait for that elusive premiership. Adam Merrett was adjudged best on ground for Penola with his eight match-winning goals but was closely pressed by Scott Merrett in defence, Spence Jackman on the ball played well, Matt Willson used his pace and trusty left foot to good effect and injury ravaged Ry Richardson did well when shifted to defence. Kyby’s better players were the hard-working Tom Cooper, ruckman Dave Arnold, Carberry booted four good goals, Nathan Stark, Munn and Dave Warren all had good moments, just not enough of them.

Grand Final at Kaniva on September 17, 2016





19.7 (121)





12.15  (87)

Best: Penola - A. Merrett, S. Merrett, S. Jackman, M. Willson, R. Richardson, J. Pfitzner. Kyby – T. Cooper, D. Arnold, S. Munn, D. Warren, N. Stark, J. Bittner. Goals: Penola  - A. Merrett 8, D. Williams 4, B. Foster 2, M. Willson 1, S. Berkefeld 1, B. Lindner 1, M. Skrypek 1, K. Ransom 1.  Kybybolite:  S. Carberry 4, T. Cooper 3, N. Stark 2, C. McPherson 1, S. Munn 1, M. Schinckel 1


KNT 6.30pm Fridays and 9.30 am Saturdays


Round 1 April 8th
Lucindale v Naracoorte
Padthaway v K/L United
Kybybolite v Penola
B/Districts v Mundulla
Keith v Kingston
Bordertown Bye

Round 2 April 22th
B/Districts v K/L United
Penola v Bordertown
Mundulla v Lucindale

Kingston v Padthaway
April 25th

Naracoorte v Kybybolite
Keith Bye

Round 3 April 29th
Kybybolite v Mundulla
B/Districts v Kingston
Padthaway v Keith
Lucindale v K/L United
Bordertown v Naracoorte
Penola Bye

Round 4 May 6th
Kingston v Lucindale
Naracoorte v Penola
Keith v B/Districts
Kybybolite v K/L United
Mundulla v Bordertown
Padthaway Bye

Round 5 May 13th
Lucindale v Keith
B/Districts v Padthaway
Kybybolite v Kingston
Penola v Mundulla
Bordertown v K/L United
Naracoorte Bye

Round 6 May 20th
Kingston v Bordertown
Padthaway v Lucindale
Keith v Kybybolite
Penola v K/L United
Mundulla v Naracoorte
B/Districts Bye

Round 7 May 27st
Penola v Kingston
Lucindale v B/Districts
Kybybolite v Padthaway
Naracoorte v K/L United
Bordertown v Keith
Mundulla Bye

Round 8 June 3rd
Padthaway v Bordertown
K/L United v Mundulla
Kingston v Naracoorte
B/Districts v Kybybolite
Keith v Penola
Lucindale Bye

LWE SE Carnival June 10th @ WBFL

Round 9 June 17th
Penola v Padthaway
Naracoorte v Keith
Kybybolite v Lucindale
Mundulla v Kingston
Bordertown v B/Districts
K/L United Bye

Round 10 June 24th
Padthaway v Naracoorte
Lucindale v Bordertown
Keith v Mundulla
K/L United v Kingston
B/Districts v Penola
Kybybolite Bye

Round 11 July 1st
Penola v Kybybolite
Naracoorte v Lucindale
Kingston v Padthaway
Keith v K/L United
Mundulla v B/Districts
Bordertown Bye

Round 12 July 8th
Zone WE @ Murray Bridge
Mundulla v Padthaway
Naracoorte v B/Districts
Bordertown v Kybybolite
Lucindale, Penola, K/L United, Keith, Kingston Bye

Round 13 July 15th
K/L United v B/Districts
Bordertown v Penola
Padthaway v Keith
Kybybolite v Naracoorte
Lucindale v Mundulla
Kingston Bye

Round 14 July 22nd
Mundulla v Penola
Padthaway v B/Districts
Kingston v Kybybolite
K/L United v Bordertown
Keith v Lucindale
Naracoorte Bye

Round 15 July 29th
Penola v Naracoorte
Lucindale v Kingston
Bordertown v Mundulla
B/Districts v Keith
K/L United v Kybybolite
Padthaway Bye

Round 16 August 5th
K/L United v Keith
Penola v Lucindale
Naracoorte v Bordertown
Kingston v B/Districts
Mundulla v Padthaway
Kybybolite Bye

Round 17 August 12th
Lucindale v Padthaway
Bordertown v Kingston
K/L United v Penola
Kybybolite v Keith
Naracoorte v Mundulla
B/Districts Bye

Round 18 August 19th
Padthaway v Kybybolite
K/L United v Naracoorte
Kingston v Penola
Keith v Bordertown
B/Districts v Lucindale
Mundulla Bye

Qualifying Final Aug 26th
Elimination Final Aug 27th
2nd Semi- Final Sept 2nd
1st Semi-Final Sept 3rd
Preliminary Final Sept 9th
Grand Final Sept 16th at Frances