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Central Eyre




14.12 (96)

West Coast Hawks




12.8 (80)

Best - Central Eyre: K Sampson, B Grocke, W O'Brien, M Grocke, J Beard, M Sampson. West Coast Hawks: V Cash, T Montgomery, M Wheaton, J McEvoy, L Carey. Goals - Central Eyre: K Sampson, R Sampson 3, M Grocke 2, M Sampson, C O’Brien, B Hegarty, J Biggs, T McKenna, M Beinke. West Coast Hawks: L Carey 4, A Whitford 3, J Danis 2, M Box, C McCullam, J McGilvray.

MID WEST FOOTBALL - 2008 (Team: Central Eyre, Elliston, West Coast Hawks, Western Districts, Wirrulla & Wudinna United)


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Mid West Grand Final Preview

A Grade: West Coast Hawks vs Wirrulla

The top two teams at minor rounds end and fitting that they now play for the flag.  They have met each other four times this year with two wins apiece, although the most recent second semi final Hawks win signaled their intentions this year.  Both sides are well armed and capable of winning the big day, with coaches earning their enormous salaries getting final match ups and game plans together.  Wudinna Oval is big, at 165m x 133m the same dimensions as AAMI Stadium, and the side who runs and creates space will most likely enjoy the spoils of the day.

The Case for the Hawks

Bruised and battled scared from the 2007 Grand Final, where they fell at the final hurdle, nothing, and I mean nothing could raise their desire more to avenge this match. The Hawks sent a loud and clear message to all challengers with their commanding win in the Second Semi vs Wirrulla, quick decisive ball movement, accurate kicking, running and hard tackling saw a complete finals package.  Out will go the talented young Jake Sargent with an ongoing knee, and in will be the highly motivated utility Kirk Montgomerie, missing in action last game due to an entertainment mishap not football related. 

The Hawks are the real deal, Strong forwards, with Aiden Whitford leading the way, Steed Sutherland prolific in the last half of the season, Mark Spencer with courage and strength and the creative Dale Montgomerie.  A no nonsense and productive backline, Derick Freeman getting the big jobs done every week, the run and passion of Luke Fiebig and Jason  McEvoy and the big frame of Darren Brown taking all before him.

The centre line boast so many options that competing sides just struggle to keep up.  Montgomerie brothers Tyson, Dillon, Cameron and Kirk all run and use the ball well with every touch, Marc McEvoy’s run and skill, and young and determined Jim Almering shows he has a big future, Alan Burge strong around the contests, Michael Wheatons long gut wrenching runs to attack and Chris Strange ability to tag or just cut loose when required. 

Perhaps the man that sets it all going for the Hawks is the big unit Darren Guidera.  The simple weight of his first touch to the ball in ruck, strong body and ability to take multiple big marks around the ground and general play is outstanding.  The Hawks simply don’t have passengers, and will run for each other creating plenty of scoring opportunities for their excellent forwards and midfielders.  Cut one or two players out, and others step up, that’s just what they do.  The Hawks are poised and confident, no complacency, but a fierce will to win and a team with all the ammunition.  The champagne will taste very sweet when being sipped from a Hawks held cup on late Saturday afternoon.

The Case for The Bombers

Entering the Grand Final with a rousing win over a past nemesis in Wudinna United, forget the loss two weeks ago in the second semi, this is a different side altogether.  Bolstered by Port Adelaide experienced Ryan Watson, Tyler Baldock and the speedy Nathan Ross, the side takes the appearance of a younger, fitter and more mobile side that is necessary to beat the Hawks.  Look for pressure on the Hawks runners to create quick turnovers and supply to the wonderful bomber forward line.  Any side boasting the goal kicking genius of Simon Webb, Troy Olsen, Craig Johnson is going to stretch any opposition, and has done so all year.  Troy has spent time down the field, from flank, and appears to be moving with greater freedom than he has for years which spells problems in a match up for the opposition.  Trent Bettes is another who has a strong body, and commands the air.

The centre line is awesome.  Jarrod Parker is a genuine champion, Mail Medalist Brayden Holmes is mercurial, and is now commanding attention from opposition taggers, releasing other wonderful midfielders like Yanni Retsas, Nathan Ross and the hard ball strength of Leigh Freeman.  Tyron Fox has had a great year and Daryl Lawrie presents an ever present danger with hard run all day. Shane Pittaway, and Todd Verrall provide plenty of utility options.

The backline is lead by Simon Riddle, who will automatically pick up the best forward, and is rarely beaten.  He is a great forward option when the going is tough, Craig Johnson will fall back and read the play all day when and if needed, Alex Bond is strong and rebounds as does Oliver McCallum.

Tyler Baldock, Ryan Watson are keys in a great side, and this is where the improvement from the last game will come. Wirrulla will be acutely aware that the Hawks blitz quarter needs to be stopped and inevitably it comes in every game. They are not only well set up to stop that onslaught, but to hurt them on the rebound with quick transition to their own forwards. The Bombers have a never say die attitude and they have presented themselves with their best ever chance for a first Mid West FL flag. They will lead the aerial duals, and there is no chance that there will be less than 100% effort in any contest as this well drilled team pushes for the flag.  There will be no empty cup at Bomberland, its been too long coming. 

B Grade - Western Districts vs Wirrulla

The Tigers have carried all before them this year, losing only once, but that was to Wirrulla.  The Bombers look stronger than the second semi with key inclusions Mark Binder, Dan Dingwall and Dion Pittaway.  The Tigers do their homework and play to their strengths, which are plenty. Dominating Ruckman Jake James will be tested by Dan Dingwall this time around, but the Tigers have plenty of young runners perfect for the larger oval.  Wade Shepherd, Eugene Wauchope and Neil King are towers up forward for the Tigers and they will get the supply.  Mark Slattery, Evan Whillas and Andrew Patterson have the know how and the ability to quell attacks.  Dale Murphy is dangerous forward for the red and blacks, along with Peter Gum and Dion Pittaway.

Excellent centre duals abound, Chris Lynch, Jethro Holmes and Simon Tucker get plenty of it, and Josh Norman and Matt Kayser will need to continue their good form.

This will be an entertaining encounter, and could go down to the last kick, as happened in the 2007 Grand Final, in which the Tigers served their apprenticeship in the big game, narrowly losing, they will start a favourite to win in a match where it will be either team’s first reserves premiership in the Mid West FL.

Colts - Wudinna United v WC Hawks

Wudinna United have the big job of taking on the West Coast Hawks colts juggernaut, and look better equipped this time around with the inclusion of Stefan Wilkins as a big target up forward.  The Hawks have plenty of talent, and lead by Dale Montgomerie, know what the increased pressure of finals is all about.  Marc McEvoy and Lewis Cotton and fast and efficient, while Luke Mann is a dominant big man.  Tristan Carcuro kicked nine goals in the semi final, and will be watched closely, the Roe brothers are damaging along with Gerard Montgomerie.  For the Magpies, Tyson Jackson and Josh Boylan are keys, the Seals, Jonty and Ricky speedy and creative, Nick Wedding at Centre Half Forward, Dean and Kev Cummings strength and Carl Jericho will need to stay close at full back.

The Hawks have a proud finals tradition and will list to the intensity that is needed, with The Magpies also having the talent and ability to challenge in all areas.  The game is expected to be close fought, as these sides have won two each from their four encounters this year, Wudinna United know they can do it.  The Hawks will start warm favourite to extend the run of successes at the big dance in September.

Good Luck to all sides competing this weekend in Mid West. There will be plenty of entertaining football as we see how the Mid West is won!




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Mail Medal goes to Brayden Holmes

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Season Preview

Ladders after Rd 15


West Coast Hawks 26 66.99%
Wirrulla 20 55.41%
Central Eyre 18 53.93%
Wudinna United 16 50.08%
Elliston 8 35.10%
Western Districts 2 37.33%


Western Districts 28 74.87%
Wirrulla 26 70.97%
West Coast Hawks 18 61.46%
Central Eyre 10 33.15%
Wudinna United 4 26.95%
Elliston 4 23.27%


West Coast Hawks 26 80.01%
Wudinna United 26 73.17%
Central Eyre 20 54.65%
Elliston 10 45.61%
Wirrulla 6 26.81%
Western Districts 2 17.48%