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Central Eyre




14.12 (96)

West Coast Hawks




12.8 (80)

Best - Central Eyre: K Sampson, B Grocke, W O'Brien, M Grocke, J Beard, M Sampson. West Coast Hawks: V Cash, T Montgomery, M Wheaton, J McEvoy, L Carey. Goals - Central Eyre: K Sampson, R Sampson 3, M Grocke 2, M Sampson, C O’Brien, B Hegarty, J Biggs, T McKenna, M Beinke. West Coast Hawks: L Carey 4, A Whitford 3, J Danis 2, M Box, C McCullam, J McGilvray.

MID WEST FOOTBALL - 2008 (Team: Central Eyre, Elliston, West Coast Hawks, Western Districts, Wirrulla & Wudinna United)


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Second Semis at Poochera

Media Release

Mid West Football League

Match Summary 2nd Semi Finals 23 August 2008

Magnificent conditions met players at Poochera Oval for the showdowns of the top ranked sides in the Mid West League on Saturday.  The prize was the first berth in the Grand Final, which is extremely valuable this year given the big wins by challengers the week prior in the 1st Semi Finals.

A Grade

West Coast Hawks meeting their season’s nemesis Wirrulla, where the Bombers held an advantage 2-1 win loss record between the two over the year.  Hawks were rocked at the selection table with the versatile Kirk Montgomerie unable to prove his fitness following a nasty injury on the dance floor, but an otherwise full strength side.  Wirrulla were without young champions Ryan Watson and Tyler Baldock, both with commitments in Adelaide.

Right from the first bounce the Hawks showed their finals experience, fast tackling, quick ball movement and enthusiasm had the ball out of centre and going forward time and time again.  Chris Strange matching up on Mail Medalist Brayden Holmes.  Chris gathered plenty of damaging possession, while at the same time keeping a close check on the dangerous Holmes. Darren Guidera not only won the centre duals well, his around the ground work was outstanding (again), including several forays forward setting up goals.  Aiden Whitford lead and marked well when up forward, and his five goals to quarter time had the Hawks in a commanding position. The first quarter saw the Hawks 10 goals to three, and the door to the Grand Final was well and truly open for them. The first three quarters were all the Hawks who dominated across the ground, to extent that they lead by 99 points at ¾ time, and could afford to cruise the remainder of the game out.

Steed Sutherland kick 6 topping off an excellent finish to the year, the backline was outstanding, with the run of Jason McEvoy and Luke Fiebig complimenting the poise and judgment of Derick Freemen.  Tyson Montgomerie, Toy Mulders, Alan Burge, Damien Johnson, Cameron Montgomerie all played well in a convincing team performance, and apologies for not naming the rest of the team.  The only sour note for the Hawks is the repeat knee injury to young star Jake Sargent, who faces further specialist assessment to his same troubled knee.

Wirrulla will be disappointed at their showing this time around, but they played well below their capability, and will be back.  Jarrod Parker worked hard in the midfield, Craig Johnson’s first game back from an ankle was good, particularly when he headed to defence, Troy Olsen looked dangerous, and was with six goals, leaving us wondering what he may have done with more ball that way.  Trent Bettes was good, as was Tyron Fox.  The Bombers were stunned by the increased pressure that comes with finals, but they are a physically tough side, and another finals game will do them no harm if they can overcome Wudinna United this week.  Their final quarter of six goals to one game a glimpse that they are capable, and they must draw confidence from this.  An injury to veteran Shane Kelsh further soured the day for Wirrulla, and they will anxiously await outcome of scans to his ribs deciding Shane’s further involvement this year.

Congratulations to the Hawks, they earn the right to avenge their 2007 Grand Final loss, and it will take a concerted four quarter effort for them to be challenged.


West Coast Hawks




22.16 (142)





12.6 (78)

Best: West Coast Hawks – D Guidera, J McEvoy,  D Freeman, C Strange, S Sutherland, A Whitford. Wirrulla – J Parker, T Bettes, T Fox, C Johnson, A Bitmead.  Goals: WC Hawks- S Sutherland 6, A Whitford 6, T Mulders, M Wheaton 2, T Brown, J Sargeant, A Montgomerie, T Montgomerie, D Guidera, C Montgomerie. Wirrulla – T Olsen 6, S Pittaway 3, C Johnson, T Fox, L Freeman

B Grade

Western Districts started warm favourites against Wirrulla by virtue of not having their A Grade playing the same day.  In an entertaining game, the Tigers displayed better ball movement to their forwards to win by eight goals, in a bruising encounter.  Brendan Frischke in the backlines was wonderful all day, Simon Tucker in the middle and around the ground, Montgomerie Medalist Jake James marked well and rucked well, Luke Thurbon and Jethro Holmes showed the dash and skill to constantly feed the star studded forward line of Wade Shepperd, Neil King and Eugene Wauchope (10 of the 14 goals between these fellows)

Wirrulla also had many excellent contributors, Josh Norman, Andrew Patterson, Evan Whillas had plenty of the ball and used it well, Chris Dickson stood out against his old club, Mark Slattery battled well in key defensive roles, Darren Mudge staked a further claim for an A Grade final, Matty Kayser and Milton Holmes others to do well.

Wirrulla will fight on in the Preliminary final, and enter that game with come confidence that their solid season should have given them.  Congratulations to the Tigers however, their weeks rest will be enjoyed as they plot plans for a fortnights time.


Western Districts




14.10 (94)





6.6 (42)

Best: West Dists – B Frischke, S Tucker, J Holmes, L Thurbon, W Shippherd. Wirrulla – E Whillas, A Patterson, J Norman, M Kayser, M Holmes, C Dickson. Goals: West DistsW Shippherd 6, E Wauchope, D Shoobridge 2, G Scholz, N King, T Brace. Wirrulla – D Mudge 3, P Gum 2, L Ferguson


The experience of the Hawks showed, as the worked the ball, ran to position, and tackled hard. Wudinna United battled on manfully, however struggled to match the Hawks strength in the end.  Mark McEvoy and Luke Mann combined to win many contests and Dale Montgomerie and Tristan Carcuro were regular targets.  Lewis Cotton, Max Shaw, Angus McInnis all put in big games.  The Magpies were well served by Tyson Jackson at Centre Half Back, Josh Boylan, Reece Boylan who displays great disposal skill and know how, Chris Thompson, Jonty Seal and Kevin Cummings.

The Magpies will regroup in an attempt to rematch the Hawks in the final; however face a strong challenger in Central Eyre in the Preliminary Final.

Well done and congratulations to the Hawks, the first colts grand finalist in 2008


West Coast Hawks




19.12 (126)

Wudinna United




7.4 (46)

Best: WC Hawks – M McEvoy, L Mann, L Cotton, J McInnis, M Shaw, T Carcuro. Wudinna United – T Jackson, J Boylan, J Seal, K Cummings, R Boylan. Goals: WC Hawks – T Carcuro 9, D Montgomerie 3, A McInnis 3, J McEvoy 2, Z Stewart 1. Wudinna United – J Boylan 4, J Wilkins, N Wedding, B Franklin

Please find below the 2008 Program. Mid West FL have decided to make theirhomepage for the season as well. So to all fans of Mid West Footy, you click here to get all your news on the League.

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Program - Season 2008    
Teams first named are home games
Date Teams Venue  
Round One      
12th Apr  Western Districts v West Coast Hawks Poochera  
  Wirrulla v Elliston Wirrulla  
  Wudinna United v Central Eyre Wudinna  
19th Apr Central Eyre v Wirrulla Kyancutta  
  Elliston v Western Districts Elliston  
  West Coast Hawks v Wudinna United Streaky Bay  
23rd/24th April Country Youth Football Championships (u17) Adelaide  
26th Apr Western Districts v Central Eyre Poochera  
  West Coast Hawks v Elliston Streaky Bay  
  Wirrulla v Wudinna United Wirrulla  
3rd May Central Eyre v West Coast Hawks Warramboo  
  Wudinna United v Elliston Wudinna  
  Wirrulla v Western Districts Wirrulla  
10th May Elliston v Central Eyre Elliston  
  Western Districts v Wudinna United Minnipa  
  West Coast Hawks v Wirrulla Piednippie  
17th May Mid West v Far West Streaky Bay  
Round Two      
24th May West Coast Hawks v Western Districts Streaky Bay  
  Elliston v Wirrulla Elliston  
  Central Eyre v Wudinna United Warramboo  
25th May Eyre Regional Netball Carnival (Round Robin) Lock  
31st May Wirrulla v Central Eyre Wirrulla  
  Western Districts v Elliston Minnipa  
  Wudinna United v West Coast Hawks Wudinna  
7th June Mortlock Shield/ Netball Country Carnival Port Lincoln/ Adelaide
8th June Pt Adelaide Cup/ Netball Country Carnival Port Lincoln/ Adelaide
9th June Mortlock Shield/ Netball Country Carnival Port Lincoln/ Adelaide
14th June Central Eyre v Western Districts Kyancutta  
  Elliston v West Coast Hawks Elliston  
  Wudinna United v Wirrulla Wudinna  
21st June West Coast Hawks v Central Eyre Piednippie  
  Elliston v Wudinna United Elliston  
  Western Districts v Wirrulla Poochera  
28th June Central Eyre v Elliston Kyancutta  
  Wudinna United v Western Districts Wudinna  
  Wirrulla v West Coast Hawks Wirrulla  
Round Three      
5th July Kinlough/Pedler Cups Lock  
5th/6th July State Country Football Championships Berri  
9th/10th July Regional Netball Championships Adelaide  
12th July Western Districts v West Coast Hawks Minnipa  
  Wirrulla v Elliston Wirrulla  
  Wudinna United v Central Eyre Wudinna  
14th-19th July Intrastate Under 15s Football Championship Adelaide  
19th July Central Eyre v Wirrulla Warramboo  
  Elliston v Western Districts Elliston  
  West Coast Hawks v Wudinna United Piednippie  
26th July Western Districts v Central Eyre Minnipa  
  West Coast Hawks v Elliston Piednippie  
  Wirrulla v Wudinna United Wirrulla  
26th July SACFL v VCFL Shepperdton  
2nd Aug Central Eyre v West Coast Hawks Kyancutta  
  Wudinna United v Elliston Wudinna  
  Wirrulla v Western Districts Wirrulla  
9th Aug Elliston v Central Eyre Elliston  
  Western Districts v Wudinna United Poochera  
  West Coast Hawks v Wirrulla Streaky Bay  
16th Aug 1st Semi Final  (Host: West Coast Hawks) Piednippie  
16th Aug MWFL Medal Counts Piednippie  
23rd Aug 2nd Semi Final (Host: Western Districts) Minnipa  
30th Aug Preliminary Final (Host: Central Eyre) Kyancutta  
6th Sep Grand Final (Host: Wudinna United) Wudinna  
2008 Public Holidays/ Events School Holidays  
10-Mar Adelaide Cup (Monday) 12 Apr - 27 Apr  
21-Mar Good Friday 05 Jul - 20 Jul  
22-Mar Easter Saturday 27 Sep - 12 Oct  
24-Mar Easter Monday 13 Dec -  
25-Apr Anzac Day  (Tuesday)    
9-Jun Queens Birthday (Monday)    
28-Sep Wudinna Show    
Venue Summary (Number of Games) Home Club Home
Kyancutta  4 games plus Preliminary Final    
Warramboo 3 games Central Eyre 7
Elliston 7 games Elliston 7
Streaky Bay 4 games      
Piednippie 4 games plus 1st Semi Final West Coast Hawks 8
Poochera 4 games    
Minnipa 4 games plus 2nd Semi Final Western Districts 8
Wirrulla 8 games  Wirrulla 8
Wudinna 7 games plus Grand Final Wudinna United 7



The Mid West Football League Grand Final was played at Elliston in blustery conditions on the   weekend.  The ground was in excellent condition and the club house end was favoured by a “four to five goal” wind for most of the day.  Congratulations and well done must go to the hosts, Elliston.  The day was well catered and managed, making a top day for all.


The poised and highly skilled West Coast Hawks side were meeting a Central Eyre side with little to lose, already having won plenty of respect for a great finals series.  The toss was won by Central Eyre which was a critical bit of luck, as the fact that they were kicking with a wind that had the potential to change direction during the day, had everyone up and taking notice.


After an arm wrestle in the first ten minutes, with both sides looking to assert pressure and both sides scoring majors, the Bulldogs started to pile the score on the board.  Martin Grocke and Jesse Stringer were winning plenty of ball across the centre and with Matt Sampson prominent, the ball was constantly heading into Central Eyre’s forward area.  Fourteen scoring shots for a return of 6.8, and two out on the full indicated the amount of time the Bulldogs spent in attack.  The Hawks managed two goals into the strong breeze, and this wasn’t a bad result, with the game very much alive at quarter time and the Hawks to Kick with the wind trailing by 32 points.


At the start of the second quarter, quick goals came to the Hawks and they were on the chase.  Luke Carey was providing a target at full forward, Jasin McGilvray and Casey McCullam dangerous across half forward, Tyson Montgomerie and Dillon Montmoerie were dominating out in the middle.  Central Eyre were not to be denied however and worked the ball wonderfully into the wind, managing to kick four straight goals, by playing a well disciplined and drilled game plan. Kane Sampson and Ryan Sampson both providing targets, using the ball well when they had it.  Britt Grocke was playing loose in defence and gathered many possessions, reading the ball immaculately and ensuring that forward space was filled giving the Hawks no room to run. The Bulldogs were up at the main break by 22 points, which had everyone saying “Could they keep it up?”


The third quarter saw Central Eyre out of the blocks early, kicking quick goals and more significantly the wind starting to change around to cross the ground. Kicking four goals to one for the quarter, the Bulldogs had a surprisingly commanding 41 point lead going into the last quarter and were set for a major upset.


The Hawks have been undefeated all year and no club gets to that position without a pride and passion to win, but now was the time for them to show their qualities.  It wasn’t to be though as holding on grimly, the Bulldogs hugged the outer boundary, using what was now a strong cross breeze to keep out the fast finishing Hawks. They tried desperately to bring the ball towards the centre and did so regularly enough to cause a real doubt in everyones mind as to whether the lead was big enough. Adding 4.2 to 0.1 in the last quarter was not enough from the Hawks, as Central Eyre were just too far in front and went on the record a well deserved 16 point victory. For the losers, Luke Carey was a target all day, and his four goals in the conditions was a great effort. Wade O’Brien was his direct opponent and also played extremely well, this contest alone was worth traveling a long distance to see.


Others to play well for the victorious Bulldogs were John Beard on the wing, who capped an outstanding finals series for himself, his courageous efforts well beyond the call of duty. Matty Sampson was also wonderful, mature well above his beyond his age, Mark Fridd is another who has stood up all finals and will be well proud of his efforts.  Four young guns in Jaseton Heath, Jesse Stringer, Zac Fitzgerald and Ty McKenna played excellent football and helped nullify a perceived Hawks pace advantage.


For the gallant Hawks, Vincent Cash at half back was great all day having to do the job on Kane Sampson, while Tyson Montgomerie in the Centre didn’t give up and had a big impact. Michael Wheaton ran hard carrying the ball across lines, while veteran Jason McEvoy also played well.


It is difficult to come out of a Grand Final with a loss and see many positives, but the Hawks have been the seasons pacesetters, playing a wonderful fast running open style of play that was hindered by the limited confines of the Elliston Oval.  Central Eyre must be congratulated, they had completed their homework and matched up with thefar more favoured opponents extremely well.  Lead by the old masters brothers the Sampsons, Kane and Ryan, the Grockes, Britt and Martin and the O’Briens, Wade, Brett and Craig, they engineered a victory that will be well remembered for many years to come.  The Bulldogs remained disciplined when imposing their physical presence, and this could well be the major reason that they won.  After the ultimate success in his first season as Coach, David Bower will be smiling well into the summer.


Congratulations Central Eyre, MWFL Premiers 2007

GRAND FINAL SCORE from Elliston on September 8, 2007

Central Eyre




14.12 (96)

West Coast Hawks




12.8 (80)

Best - Central Eyre: K Sampson, B Grocke, W O'Brien, M Grocke, J Beard, M Sampson. West Coast Hawks: V Cash, T Montgomery, M Wheaton, J McEvoy, L Carey. Goals - Central Eyre: K Sampson, R Sampson 3, M Grocke 2, M Sampson, C O’Brien, B Hegarty, J Biggs, T McKenna, M Beinke. West Coast Hawks: L Carey 4, A Whitford 3, J Danis 2, M Box, C McCullam, J McGilvray.



Preliminary Final Preview

2nd Semi Final Previews

1st Semi Final Results

Mail Medal goes to Brayden Holmes

Round 15, August 9, 2008

Round 14, August 2, 2008

Round 13 - July 26, 2008

Round 12 - July 19, 2008

Round 11 - July 12, 2008

Round 10 scores - June 28, 2008

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Rex Foster reaches 350 Games

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Mid West comes third in Mortlock Shield

Round Seven Scores - May 31, 2008

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Round Five Scores - May 10, 2008

Round Four Scores - May 3, 2008

Round Three Scores - April 26, 2008

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Clearances to April 16, 2008

Round One Scores - April 12, 2008

Season Preview

Ladders after Rd 15


West Coast Hawks 26 66.99%
Wirrulla 20 55.41%
Central Eyre 18 53.93%
Wudinna United 16 50.08%
Elliston 8 35.10%
Western Districts 2 37.33%


Western Districts 28 74.87%
Wirrulla 26 70.97%
West Coast Hawks 18 61.46%
Central Eyre 10 33.15%
Wudinna United 4 26.95%
Elliston 4 23.27%


West Coast Hawks 26 80.01%
Wudinna United 26 73.17%
Central Eyre 20 54.65%
Elliston 10 45.61%
Wirrulla 6 26.81%
Western Districts 2 17.48%