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2009 Ladder Pts Perc
Imperials 30 66.95
Mannum 22 52.05
Ramblers 18 53.16
Jervois 16 45.39
Tailem Bend 14 44.75
Meningie 10 42.87
Mypolonga 8 43.70


Leading Goalkickers Club Total
Brad Martin Mypolonga 71
Luke Harrowfield Imperials 62
Sam Braidwood Jervois 55
Clive Waterhouse Mannum 54
Josh Benbow Meningie 49
Clint Girardi Ramblers 44
Trevor Rigney Jervois 41
Ryan Viney Ramblers 40


Teams: Imperials, Jervois, Mannum, Meningie, Mypolonga, Ramblers and Tailem Bend


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Mail Medalists


Imperials 22.15 (147) def Mannum 12.8 (80)

Best: Imperials – Z Kenny, A Temby, R Puckridge, C Wingard, M Seyers. Mannum – S Harte, M Mueller, A Smithson, Z Bullard, L Krause. Goals: Imperials -  Seyers 6, C Wingard 5, S O’Brien, L Harrowfield, Z Kenny, A Temby 2, R Edwards, T Wait, J Puiatti.

By Brendan Shakes
Imperials are once again premiers after comfortably brushing aside Mannum on their home deck, with a 67 point victory.
With both their under 15's and reserve sides winning earlier in the day, Imperials were under pressure to repeat the efforts and exorcise the demons of their 2003 defeat to Mannum.
After an even first quarter, Imperials were able to put away the Roos and take the flag back to
Johnstone Park for the first time since 2002. A bumper crowd was out at Mannum and throughout the day, teams played in near perfect conditions.  Mannum elected to kick with the breeze after winning the toss and choosing to head towards the city end. The home side began the game in a similar way to their match against Imperials a fortnight ago, with the Roos booting three unanswered goals. Their confidence was up as their star players were making an impact with Ben Quinn and Clive Waterhouse each kicking early goals in the quarter.
Imperials were attempting to attack into the breeze but for the first half of the opening term was unable to as Mannum's half back line absorbed the
pressure. The Blues were desperate to get back in the match and a free kick in the goal square to ruckman Ryan Edwards gave them their opening goal.
Mannum were running harder as their early intensity was greater than that of Imperials and an instant goal from the centre clearance to Waterhouse
extended their lead. Two goals in two minutes from Imperials reduced the margin but Quinn was able to slot his second after Waterhouse went down in a behind the play incident.
Tempers were flaring and emotions were high as Quinn made sure the Imperials crowd heard about his goal. Imperials welcomed back Tyson Wait from a hand injury and late in the quarter, his run out of defence and skills by foot helped his side to a one goal lead after the first term.
As much as Mannum had showed early, by the end of the quarter they had nothing to show for it as Imperials pressure and multiple options up forward into the wind proved to be a substantial blow to the Roos chances.
 The second term saw Imperials blow their chance of blowing the game out of the water as inaccuracy in front of goal kept Mannum in the match. Matthew Seyers, who had been quiet for Imperials, booted two early goals and his prescence in the forward line made things difficult for the Mannum defence. For most of the term the ball was up in the Imperials forward line as their endless amount of star midfielders continually sent the football into attack.
Tensions were still high and soon bubbled over after Mannum's Aaron Hockey was yellow carded.
The extra man helped Imperials with Zeb Kenny dodging opponents and slotting home his first goal and Wait rolling one in on the strike of half time to give their side a 25 point lead at the main break.
Known as the premiership quarter, Imperials certainly proved it to be, outscoring Mannum five goals to three. The Blues gained more momentum during the third quarter as Mannum looked under the pump. Costly skill errors as well as free kicks in Imperials forward line extended the Blues lead as Mannum could only watch as their chance slipped away.
Whether it was in the middle or around the ground, Imperials quelled the dominance of Mannum's ruckman Brad Wakefield and Michael Rander.  Neither ruckman displayed the dominance of a fortnight ago as Edwards and Jamie Honnor were able to give first use to their midfielders.  The centre clearances were one way traffic and Imperials prime movers in Ash Temby and Henry Hodge continually found space on the big ground.  Two goals in time on from Imperials pushed their score over the hundred mark but a late goal to Mannum's Levi Krause gave them the smallest glimmer of hope, with his side down by 37 points with a quarter remaining.
Last time these teams played out at Jervois, Imperials overcame a 28 point deficit to head straight through to the grand final but for Mannum there was to be no repeat as the Blues only broadened their lead.  Both small forwards for Imperials, Shaun O'Brien and Chad Wingard had played good games and the latter was able to snap truly early on for his fifth goal. Wingard had been polished up forward with his clean hands and fantastic vision as he was up in Imperials best and unlucky not be adjudged best on ground.
 As the celebrations began on the hill where Imperials supporters had situated themselves, their side continued to pile on the misery for Mannum with a seven goal quarter. Imperials had been the dominant side all year with the group continually finding the ability to gain the only momentum and then prevent their
opponents from having a remote chance of a comeback. Ben Quinn, who had been on fire in the first quarter, had gone unnoticed as Roger Puckridge and company reduced the former Mail Medalist's impact.
As the siren blew, a flood of blue swept onto the ground to congratulate and celebrate with their players as Imperials won their first premiership since 2002.
The Patrons medal for the players adjudged best on ground went to Imperials Zeb Kenny who was the standout midfielder in the game. Post match, Imperials coach Tony Fielke said the feelings of winning were "very good" as his side had been the best team for the year.
"This year was different to the previous years as this year we had the best team on paper whilst previously we had been the underdogs," Fielke said.
"The past seven years have been hard on and off the field and the previous four have been bloody hard. "After the first ten minutes, it was probably four of the highest quality quarters we had played for the year.
 For Mannum coach David Dolheguy, as much as there is a disappointment for his team, he said that they simply came up against a side that had been on
top all year.
"We were fairly confident heading into the match but even though it would have been nice to win, at the end of the day they were the better side,"
Dolheguy said.
Dolheguy said that the day itself was fete itself as for Mannum it has been a long time since both senior grades had been in the Grand Final.
"I asked people around the club whether they could remember the last time both A's and B's were in the Grand Final and they couldn't. Having both
sides shows more importantly that the football club has come a long way."


Preliminary Final - September 12, 2009

Mannum 15.17 (107) def Ramblers 9.11 (65)

Best: Mannum – B Wakefield, S Harte, J Moloney, M Mueller, B Quinn. Ramblers – L O’Neil, M Altmann, S Pfeiffer, J Weyland, P O’Neil. Goals: Mannum – B Quinn 5, B Wakefield, J Croxton, L Krause 2, A Hockey, J Boughen, C Waterhouse, Z Bullard. Ramblers – C Girardi 4, P O’Neil, R Viney 2, M Altmann

Report from Brendan Shakes

Mannum make it to home Grand Final By Brendan Shakes Mannum is into the Grand Final after overcoming the conditions and a spirited Ramblers team with a 42 point win.

With temperatures hovering in the 30's and a strong breeze blowing through the ground, conditions at Mypolonga were not ideal for either side. Mannum won the toss and elected to kick with the wind and after both teams sorted themselves out, captain Ben Quinn was able to kick the first goal after a good passage from the Roos along the wing. The wind was telling with players kicks landing another 10- 15 metres further than normal and with the breeze, Mannum was able to use it to their advantage with many long range goals. Ramblers were pushed onto the back foot early as Mannum built an early lead but as the quarter progressed so did the work rate of Liam and Patrick O'Neil. The brothers were finding plenty of the ball, especially Patrick, as their run and carry into the wind helped their side boot four precious goals. Both team's taller players were making impacts around the ground with Ramblers Daniel Zadow finding some form in defence and youngster Matt Altmann also able to contribute to his side. For Mannum, Brad Wakefield was on fire with his ruck work in the middle and around the ground helping his side gain first use of the ball. Even with their dominance, Mannum were wasteful in front of goal and should have lead by more than the five points at quarter time.

With the breeze at their back in the second term, Ramblers went about erasing the deficit and did so early with Clint Girardi marking and goaling in the goalsquare. Their senior players were having a bigger influence on the game with Ryan Viney able to bulldoze his way through some Mannum tackles to extend his side's lead. Similarly to the opening term, Ramblers were inaccurate in front of goals and by half time this was going to prove consequential. Two late goals from Mannum's Levi Krause and Quinn reduced the margin to just six points in favour of Ramblers at half time.

The third quarter is known as the "premiership quarter" and for Mannum this is where they won the match. A six goal to one quarter blew the game out of the water and put Mannum in the prime position heading into the final term. Mannum went all out on offence and after an early goal from Viney, the Roos went about slamming five unanswered goals. Clive Waterhouse was sent into the middle with immediate results as he and Wakefield's bulk and size helped send the ball into attack. A fantastic pick up and snap at goal from Waterhouse extended the margin for Mannum as their opponents were looking for the three quarter time siren. Ramblers had made some bold moves during the game with Sam Pfeiffer standing on Waterhouse and until the former Docker headed into the midfield, he had almost been unsighted. Another critical move was the release of Altmann into defence, playing as a loose man. Altmann proved influential in the back half, taking strong, contested marks and proving to be problem for the Mannum forwards. Quinn who had not played a major role in the middle was damaging up forward and a goal into time on gave his side a four goal lead, with a quarter remaining.

The lead was gettable but unfortunately for Ramblers as the final quarter went on, the breeze died down and the confidence of Mannum grew. As the final term began, Ramblers brought their forwards into the midfield, leaving them with a four man forward line and giving Mannum two spare players in defence. This bold tactic failed to work as Quinn again bobbed up with a spectacular one handed grab and goal. Ramblers never gave up but wasted crucial chances in front of goal, with their efforts only resulting in points. On the other hand, Mannum could not do a thing wrong with three late goals, including Quinn's fifth on the siren, to begin celebrations as the Roos head into a Grand Final for the first time since 2003. Best for Mannum was Brad Wakefield who performed a herculean effort in the midfield as well as Shane Harte and Justin Maloney and Quinn who proved to be the difference. For Ramblers, even with the hopes of back to back premiers dashed, will look forward to next year with youngsters Altmann, Pfeiffer and Jarrad Weyland all playing good games.


Tyson Wait  from Imperials has won this years Mail Medal. Wait received 20 votes, 3 more than runner-up Damien Raidis of Tailem Bend, one vote further back in third place was Daniel Girdham of Imperials on 16.

The 2009 Lokan Medal was taken out by  David Mullins of Mannum, with three runners-up, Daniel Richards (Jervois), Damien Ackland (Tailem Bend) & Tyron Kelsh (Mannum).

Ramblers soar over Bluds

By Brendan Shakes

RAMBLERS 4-3 8-3 11-9 15-13(103) 
JERVOIS        1-1  4-3  6-6  10-9 (69)

Best: Ramblers - L McIntyre, D Hein, G Stevens, J Weyland, J Sykes. Jervois - P Zarrantonello, C Braun, S Mahony, T Rigney, R Jarvis. Goals: Ramblers - C Girardi 4, P O'Neil 3, R Vuney 2, A Jackson, J Weyland, M Vanson, G Stevens, L O'Neil, J Sykes. Jervois - W Hutchinson, S Sterzl, T Rigney 2, J Cobbledick, M Cheso, G Hansen, C Braun.
With their big names back, Ramblers was too strong for Jervois, running out comfortable 34 point winners.

Ramblers headed into the match on a four game losing streak whilst Jervois had an impressive win last week over Tailem Bend.

Returning to the side for Ramblers was Clint Girardi and Daniel Zadow and their inclusions proved influential as Jervois simply could not contain all of Ramblers big men.

A strong gale blew across the ground at Tailem Bend with the weather playing a big role in the match.

Ramblers kicked to the Adelaide end and made sure Jervois did not get off to a good start.

Girardi was in the action early with an early goal and Patrick O’Neil was having a great start with his first sneaking in, thanks to the strong wind.

O’Neil was given plenty of space on the small ground as he made dashing runs through the midfield to set up his side.

A late goal from Girardi, his second, gave his side a strong 20 point lead heading into quarter time.

Jervois struggled from the centre as Ramblers three-pronged rucking attack was becoming more and more important as the game went on.

The Bluds began the second term, set on restoring calm with three quick goals to Shane Sterzel, James Cobbledick and Trevor Rigney.

Rigney was threatening to blow the game apart but was well held by Ramblers midfielders.

Two late goals from Ramblers pushed their margin back out to four goals and by half time their lead was 24 points.

For the entire match, whatever Jervois could dish out Ramblers would respond as the Bluds forwards had no real influence on the game.

Jervois’ Wade Hutchinson was proving a handful with his second goal coming from a boundary throw in but again Ramblers stopped the momentum of Jervois with a goal to Greg Stevens.

Midway through the third term the game was stopped after a sickening clash between Ramblers Matt Altmann and Jervois, Ty Burkett left Burkett needing to be taken off on the stretcher.

After the momentary stop in play, Ramblers went about extending their margin as Liam O’Neil was sent up forward as he gave immediate results.

The tackling and frontal pressure from Ramblers was something similar to last years successes’ as Jarryd Sykes and Alex Mason goaled to push the lead past five goals.

The final quarter saw Jervois give it everything they had but like so often during the day, Ramblers always had the answers.

Ramblers led for the entire match as Jervois could not any closer than three goals for most of the game.

Ramblers Ryan Viney had been quiet all day but his two final quarter goals sealed the victory and maintained his sides’ chances of becoming back-to-back premiers.

Both the O’Neil brother were impressive on the small oval as was Girardi whilst Jervois’ Sam Mahony had a good game as did Chris Braun in defence.

Out of the Blue

By Brendan Shakes 

Second Semi Final, September 5, 2009

Imperials 17.11 (113) def Mannum 16.5 (101)

Best: Imps – M Seyers, A Temby, J Puiatti, R Eyre, J Lewis-Burns. Mannum – M Rander, A Warnest, B Quinn, J Maloney, J Henschke. Goals: Imps – C Wingard, J Lewis-Burns, T Hines, M Kowald 2, H Hodge, J Honner, A Temby, J Puiatti, P Girdham, D Kenny, S O’Brien, R Puckridge, M Seyers. Mannum – C Waterhouse 5, L Krause, D Walker, M Quinn 2, J Maloney, M Mueller, T Boughen, P Sarno, Z Bullard

Imperials have pulled the rabbit out of the hat to proceed straight through to the Grand Final with an 11 point win over Mannum.

Both teams were treated to perfected conditions at Jervois, with Imperials electing to kick towards the pine tree end.

So many times this year Imperials have jumped out of the blocks and put the game out of reach at quarter time but this time, Mannum gave the Blues a taste of their own medicine.

From the opening minutes nothing could stop Mannum going all out on attack as Imperials were forced onto the back foot.

The intensity from Mannum helped them kick the first seven goals of the game with Levi Krause and Danny Walker each booting two goals.

It looked to be a long day for Imperials after Matthew Seyers missed a certain goal in the goalsquare but eventually got on the board with late goals to Henry Hodge and Chad Wingard.

Imperials looked to have stopped the momentum of Mannum but a superb goal from Clive Waterhouse gave his side a six goal lead at quarter time.

Imperials had rarely been in this situation at all for the entire season and they struggled with the new challenge.

Mannum were able to stem the impact of Imperials forwards with their defence standing up when it mattered.

Imperials were able to get back to back goals through Wingard and Jamie Honnor but when Mannum’s Todd Boughen broke through a tackle to run into a goal, their hard work had been wasted.

The Blues day seemed to hit its lowest point late in the second term when Luke Harrowfield was yellow carded and as the siren blew for half time, Mannum was leading by 29 points.

Mannum was desperately trying to maintain the dominance of their first quarter but could not contain the star studded midfield of Imperials.

Three goals in three minutes saw Imperials immediately get themselves back into the game with the foundations set by Ash Temby, Daniel Girdham and Hodge.

Again their hard work to get back in the game was overshadowed by three unanswered goals by Mannum, with two of these from Ben Quinn.

Quinn had been influential all day his second goal, coming straight from the centre bounce, looked to put Imperials on the chopping block.

The pressure was hitting both sides as Mannum struggled to find avenues to goal whilst Imperials failed to lower their eyes when entering the fifty, making it easy pickings for the Roos defence.

Waterhouse’s third goal in time on of the third term gave his side a 28 point buffer and big chance of having the next week off.

With both teams desperate for the path straight through to the Grand Final, the intensity of the final term grew.

Two goals early to Imperials gave them a sniff of an outside victory but when Zac Bullard booted his first and then Waterhouse adding another two, it looked to be out of reach, as the lead blew back out to five goals with only half a quarter remaining.

Nevertheless Imperials kept on persisting with goals to Shaun O’Brien and Tom Hines reducing the margin.

Two goals in succession from free kicks again closed the margin but with the game in time on, it seemed like it would too late for Imperials.

Even so Imperials were inspired and when Girdham snapped for his first Imperials had captured the lead, the first time in the match and now the pressure was back on Mannum.

The final quarter was not without controversy as play was allowed to go on whilst an Imperials player was being helped off the field with the blood rule.

The resulting goal gave Imperials the handy lead they needed and shattered Mannum’s chance of coming back.

As the siren blew, emotions were mixed as Mannum let a big chance slip whilst Imperials got away with daylight robbery.

Imperials will now wait for next week’s match between Mannum and Ramblers to see who they go up against in the Grand Final.


Roo-d Awakening - Mannum too good in Qualifying Final

By Brendan Shakes 
Qualifying Final - August 29, 2009
Mannum 10.9 (69) def Ramblers 7.7 (49) 
Best - Mannum: D Thiele, B Harte, Z Bullard, B Quinn, J Moloney. Ramblers – D Hein, J Sykes, K Cowland, A Mason, S Pfeiffer. Goals - Mannum: C Waterhouse 3, L Krause 2, J Cruxton, T Boughen, P Sarno, B Quinn, S Thiele. Ramblers: R Viney 2, J Sykes, L McIntyre, A Jackson, G Stevens, J Weyland. 

Ramblers have sunk to a fourth straight defeat after going down to Mannum by 20 points at Johnstone Park.

The win gives Mannum a chance to head straight through to the grand final but now they must face up against Imperials.

Conditions made the game a tighter tussle as heavy rain and wind came and went throughout the game.

Mannum won the toss and elected to kick with the breeze and started off well restricting Ramblers to one point for the quarter.

Three goals in a matter of minutes gave the Roos an early lead and already signs were looking ominous, as Ben Quinn was being influential in the middle with his clearance work.

Mannum was running in numbers and were given first opportunity as ruckman Brad Wakefield was dominating against the three-pronged attack from Ramblers.

Clive Waterhouse was getting on the scoreboard with an early goal and his second gave his side a 26-point lead at quarter time.

The wind was making its mark on the game, as neither side was able to register a goal into the breeze.

Ramblers were able to get back into the match as their intensity increased and their midfielders found more of the football.

Two goals in two minutes gave Ramblers a kick-start and when Adam Jackson booted his first, all of sudden Ramblers were revitalised.

Ramblers were soon within a goal after a strong tackle in the middle and a resulting 50-metre penalty gave Greg Stevens his first major.

Mannum had now been put on the back foot and panic seemed to set in after two 50 metre penalties, combined to give a 100 metre penalty, gave Ramblers the lead for the first time in the match.

Trailing by three points at the main break, Mannum quickly got back in front with Paul Sarno kicking his first goal.

The game was a scramble as the pressure intensified and Ramblers began to put players behind the ball, to limit the effect of the breeze and this worked as they only trailed by 11 points at three quarter time.

Neither side had booted a goal into the wind but Mannum went about changing that with Levi Krause kicking two goals in a minute to give Mannum a healthy buffer.

Mannum were hungrier at the ball and when Waterhouse booted his third, the game was out of reach for Ramblers.

Two late goals from Ryan Viney were not enough as Ramblers now face Jervois, to keep their chances of back to back premierships.

Best for Mannum was Daniel Thiele, Shane Harte and Zac Bullard whilst for Ramblers, their best were Darren Hein, Jarrod Sykes and Troy Cowland.

Blitz from Bluds seals victory - Jervois ends Tailems year

By Brendan Shakes 

Elimination Final - August 30, 2009

JERVOIS                                 7-4       10-4     17-8     20-8(128)       

TAILEM BEND                   0-2       5-6       6-9       13-12(90)

 BEST Jervois: M.Cheso, S.Braidwood, S.Sterzl, S.Braun, J.Cobbledick. Tailem Bend: D.Hogarth, M.Sumner, B.Miller, T.Lynch, D.Gregory. GOALS  Jervois: S.Braidwood 6, T.Rigney 4, M.Tomlinson 2, S.Mahony 2, T.Robinson 2, S.Sterzl 2, T.Burkett 1, J.Cobbledick 1

Tailem Bend: D.Hogarth 3, J.Marks 3, M.Kartinyeri 2, S.Newchurch 2, M.Vickers 1, L.Rankine 1, S.Wanganeen 1

A seven-goal opening quarter proved too much as Jervois knocked out Tailem Bend, winning by 38 points.

Last weeks loss was a distant memory as Jervois went about playing the type of football that saw them win four premierships in this decade.

Playing in their first final series since 2005, Tailem looked out of its depth as Jervois went about putting the game out of reach early.

Goals from Michael Tomlinson, Sam Braidwood and Trevor Rigney set up an early buffer and when Coach Sam Mahony was able to stroll down the wing and after three bounces boot through another goal, Jervois were in complete control.

Down in defence, Steven Braun was running off Lawrie Rankine as Tailem Bend failed to boot a goal in the term.

Trailing by 44 points, Tailem Bend tried to go about reducing the margin but lost Mervyn Kartinyeri when he and James Lyon were yellow carded.

The Eagles were able to outscore Jervois but did not capitalise on their opportunities as missed shots at goal prevented them from being close than the 28 point deficit at half time.

Another seven-goal blitz from Jervois put the game out of reach as their younger players were making their impact on the game.

James Cobbledick, Matt Cheso and Tyler Robinson were all doing their part for the team, as Jervois were full of run.

Jervois’ taller forwards were causing headaches for Tailem Bend as Sam Braidwood and Shane Sterzel were doing it easy.

The margin blew out to ten goals and with Lyon doing well in the ruck, it was all one way traffic as Tailem could only watch their season end abruptly.

To their credit, Tailem Bend gave it all they got in the final term, booting seven goals to two to make the margin slightly more respectable.

Despite their final term efforts, the last quarter was marred by an embarrassing incident between two Eagle teammates.

Christian Aspel and Damien Raidis both collided after following the football, with Raidis coming off second best.

In what was a surprise, Aspel went about trying to attack his teammate before being broken up by teammates and then consequently being shown a yellow card.

It was a disappointing end to Tailem Bend’s season as the side has shown a lot of improvement and optimism for next year.

Jervois’ next task is up against a struggling Ramblers with the reigning premiers in the middle of a form slump whilst the Bluds are now coming off a confidence-boosting victory.  

Tigers topple Ramblers

By Brendan Shakes

Mypolonga have ended their disappointing year on a positive note with a come from behind 12 point win over Ramblers. With nothing to play for but pride, the Tigers were staring at another heavy defeat at quarter time but provided some spirit to get the supporters excited for next year.

Ramblers headed into the game missing three big players with Clint Girardi, Adam Jackson and Daniel Zadow all succumbed to injury. Even without these players, Ramblers hit the ground running, building an early five goal lead with Jarryd Weyland contributing with four majors for the term.

Already on the back foot and looking at another loss, Mypolonga came out a different side in the second term, outscoring their opponents eight goals to two. Leading the goal kicking for most of the year, Mypolonga’s Brad Martin continued to be problem for defenders and in the second quarter, his two goals were able to get his side back in the game.

Now trailing at the main break, Ramblers tried to assert their dominance on the match but were held back by the work of Mypolonga’s midfielders. Kieran Jaensch, Brett White and Scott Meneghetti found plenty of the ball and were able to also help on the scoreboard with Jaensch kicking Mypolonga’s only goal for the third quarter. With only a quarter remaining in their season, Mypolonga turned back the clock to last year with a six goal last term to see of the reigning premiers. It had been a disappointing year for the Tigers but this win should give them confidence heading into 2010.

In a preview to the elimination final, Tailem Bend will head in with a winning attitude after defeating Jervois by 30 points at Tailem Bend. The home side lead from start to finish and their ten-goal start proved too huge for Jervois to overcome. Both teams rested players in preparation for next week however Tailem Bend still went out to claim the chocolates.

Kicking with a stiff breeze, Tailem Bend began the game on fire with forwards Lawrie Rankine and Simon Newchurch booting three goals each. The Eagles could do no wrong as Jervois became innocent bystanders and by the first change, already trailed by 58 points. Jervois were unable to close the margin significantly as again Rankine and Newchurch kept the scoreboard ticking over for Tailem.

Leading by almost nine goals at half time, Tailem took their foot off the pedal and probably were already to think about next weeks encounter. This left the small glimmer of hope for Jervois and a five goal to two quarter reduced the margin to 33 points, giving them a chance of a miraculous comeback.

This was not to be though as the lead was too great and even though Jervois won three of the quarters, the opening term proved to be crucial. Best for Tailem Bend was Dylan Hogarth, Damien Raidis and Beau Miller with Rankine ending up with six goals and Newchurch four. For Jervois, Sam Braidwood finished with five goals and had solid contributions from Chris Braun, Trevor Rigney and Matt Cheso.

At Mannum, the clash between the Roos and Imperials was a far too familiar one with Imperials winning by 86 points. Since that loss to Mannum, Imperials have stepped up the tempo, week in and week out flogging their opponent and this match was not any different. Even without Tyson Wait, Imperials looked a far better side as by the games end had 14 goal kickers out of their 21 goals. The only problem for Imperials could be their accuracy in front of goals as if not for the final term, the scoreboard would not have looked as convincing. The disparity between first and second on the ladder is a concern but finals are a different story and both teams will know that. Imperials simply had winners all over the park with Mannum’s Ben Quinn one of the standouts for the home side.

Throughout the game, Imperials were relentless at the football and their opponents, winning the centre clearances and exposing the lack of pace from the Mannum defenders. Imperials Kenny brothers continued their good late season form as did Jamie Honnor who dominated at centre half back.

The second half was a complete demolishment as Imperials booted seven goals in each term to produce another convincing victory. Best for Imperials was Boyd and Zeb Kenny, Daniel Girdham and Matt Seyers whilst Mannum’s best were Quinn, Mark Mueller and Shane Harte who kept trying all day.

Round 19 - August 22, 2009

Imperials 21.20 (146) d Mannum 9.6 (60).

Best - Imperials: Z Kenny, J Honner, B Kenny, D Girdham, M Seyers. Mannum: B Quinn, M Mueller, S Harte, Z Bullard, P Sarno. Goals Imperials: D Girdham, M Seyers, T Hines 3, J Louis-Burns 2, R Puckridge, A Eyre, L Harrowfield, S Redden, S O'Brien, M Kowald, B Kenny, B Quast, Z Kenny, A Temby. Mannum: C Waterhouse 3, L Krause 2, B Quinn, P Sarno, T Boughen, B Wakefield.

Mypolonga 17.8 (110) d Ramblers 14.14 (98).

Best - Mypolonga: K Jaensch, B White, B Martin, C Lynn, N Creaser. Ramblers: L O'Neil, M Vanson, P O'Neil, G Stevens, R Viney. Goals - Mypolonga: B Martin 7, K Jaensch 4, C Lynn, S Norris 2, S Meneghetti, J Coulter. Ramblers: L O'Neil 5, J Weyland 4, S Pfeifer, R Viney 2, M Vanson.

Tailem Bend 18.12 (120) d Jervois 13.12 (90).

Best - Tailem Bend: D Hogarth, B Miller, M Vickers, L Rankine, S Newchurch. Jervois: C Braun, T Rigney, M Chesso, B Wells, N Maczowiack. Goals - Tailem Bend: L Rankine 6, S Wanganeen, S Newchurch 4, D Hogarth 2, M Vickers, B Klinig. Jervois: S Braidwood 5, T Rigney 3, S Mahony 2, M Tomkinson, M Chesso, B Wells. 

Roos kill off Bears finals hope

By Brendan Shakes

In a brave campaign for playing finals football, Meningie is now almost set to miss another September after losing to Mannum by 63 points. For three quarters, the away side gave as much as they could to Mannum but six goals to nil final term now leaves Meningie hoping for Tailem Bend to convincingly lose in the final round.

Meningie began the game well outscoring their opponents in the first quarter, with Josh Robinson booting two goals for the term. Last time these teams played at Mannum, Meningie got home by 19 points however the Roos were making sure this would not happen again. With the use of the breeze, Mannum piled on six goals to overturn the deficit and turn it into a 23 point lead at half time.

Mannum’s Clive Waterhouse was proving his worth with two goals for the half but more importantly becoming a focal point up forward, allowing Levi Krause and Zac Bullard to capitalize on his efforts.

With their season on the line, Meningie held on although they were not able to utilise the breeze at their backs.  Waterhouse again proved a problem with two goals to bring his tally to four goals and when Todd Boughen goaled, the lead was pushing five goals. Meningie were able to finish the quarter well with two late goals but sadly for them they could be their last majors for the rest of the season.

The final quarter saw the better team blow out the game as Meningie could not keep up the intensity of the past three quarters.

Best for Mannum was their big men with ruckman Brad Wakefield, forward Paul Sarno and full forward Clive Waterhouse all featuring in the best.

 In blustery conditions, Jervois has stunned the reigning premiers by two points to throw their defence into free fall. The past two weeks has seen Ramblers fail to make an impact on the scoreboard in what could be seen as a worrying sign heading into the finals. Both sides struggled with the conditions, however this brought both teams onto a level playing field and gave the game more excitement. The first term saw Jervois fail to capitalize on the strong breeze as they trailed after the first term.  Inaccuracy robbed them of the lead but Ramblers were able to work the ball up against the run of play with Alex Mason and Kym McFee giving their side a nine point lead. The second term was again a tight tussle with neither side able to dominate the quarter. Ramblers however were able to outscore the home side and hold a handy 23 point lead at the main break.

Ramblers should have gone on to run over the top of Jervois however the Bluds showed some spirit that has not been seen since their domination a few years ago. The third term was the only quarter that Jervois won but it was to be the most important quarter as they now held a three point lead heading into the final quarter. The intensity grew in the final term and when Ramblers Ryan Viney goaled the scores were level. Back to back goals from Jervois gave them a 14 point lead but when Liam O’Neil and Viney goaled again the margin was down to two points with only minutes remaining.

The Bluds were able to hold onto their lead and give them a chance at third spot on the ladder.

 It was same old Imperials as another dominate first quarter turned into another flogging, this time against Mypolonga. By the final siren, Imperials had 56 shots on goal and if not their inaccuracy would have broken the 200 point barrier. Imperials started with their customary fast start as both defence and offence combined to set up a 59 point lead at the first change. Goals were coming from everywhere for Imperials as their midfield could do nothing wrong. Henry Hodge and Daniel Girdham continued with their good form for the season as both gathered plenty of the ball.

Imperials continued their dominance in the second term until it took a 60 metre bomb from Mypolonga’s Brad Martin gave them their first goal. With an eleven goal lead at half time, Imperials slammed on another eight goals to put the margin beyond 100 points.

Luke Harrowfield and Jamie Honnor did as they pleased up forward and by the end of the match, each had kicked six goals. Girdham and Hodge were joined by Chad Wingard and Ash Temby in the dominance of the midfield in what has become a standout year for Imperials. The final term was more junk time as Imperials continued the procession of goals.

Best for Imperials was Girdham, Hodge and youngster Wingard whilst Mypolonga’s better players were Brett White, Cain Lynn and James Pedler.

Round 18 - August 15, 2009

Jervois 7.16 (58) d Ramblers 8.8 (56)

Best - Jervois: T Rigney, S Sterzl, T Robinson B Wells, J Lyons. Ramblers: T Pfeiffer, R Viney, C Hein, L Mcintyre, S Pfeiffer. Goals - Jervois: S Sterzl 3, T Rigney, S Braidwood, S Mahoney, C( Stimson. Ramblers: A Jackson, R Viney 2, K McFee A Mason, L McIntyre, L O'Niell.

 Imperials 25.31 (181) d Mypolonga 8.7 (55).

Best - Imperials: M Hodge, D Girdham, L Harrowfield, Z Kenny, Wyngard. Mypolonga: B White, C Lnn, J Pedler, S Meneghetti, B Martin. Goals - Imperials:  L Harrowfield, J Honner 6, R Eyre, C Wyngard, O'Brien, A Temby, J Puatti 2, Z Kenny, J Louis Burns, M Seyers. Mypolonga: B White 2, B Martin T McAlister, K Jaensch, B Jaensch, L Basani, C Lynn.

Mannum 18.18 (126) d Meningie 10.3 (63)

Best - Mannum: M Mueller, J Maloney, P Sarno B Wakefield, L Krause. Meningie: R Cunneen, F Payne, A Barker, B Gibbs, E Smith. Goals Mannum: C Waterhouse 6, P Sarno 4, L Krause A Hockey 2, J Maloney, D Bullard, P Boughen, C Thiele. Meningie: J Robinson 4, J Benbow 2, C Lawson, B Gibbs, B Biddle, S Ridley.

Imperials embarrass headless Chooks
By Brendan Shakes
Imperials have flogged cross-town rivals Ramblers by 190 points in what was one of the most embarrassing performances by a reigning premier in recent memory.
The game began with a fast frenetic start with both rivals trying to sort each other out.
Imperials Shaun O’Brien was proving a likely sort up forward as his forward pressure resulted in two early goals for himself.
Harrowfield was also playing well early and his third goal of the quarter gave his side a nine goal lead at the first break.
After being kept goalless for the opening term, it did not take long for Ramblers to finally register their first major through Jackson.
From then on, Imperials went on to boot thirteen unanswered goals as the game immediately became a one-sided affair.
With the margin out to twenty goals at half time, Ramblers would have looked to gain something out of the second half but signs did not look good with their warm up after half time looking lethargic.
The third term saw Imperials again dominate play and if not for their inaccuracy in front of goals, the margin could have been even more.
Imperials started where they left off as Tom Hines snapped his first within 20 seconds of the centre bounce.
Harrowfield had seven up until three-quarter time and by then the margin had blown out to 154 points.
Imperials made it a superb four quarter effort as they slammed on another seven goals to push the margin towards 200 points.
For Imperials, most of their players contributed to the slaughtering but their standouts were Luke Harrowfield, who finished with ten goals and Boyd and Zeb Kenny who racked up possession after possession throughout the match.
Mypolonga has sunk to a new low, sitting now at the bottom of the ladder, after being beaten by Jervois by 36 points at Jervois.
The loss now puts Mypolonga out of the finals race with them needing to win games against Imperials and Ramblers and still hope for other results to go their way.
Kicking with a slight breeze, Mypolonga got off to a good start with forward Brad Martin kicking truly early but a ten minute purple patch from Jervois’ saw the Tigers lead quickly evaporate.
As has been all season, Jervois were overrun in time on and their margin was cut back to 20 points at quarter time.
Jervois continued its attacking style of football with another seven goal term.
Forwards Shane Sterzel and Sam Braidwood were proving a handful for Mypolonga’s defence as by half time, both had booted five and four goals respectively.
If it were not for Martin, who had six goals up until half time, Mypolonga would have been further behind than the 39 point deficit at the main break.
Mypolonga came out of the break with five unanswered goals in an attempt to cut the deficit into a match winning lead however Jervois were able to reply with four of their own late in the quarter to keep their six goal buffer intact.
The final term became a tighter and more defensive quarter as Jervois tried to shut down the game.
By games end, Sterzel and Braidwood finished up with six goals each whilst Martin battled hard to finish with eight.
Meningie has kept its small glimmer of hope of playing in finals with a spirited 21 point victory against Tailem Bend.
Both teams are fighting for the final spot in the final five and a win by Tailem would have guaranteed their spot in 2009.
Played at Meningie, the home side began strong as Josh Benbow kicked truly for an early goal.
The Bears continued to attack, showing a relentlessness that has seen them win four of their past six matches.
Their midfielder group of Chris O’Hara, Dean Rossi, Rodney Cunneen and Evan Smith were playing a crucial role in setting up their teams 21 point lead at quarter time.
Both teams struggled on the scoreboard in the second term as the game became a tight contest.
Benbow was proving a handful up forward for Meningie but a late goal from Tailem’s Michael Sumner cut the margin to five goals at the long break.
With their season on the line, Tailem Bend came out full of running in the second half, continually finding ways of sending the ball forward.
The game was a see-sawing affair until Tailem was able to string together three goals in a row through Sumner, Brad Bell and Ben Hansen to bring the margin to a reachable 14 points at the final change.
Again both teams threw everything at the football with the final result of the match crucial for both sides.
Tailem were first to goal to cut the margin to single figures but Meningie was able to scramble back to back goals to put the game out of reach and keep their finals dream alive.
Best for Meningie was Benbow who finished up with six goals, Rodney Cunneen and Ben Gibbs whilst Derek Williams, Sumner and Jarryd Linde all toiled hard for Tailem Bend.

Round 17 - August 8, 2009

Jervois 22.12 (144) d Mypolonga 17.6 (108}.

Best - Jervois: M Tomlinson, S Mahony, S Braidwood, M Cheso, S Sterzl. Mypolonga: B White, B Martin, J Pedler, S Davis, C Wells. Goals _ Jervois: S Sterzl, S Braidwood 6, M Tomlins 3. R Jarvis, T Rigney, W Hutchinson 2, M Brion. Mypolonga: B Martin 8, B Jaensch, J Oxborrow, K Jaensch 2, S Davis, C Lynn, L Bassani.

Meningie 16.14 (110) d Tailem Bend 13.11 (89)

Best - Meningie: R Cunneen, B Gibbs, T Saddlier, J Benbow, J Robinson. Tailem Bend: D Williams, M Sumner, J Linde, M Vickers, D Raidis. Goals Meningie: J Benbow 6, B Biddle, J Robinson 3, N King 2, S Ridley, D Rossi. Tailem Bend: B Hanson, M Sumner, M Vickers 3, B Bell 2, C Aspel, L Rankine.

Imperials      8.8   21.20   25.22  32.30 (222)

Ramblers      0.2     2.3       2.5      4.8     (32)

BEST Imperials: L.Harrowfield, Z.Kenny, B.Kenny, J.Lewis-Burns, H.Hodge. Ramblers: T.Pfieffer, L.O’Neil, J.Sykes, M.Fiegert, R.Viney

GOALS Imperials: L.Harrowfield 10, Z.Kenny 4, S.O’Brien 4, J.Lewis-Burns 3, D.Girdham 3, T.Hines 3, C.Wingard 2, A.Temby 2, B.Kenny 1

Ramblers: R.Viney 2, A.Jackson 1, P.O’Neil 1

Round 16 - August 1, 2009

Imperials 27.5 (167) d Tailem Bend 14.9 (93).

Best - Imperials: J Honner, R Edwards, T Wait, H Hodge, M Seyers. Tailem Bend: D Raidis, M Sumner, D Gregory, B Bell, D Williams. Goals ~ Imperials: M Seyers 5, L Harrowfield, B kenny, C Wingard 4, S O'Brien, D Girdham 2, T Wait, J Lewis-Burns, A Temby, J Puiatti, J Honner, S Redden. Tailem Bend: R Bell 4, D Buckingham, D Gregory, M Sumner 2. L Rankine, T Downs, D Hogarth, C Aspel.

Mannum 20.14 (134) d Mypolonga 9.11 (65).

Best - Mannum: A Warnest, M Mueller, P Sarno, J Maloney, B Wakefield. Mypolonga: B White, S Norris, M Oxborrow, C Wells, B Martin. Goals - Mannum: C Waterhouse 7, P Sarno 4, L Krause, B Quinn 3, S Thiele 2, A Warnest. Mypolonga: B Martin 4, S Norris 2, K Jaensch, M Oxborrow, T McAlister.

Meningie 13.11 (89) d Jervois 7.15 (57).

Best - Meningie: R cunneen, J Benbow, B Gibbs, T Wright, C O'Hara. Jervois: W Hutchinson, S Braidwood, M Tomlinson, T Robinson, T Rigney. Goals - Meningie: J Benbow 6, S Ferenski 3, J Rubinson 2, C O'Hara, Clawson. Jervois: S Brpidwood 4, T Robinson, T Rigney, J Cobbledick. 


by Brendan Shakes

Tailem Bend has continued its giant killing season with an upset victory over Mannum.

With a two point lead at the final change, Tailem Bend’s Laurie Rankine was the match winner ending up with nine goals for the game.

Tailem began the game with the aid of the breeze and used it well to build an early margin.

Rankine was proving their focal point and with talks of him being dumped from the A grade side, this performance is sure to give coach Matthew Dent some confidence.

Trailing by 21 points at quarter time, Mannum awoke from their slumber with a seven goal term to leave the home side in shock.

Mannum’s run through the small ground was proving effective and unlike Tailem Bend, they had numerous avenues to goal with Aaron Hockey kicking two goals for the quarter.

Now the light was turned onto Tailem Bend and in the wake of this improving side, the Eagles were able to claw back the Mannum dominance and put the game up for both sides in the last term.

Questions are now being raised about the fitness of some Mannum players as for the third week in a row, the Roos struggled to finish the game running.

Both teams went goal for goal in the final quarter but three late goals by Rankine gave Tailem a stranglehold on fifth spot on the ladder.

With Mannum losing, Ramblers had the chance to cement second spot and did not disappoint with a solid 24 point win over Meningie.

To Meningie’s credit they have been able to stay with all the sides this year and this game was no different but again their bigger opponents proved to be decisive.

Ramblers Adam Jackson, Ryan Viney and Clint Girardi booted three quarters of their teams score as their were repeatedly given options from their midfield.

One major positive for Meningie will be the performance of Stuart Ferenci who returned from a broken leg earlier in the year to boot six goals.

Ramblers led at every change but were unable to put away the Bears.

Robert Payne and Rodney Cunneen worked extremely hard in the midfield for the visitors and the efforts Tim Saddlier and Peter Reichelt were keeping them in the game.

Trailing by less than four goals at the three quarter time, Meningie were unable to cause a boil over as they cut the margin to seven points only to let it get away again thanks to Girardi.

Best for Ramblers was Lloyd McIntyre, Viney and Troy Cowland whilst for Meningie, their best was Payne, Cunneen and Reichelt.

Round 15 - July 25, 2009

Tailem Bend 18.15 (123) d Mannum 15.18 (103).

Best - Tailem Bend: L Rankine, M Vickers, D Raidis, D Williams, T Lynch. Mannum: M Mueller, B Quinn, L Krayse, J Croxton, S Malchow. Goals _ Tailem Bend: L Rankine 9, D Raidis, R Berling, M Sumner, A Coombe, S Newchurch, B Bell, T Downs, P O'Connell, J Marks. Mannum: L Crause 3, S Thiele, P Sarno, A Hocjkey, J Coxton, J Woodward 2, C Waterhouse, B Quinn.

Ramblers 18.13 (121) d Meningie 14.13 (97).

Best ~ Ramblers: L Mclntyrem R Viney, T Gowland, S Pfeiffer, T Mathews. Meningie: R Payne, R Cuneen, P Reichelt, S Ferenci. T Saddlier. Goals - Ramblers: A Jackson, R Viney, C Girardi 4, L O'Neil, T Cowland 2, L McIntyre, D O'Neil. Meningie: S Ferenci 6, G Saddlier 2, E Smith, J Benbow, A Battineschi, J Robinson, Z Treloar, R Payne

Roos upset Ramblers By Brendan Shakes

Wednesday July 22, 2009

Not even a fast finish from Ramblers was enough as Mannum left LeMessurier with a narrow eight-point win. Mannum’s win now ties them for second spot on the ladder with Ramblers but the visitors’ first half was the driving force behind their victory. The first quarter saw Mannum get on top or the reigning premiers with Paul Sarno booting two telling goals and gathering countless possessions around the ground. Power forward Clive Waterhouse was given a role in the midfield and his presence and skills were telling for most of the match. With a slender lead at quarter time, Mannum got on top of Ramblers with a six goal to two term. Mannum simply were winning the one on one contests around the park as Ramblers struggled with the pace of Steven Thiele on the half back line. After half time Ramblers forced their way back into the match but Daniel Zadow being yellow carded did not help their cause. With Ramblers on the charge, Waterhouse was able to put his stamp on the match with two late goals to give his team a 34 point lead, heading into the final change. The crowd at LeMessurier knew Rambler were going to come home strong and they did not disappoint with seven goals in the final term however it was not enough to grab the two points.

Mypolonga’s miserable season hit a further low after Tailem Bend produced a convincing 39 point win. Tailem Bend won every quarter and the win not puts them a game up on Mypolonga and Meningie for that final spot in the five. The opening term was tight with neither side able to get on top.  Both teams had power forwards at either end with Laurie Rankine and Brad Martin so neither side had an excuse not to score. After holding a two point lead at quarter time, Tailem were able to gain a crucial break with their defence keeping the home side at bay. With a 21-point lead at the main break, Tailem Bend continued with their strangle hold on the game with a blistering nine goal second half.Mypolonga could not contain the midfielders of Tailem Bend with Damien Raidis, Dylan Hogarth and Mitchell Vickers finding plenty of the ball. Best for Tailem Bend was Raidis, Matthew Krueger and Dylan Hogarth whilst for Mypolonga, their better players were Brett White, Simon Norris and Joe Oxborrow.

With the return of five senior players, Imperials fast start proved to be the difference with a 47 point victory over Meningie. Imperials ran out to an early seven goal lead after the first term but from then on, Meningie were able to stick with the flag favourites. Before the match, Imperials lost Matthew Kowald to a finger injury but welcomed back Ryan Edwards, Ryan Eyre, Henry Hodge, Luke Harrowfield and Tyson Wait. Hodge began the game well early and hurt the Bears with a long range goal after being left alone in the corridor. The game was being played on Imperials terms and their star studded midfield continued to find plenty of the ball. Three late goals in the quarter to Luke Harrowfield, Zeb Kenny and Chad Wingard gave Imperials a commanding seven goal lead at quarter time. Wait has been a star all season and continued in his rich vein of form at both ends of the field.

Both teams were wasteful in front of goal and Josh Robinson’s simple snap shot which sailed through for a point, summed up his teams first half efforts. Meningie were trailing by 36 points and never stop battling but their midfield depth was not as strong as Imperials and their skills with the football proved to be the difference. Imperials had lifted their intensity after the main break as their pressure on their opponents had become fiercer.

A long range effort from Jamie Honnor put the margin beyond ten goals and the game out of Meningie’s reach. With the game over, Imperials took their foot off the pedal and Meningie were able to add some respectability to the scoreboard, outscoring Imperials five goals to two. Meningie were able to string together all five of their final term goals and will head back down the Coorong knowing, they were not completely outclassed. Best for Imperials was Wait, Jason Puatti, Hodge and Eyre down back whilst best for Meningie was Rodney Cunneen, Dean Rossi, Chris O’Hara and Chad Thorpe.

Round 14 - July 18, 2009

Mannum              5.5            11.12        15.12        18.13        121

Ramblers             4.3            6.5            10.8          17.11        113

Best - Mannum:    S Thiele, P Sarno, B Wakefield, D Walker. Ramblers: A Jackson, G Stevens, L McIntyre, J Sykes. Goals - Mannum: Hockey, P Sarno 5, C Waterhouse 4, B Quinn, J Woodward, B Wakefield, T Boughen. Ramblers:  C Girardi 4, P O’Neil, L O’Neil, C Weyland, A Jackson 2, R Irvine, T Cowland, D Zadow, M Rumbelow, R Viney

Tailem Bend       4.0            8.4            13.7          17.14        115

Mypolonga           3.4            4.6            7.12          10.16        76

Best - Tailem Bend:   D Raidis, M Krueger, D Hogarth, D Buckingham. Mypolonga: B White, S Norris, M Oxborrow, J Oxborrow. Goals - Tailem Bend: L Rankine 5, D Hogarth 3, C Aspel, B Bell 2, T Downs, M Sumner, T Lynch, A Robertson, S Newchurch. Mypolonga: B Martin 4, B Jaensch 2, K Jaensch, S Davis, J Coulter, S Norris

Imperials             7.2            9.7            14.14        16.19        115

Meningie              0.2            3.6            4.8            9.14          68

Best - Imperials:   T Wait, J Puatti, H Hodge, Z Kenny. Meningie: D Rossi, R Cunneen, C O’Hara, C Thorpe. Goals - Imperials: D Girdham, S O’Brien, Z Kenny, J Hollitt, T Wait 2, L Harrowfield, H Hodge, C Wingard, B Harrowfield, J Honnor, R Eyre. Meningie: C Lawson, R Mallard 3, J Benbow, W Smith, J Robinson

Meningie Make It over Mannum

By Brendan Shakes 

After the highs of a fortnight ago, Mannum has been brought back down to earth with a shock upset loss to Meningie by 19 points. Mannum were the talk of the competition with a comprehensive win over league-leaders Imperials but the loss has now cast doubts over their chances. Early on, Mannum continued on with their good form as a superb defensive effort kept Meningie scoreless. Mannum were doing it at both ends of the park as Clive Waterhouse was rewarding his team’s defensive effort with two goals for the opening term. Meningie were unable to penetrate their fifty and trailed by 27 points at quarter time but after the first break, the Bears began to take control of the match. It took ten seconds for Meningie to finally get on the board with Josh Robinson collecting his first but it was quickly erased by Mannum’s Adam Hockey.

With the breeze at their back, Meningie was able to reduce the margin to 13 points at half time with Josh Benbow booting three goals for the term. It was to be slim pickings for Mannum as after half time, the Roos were to only add three points for the rest of the game. Meningie’s defence stifled every attack from Mannum as the visitors were able to boot two goals to gain a slender two point lead with a quarter remaining. With the game on the line, Mannum simply did not show any form of resistance as Meningie booted three more goals to keep their chances of finals alive.  

At Jervois, both defenses went missing as Mypolonga won a high-scoring shootout, winning by 45 points. A total of 44 goals were scored with 34 of these scored at the river end of Jervois Oval but the big difference was 12 goals by Mypolonga in the third term. With the wind in the first quarter, Mypolonga went about utilizing it, outscoring Jervois seven goals to one. Jervois wasted the few opportunities they had up forward and goals to Brad Martin and Kieran Jaensch gave their side a 35 point quarter time lead. The game was destined to be determined by who could use the breeze better or who could score kicking into the wind. Mypolonga were able to keep their noses in front with three goals into the breeze as the Tigers held an eight point lead. The third term saw Mypolonga put the game out of reach with a one sided display of 12 goals to three. Mypolonga had goalkickers everywhere with Martin being the focal point up forward but having great contributions from Simon Norris, Caine Lynn, Kieran Jaensch and Brett White. The 63 point lead was too bigger deficit for Jervois as they were unable to close the gap, even booting seven goals in the final term. By the end of the game, Martin had finished with eight goals with Norris and Lynn ending up with four. At the other end, Jervois’ Sam Braidwood was the main star with seven goals with Shane Sterzel booting three. 

Ramblers have kept up the pressure on Imperials with a 75 point flogging over Tailem Bend. From start to finish Ramblers was never troubled and the margin would have been greater if not for their inaccuracy in front of goals. By games end, Ramblers had had 30 more shots at goal but should have headed along the freeway with a three-figure win. Tailem Bend were able to stay with the reigning premiers for half a game but lacked the gun players to make an impact and put pressure on Ramblers. Again the bigger bodies of Ramblers proved to play a role with Adam Jackson and Clint Girardi proving influential throughout the match. Ramblers were able to extend their margin at every change as the O’Neil brothers were able to find plenty of the ball on the small ground. Tailem Bend’s problem all year has been up forward and again it showed with Laurie Rankine and Jason Marks being the only multiple goal scorers. Best for Ramblers was Patrick and Liam O’Neil, Adam Jackson and Ryan Viney whilst Girardi ended up with five goals.

For Tailem Bend, Damian Raidis, Darren Buckingham and Dylan Hogarth were named in their best and the loss now puts the Eagles in a three-way log jam with Meningie and Mypolonga for the final spot in the top five. 

Round 13 - July 11, 2009

Meningie    0.0   4.3   6.7   9.8 62

Mannum     4.3   6.4   6.5   6.7 43 

Best - Meningie: R Cunneen, J Robinson A Barker, R Payne, C O'Hara. Mannum: S Harte J Maloney, M Mueller, Z Bullard, B Wakefield Goals - Meningie: J Benbow, J Robinson 3 R Cunneen, R Mallard, N Wright. Mannum: C Waterhouse, A Hockey 2. S Thiele, Z Bullard

Mypolonga  7.3  10.5  22.6  26.7   163

Jervois          1.4   8.9    11.9  18.10 118 

Best - Mypolonga: B While. C Lynn, K Jaensch, S Norris, B Martin. Jervois: S Braidwood, J Lyons, T Robinson, S Mahony, M Tomlinson. Goals - Mypolonga: B Martin 8, S Norris, C Lynn 4, K Jaensch, B White 3, J Coulter, S Meneghetti, S Davis. Jervois: S Braidwood 7, S Sterzl 3, T Rigney, R Schmidtt 2, R McCulloch, C Braun, WHutchinson, T Burkett.

Ramblers       3.4   7.8   12.19  17.27 129

Tailem Bend 2.3   4.4   6.6       8.6     54 

 Best Ramblers: P O'Niel, A Jackson, R Viney, J Sykes, G Stevens. Tailem Bend: D Raidis, D Buckingham, D Hogarth, M Krueger, R Burling. Goals - Ramblers: C Girardi, P O'Neil 5, A Jackson, J Weyland, J Sykes 2, L O'Neil. Tailem Bend: L Rankine 3. J Marks 2, D Hogarth, B Klienig, Josh Linde.

By Brendan Shakes

Imperials depth was tested once again and even with a mounting injury list, still came out on top with a 71 point victory over Tailem Bend. A seven goal to two opening term put the game on ice early as Imperials kept up their regular ‘fast starts’. The skills of Imperials were far superior to Tailem Bend as the Eagles could not utilize the dominance of ruckman Patrick Gabb. After five unanswered goals to Imperials, Tailem’s Darren Buckingham was able to stop the rot momentarily but a late response by Matthew Gogel gave his side a 33 point lead at quarter time. With the small breeze at their back, Tailem Bend’s Dylan Hogarth tried to fire up his team and it seemed to work as his side won the quarter on the scoreboard. The Eagles could have put more pressure on Imperials if it were not for the inaccurate goal kicking. A lapse of concentration from Gogel gifted Buckingham his second goal another mistake in defence from Imperials gave former blue Michael Sumner his first for the match.
The margin should have been less than the 23 points it was at half time but Imperials held strong with Jamie Honnor holding down the fort. After half time, Tailem simply did not leave the change rooms as they failed to score a goal and effectively kill off the match. O’Brien again was in the action bobbing up for an early goal and Kowald, who had two goals at the main break, broke away from his opponent bringing his tally up to five by the end of the term. Imperials Ben Quast, who had struggled in the first half was sent back to his customary position in defence and immediately made an impact with his rebound. With the deficit beyond ten goals, the final quarter saw Tailem put up a resistance and make sure the margin did not blow out. Imperials midfield ran over the top of Tailem as Girdham and the Kenny brothers found plenty of the ball and were named in the best players. For Tailem Bend, they were able to match it with Imperials for two quarters but simply did not have enough contributors on the park.
Down at Meningie, the home side has upstaged Mypolonga by 24 points to keep their slim finals chances alive. Mypolonga were able to stay with Meningie for most of the match but a three-goal burst at the start of the final term, put the match beyond reach. Early on both teams were neck and neck with neither side able to gain the ascendency. Both sides were working hard out of the middle, making for an interesting and even game but Meningie were able to get a mini break, leading by four points at quarter time. Mypolonga were able to overturn the deficit midway through the second and when Meningie’s Josh Benbow was sent off with a yellow card, the visitors had the momentum. Trailing by three points at the main break, Meningie wrestled back the lead with Ryan Mallard kicking his third goal for the game. Meningie were more desperate at the football and they continued their offensive pressure to build a 15 point lead at quarter time. With the game on the line, Mypolonga were put under the pump with Josh Benbow, Zac Treloar and Mallard all kicked early goals. Mypolonga tried to bring back the deficit with goals to Brad Martin and Caine Lynn but it was all too late as Meningie won its second win of the year. Best for Meningie was Chad Thorpe. Ryan Cunneen and Wade Eatts whilst Mypolonga’s better players were Brett White, Luke Chadwick and Heath Clasholm.
In one of the biggest upsets of the year, Jervois has upstaged Ramblers at Le Messurier by 46 points. After quarter time Jervois were never headed as Ramblers, who were missing some key midfielders, could not win the battle in the middle. Jervois’ Trevor Rigney was influential up forward booting six goals for the match with solid contributions from Sam Braidwood and Shane Sterzel who finished with three and two majors respectively. After trailing by seven points at the first break, Jervois proceeded to dominate the midfield with Tyler Robinson and Peter Zarantonello running riot.
With a 15 point lead at half time, Jervois continued to dominate the game, outscoring the reigning premiers nine goals to six. Rigney dominance was affecting the game as Ramblers had no answers to the mercurial forward. Again Jervois outscored Ramblers and extended their lead to 27 points at three quarter time. All the efforts made by Ramblers were all in vein as Jervois ran away in the final quarter to secure an impressive victory.
Best for Jervois was Tyler Robinson, Trevor Rigney and Brad Schmidt with solid contributions from Sam Mahony and Zarantonello. For Ramblers, the loss puts them two games behind Imperials in the race for the minor premiership but had solid efforts from Jarryd Weyland, Daniel Zadow and Sam Pfeiffer.

Round 12 - July 4, 2009
MENINGIE       3-5 6-7 10-9 13-13(91)
MYPOLONGA 3-1 7-4 8-6 10-7(67)

BEST Meningie: C.Thorpe, R.Cunneen, W.Eatts, J.Robinson , P.Reichelt. Mypolonga: C.Lynn, B.White, L.Chadwick, H.Clasholm, J.Coulter. GOALS Meningie: R.Mallard 4, J.Robinson 3, J.Benbow 3, Z.Treloar 2, D.Rossi 1. Mypolonga: J.Coulter 3, B.Martin 3, C.Lynn 3, N.Bolt 1
JERVOIS       2-1 6-5 10-7 15-16(106)
RAMBLERS 3-2 4-2   6-4     9-6(60)

BEST Jervois: T.Robinson, T.Rigney, B.Schmidt, S.Mahony, P.Zarantonello. Ramblers: J.Weyland, D.Zadow, S.Pfieffer, G.Stevens, A.Jackson. GOALS Jervois: T.Rigney 6, S.Braidwood 3, S.Sterzl 2, T.Burkett 1, T.Robinson 1, W.Hutchesson 1, S.Braun 1. Ramblers: C.Girardi 3, L.McIntyre 2, A.Jackson 1, T.Cowland 1, A.Gollan 1, J.Sykes 1
IMPERIALS       7-4 10-6 16-14 22-17(149)
TAILEM BEND 2-1 6-7    6-8     11-12(78)

BEST Imperials: D.Girdham, B.Kenny, J.Honnor, L.Harrowfield, Z.Kenny. Tailem Bend: B.Bell, D.Raidis, C.Aspel, D.Hogarth, P.Gabb. GOALS Imperials: S.O’Brien 5, M.Kowald 5, A.Temby 3, D.Girdham 2, J.Hollitt 2, L.Harrowfield 1, M.Gogel, Z.Kenny 1, J.Puiatti 1, T.Hines 1
Tailem Bend: D.Hogarth 3, D.Buckingham 2, M.Sumner 2, J.Marks 2, L.Rankine 1, T.Downs 1

Bluds Claim Lokan Cup in Shootout - a review of June 27 matches
By Brendan Shakes

At Tailem Bend, Jervois won the shootout against the home side by 12 points to retain the Lokan Cup. With the end result of the match having a bearing on the final spots in the five, a victory was crucial for both sides. Attacking football was the name of the game for Jervois as the Bluds slammed six goals without reply in the first 15 minutes to blow the game apart. Livewire Trevor Rigney was in the goal score’s sheet early as well as Sam Braidwood and their fast start helped Jervois out to a 22 point quarter time lead. The game was a see-sawing affair as after the early dominance of Jervois, Tailem Bend was able to close the gap with four unanswered goals of their own. Tailem threw everything at Jervois but Rigney and James Lyon had all the answers and even a late to Tailem’s Daniel Gregory still gave Jervois a handy 14 point lead. After half time, both defenses went to sleep as 13 goals were scored in the third term and 12 in the final quarter. The game continued to be played in bursts as Jervois initially got the early breakaway only for Tailem to come back into the game. Gregory again proved to be influential as his second goal, deep into time on, closed the margin to seven points at the final break. With both teams playing for finals football, both teams were desperate and Tailem got their noses in front for the first time in the game with early goals to Lawrie Rankine and Ben Hansen. However, the experience of Jervois proved to be telling as Shane Sterzel was the difference, as his three goals in five minutes were telling in helping the Bluds capture fourth spot on the ladder.
Ramblers have continued their red hot form that saw them crowned as premiers last year with an impressive 81 point victory of Meningie. The win could have been more if not for the inaccuracy of Ramblers as they had 45 shots at goal to Meningie’s 20. The opening term was one Meningie would not store in the memory bank as they were held to two behinds whilst Ramblers slammed on five. Meningie had no answers to onslaught as the bigger bodies of Ramblers forwards continued to wreak havoc for the entire match. Trailing by 34 points at quarter time, Meningie matched it with the reigning premiers in the second term but were fortunate of Ramblers poor goal kicking. Meningie came out of the huddle reinvigorated and Ryan Mallard stepped up to boot all three of their goals in the quarter to retain some confidence. Ramblers young ruckman of Matt Altmann, Alex Mason and Mark Rumbelow were causing headaches as repeatedly, they gave first use to their on-ballers and by half time had helped their side to a seven goal lead. If percentage was to play a part for the finals later this year Ramblers could mark this as the game that got away as for the third consecutive quarter, they kicked more points than goals. As much as the Meningie defence was struggling so was the accuracy of the forward line of Ramblers.
Even with an 11 goal lead heading into the final term, Ramblers did not take their foot off the gas, as they were able to boot another six goals to cap off a very good match.
Two weeks ago, many pundits thought who could possibly challenge Imperials for the flag this year but injuries and form has seen them drop their second game in as many weeks with Mannum defeating the Blues by 44 points. After seeing Ramblers break their undefeated tag the previous week, again Imperials had to listen to their opponent’s song with Mannum simply playing better football. The first term saw Imperials show why they have been the team to beat as they kicked seven goals to two to open up an early margin. The things that they had been doing all year were for all to see at Mannum, as they running and sublime skills gave them a 32 point lead after the first quarter. From then on, Imperials were only able to kick three goals for the rest of the game whilst Mannum went about dominating the match. Mannum need a spark and a few clashes around the ground seemed to be what they needed as they reduced the deficit to nine points at half time. The next two quarters were dominated by Mannum as in both they kicked five goals to one, to rip apart the confidence of Imperials. These two losses now have given sides the confidence to tackle Imperials head on and favouritism is now wide open. Best for Mannum was their middle with ruckman Brad Wakefield joining Mark Mueller, Josh Rosenzweig and Justin Maloney in the best with forward Clive Waterhouse ending up booting four goals for the match. For Imperials, their better players were Tyson Wait and Daniel Girdham in the middle with Ryan Eyre and Ben Quast providing good rebound out of defence.

Round 11
- June 27, 2009

Mannum       2.1 7.2 12.5 17.10 112
Imperials      7.3 8.5 9.8 10.8 68

Best - Mannum: B Wakefield. J Rosensweigh, M Mueller, S Harte, C Rudiger. Imperials: T Wait, B Quast, R Eyre, D Girdham, M Gogel. Goals - Mannum: C Waterhouse 4, T Boughen 3, L Krause 2, J Rosenzweig, A Warnest, Z Bullard, S Theile, P Sarno, D Walker, A Hockey. Imperials: L Harrowfield 3, M Gogel, M Kowald, T Wait, S O'Brien, S Day, D Girdham, B Kenny.

Ramblers       5.6 9.12 13.21 19.26 140
Meningie       0.2 3.6     4.7      8.11 59

Best - Ramblers: A Jackson, M Thompson, J Weyland, P Q'Niel, L MacIntyre. Meningie: Z Treloar, R Payne, R Mallard, N Wright, C Thope. Goals - Ramblers: R Viney 6, C Girardi 5. M Thompson, J Sykes, L Macintyre, P Q'Niel, T Pfeiffer, M Mundy. Meningie: R Mallard 4, J Robinson 2, A Gunneen, J Renbow.

Jervois              6.3 9.9 15.11   21.16 142
Tailem Bend 2.3 7.7 14.10 20.10 130

Best - Jervois: S Sterzl, S Braidwood, W Hutchinson, B Wells, M Tomlinson. Tailem Bend: D Raidis, D Gregory, Jarrod Linde, D Hogarth, M Vickers. Goals - Jervois: S Sterzl 4, M Chesso, T Rigney, S Braidwood 3, B Schmidt, J Lyon 2, B Wells, C Braun, T Burkett, W Hutchinson. Tailem Bend: L Rankine, B Hasen 4, D Gregory, B Bell, D Hogarth 2, M Sumner, P Lynch, D Buckingham, D Williams, C Aspel, B Miller.

Roosters Romp against Imperials By Brendan Shakes 

Traditional rivals Imperials and Ramblers continued their fiery rivalry at Le Messurier Oval, with the home side upsetting the ladder leaders, winning by 18 points. Imperials went into the match missing numerous key players with Henry Hodge, Matthew Seyers, Ryan Edwards and Ben Quast all not in action. Even with Imperials depth proving the against Mypolonga, it was Ramblers second tier players that got the job done.  Heading into the first change trailing by 11 points, Imperials responded with a seven goal term.  Shaun O’Brien booted the first goal for Imperials and after two quick goals to Ramblers, Imperials piled on six unanswered goals to head into half time with a three goal buffer. The tables were reversed in the third quarter with Ramblers wrestling back the lead with an eight goal quarter of their own. Both Liam and Patrick O’Neil were running amok in the midfield and Liam was able to strike a crucial blow when he received two goals for the price of one, courtesy of an undisciplined Roger Puckeridge.  These two majors were on the three-quarter time siren and were enough to get Ramblers’ tails up, heading into the final term. After trailing by as much as 31 points midway through the quarter, Imperials slammed three unanswered goals before another undisciplined act by Puckeridge gifted Ramblers a much needed goal.

Best for Ramblers was Liam O’Neil with five goals, Sam Pfeiffer, who played a pivotal roll down back and ruckman Alex Mason. Imperials best were Tyson Wait, Boyd and Zeb Kenny and Jason Puatti. 

Jervois have cemented their spot in the top rive with a 23 point win over a persistent Meningie. It took until the third term for Jervois to get on top of their opponents as the Bears continued their good run of form. The first half saw both defenses hold strong with Jervois’ Steven Braun patrolling the backline like a sheriff. Meningie were playing fierce, contested football with midfielders Dean Rossi and Evan Smith at the bottom of every pack.

The game might not have been pretty but the commitment of the players throwing their bodies into the contest made the chance of winning even more rewarding. Both teams were neck and neck for the first two terms with Meningie holding a slender four point lead at half time. After half time, Jervois and forward Trevor Rigney kicked it up a notch as they booted five unanswered goals in time on of the third quarter. Rigney finally broke hold of his opponent kicking three goals for the term as his side went in with a 20 point lead. The final term saw Meningie give everything they got but Braun and the Jervois defence held strong to help register their fourth win of the season. Best for Jervois was Braun, Brock Wells and Trevor Rigney, who finished up kicking six goals. For Meningie, their best were Smith, Chad Thorpe and Michael Arbon. 

An eleven goal opening term by Mannum has continued to pile on the misery for the struggling Mypolonga Tigers, with Mannum eventually winning by 96 points. The opening term was something to behold as Mannum could do nothing wrong and by quarter time had built a match-winning 64 point lead. It was one-way traffic as Mypolonga’s Brett Davis kicked his side’s only goal for the quarter. Mannum’s Clive Waterhouse was continually being fed the ball and rewarded his teammates with three goals in the first term. The second and third terms saw Mypolonga match it with Mannum but still trailed by 69 points at the main break and 85 points at the final change. Mannum had winners all over the park and with the magical three figure lead within reach, pressed on however falling agonizingly short. It was a day to forget for Mypolonga and the losses keeps them a game outside the top five and only a win off the bottom of the ladder. Waterhouse ended with nine goals and ended up being in the best as well as Brad Wakefield, Mark Mueller and Justin Maloney. Mypolonga had few winners by James Pedler was by far their best and Kieran Jaensch and Brett White contributed well.


Ramblers 4.4 6.7 14.8 18.12 120

Imperials 2.5 9.7 11.8 15.12 102 

Best: Ramblers: L O’Neil, A Jackson, J Weyland, S Pfeffier. Imperials: T Wait, B Kenny, J Puatti, R Eyre, Z Kenny .

Goals: Ramblers: L O’Neil 5, A Jackson 4, P O’Neil, C Girardi 3, R Viney, A Mason, T Cowland. Imperials: L Harrowfield 4, S O’Brien, B Kenny 3, S Reddin, A Temby, Z Kenny, T Lienert, M Gogel 
Jervois     3.2 5.6 10.8 12.12 84

Meningie 3.3 6.4 7.6       9.7 61 

Best: Jervois: S Braun, T Rigney, B Wells, T Burkett. Meningie: E Smith, D Rossi, C Thorpe, M Arbon.  

Goals: Jervois: T Rigney 6, S Braidwood 2, B Wells, T Robinson, C Braun, S Sterzel. Meningie: D Rossi, J Robinson 2, A Cunneen, R Payne, R Mallard, E Smith, P Reichelt 
Mannum    11.4 13.10 17.15 23.16 154

Mypolonga 1.0   3.1      6.2     9.4 58 

Best: Mannum: M Mueller, C Waterhouse, J Maloney, B Wakefield. Mypolonga: J Pedler, K Jaensch, B White, L Chadwick 

Goals: Mannum: C Waterhouse 9, T Boughen, A Hockey, P Sarno, B Quinn, D Walker 2, M Mueller, L Krause, M O’Malley, J Rosenzweig

Mypolonga: K Jaensch, B Martin, N Bolt 2, C Lynn, B Jaensch

Round 9 - June 13, 2009

Meningie breaks its Drought By Brendan Shakes

Meningie has won its first match in almost two years with an upset 73 point victory over Tailem Bend. Played in blustery conditions down at the lake, Meningie’s superb four-quarter effort has shaken up Tailem Bend’s chances of playing finals football. The opening term saw Meningie play an attacking style of football and if it had been a stronger team, the game would have been over. Sixteen shots at goal to three set the tone for the match as Meningie was simply hungrier at the ball. Meningie’s forward line looked a real threat with Josh Benbow given plenty of opportunities to capitalise on the good grunt work from his midfielders. Dean Rossi and Tim Saddlier were the dominant midfielders for Meningie and three Benbow goals extended the margin to 42 points at the main break. Any resistance to the onslaught by Meningie was minimal as Tailem’s only goal came in time on when Michael Sumner popped through his third. Meningie had kept a side that averages 85 points a game to just five goals after three quarters and this was thanks to Michael Arbon and Chris Lawson. Leading by eight goals after the final change, Meningie went about the demolition, compounding Tailem to its fifth loss. By the end of the match Benbow had kicked six goals whilst Ryan Mallard and Greg Saddlier booted two a piece.

At Johnstone Park, Imperials kept their undefeated season intact with a dominant 48 point win over Mypolonga. Early on, Mypolonga were able to use their bigger bodies against an under strength Imperials to gain the upper edge. Imperials, which were missing numerous key players, were forced to bring up young reserves and the early intensity caught them out. Mypolonga’s Brad Martin was causing his opponent, Ben Quast, some problems as two goals in the first quarter gave his side a 12 point lead. From then on, Imperials were never troubled as two unlikely forwards bobbed up to provide some goal scoring options. The main difference between the sides was the skills as Imperials players such as Ryan Eyre and the Kenny brothers were playing as if it was dry weather conditions.

After half time, Imperials other avenue to goal was Shaun O’Brien.  With three goals to half time, O’Brien was continually presenting up forward and along with Kowald was giving options for his teams’ midfielders. With a 35 point lead heading into the final quarter, Imperials kept up the intensity that has seen them as the front runners for this year’s premiership.

As the lights were turned on, Imperials kicked a superb coast-to-coast goal that was finished off by Daniel Girdham. Imperials could do no wrong as apart from Martin, there was no resistance to the onslaught. Martin ended up with six goals but Imperials had Harrowfield who finished with six and O’Brien and Kowald who both kicked five. It took until the final quarter for Mannum to get on top of Jervois but a six goal fourth quarter gave the Roos, a comfortable 43 point win.

With the breeze at their back, Jervois’ Sam Braidwood took full advantage with a booming goal from beyond the paint. E ven with the wind and Trevor Rigney up forward, Jervois ended up trailing by 10 points at quarter time.

The second and third quarters were tightly contested as Jervois kept with the home side to trail by three and 11 points each of the breaks. The final quarter saw Mannum kick it up a notch, playing an inspirational style of football that saw their braveness pay off.

Jervois, although disappointing in the last term would have been pleased to match it with one of the top sides of the competition this year.

Trevor Rigney finished up with five goals to be the games leading goal kicker but played alone up forward as he was Jervois’ only multiple goal scorer.

Best for Mannum was Ben Quinn, Mark Mueller and Todd Boughen whilst for Jervois, their best were Steven Braun down back, Sam Braidwood and Wade Hutchinson.

Mannum              4.4            7.6            11.10        17.13        115

Jervois                  3.0            7.3            10.5          11.6          72

Best:  Mannum:    B Quinn, M Mueller, T Boughen, J Maloney. Jervois:   S Braun, S Braidwood, W Hutchinson, S Mahony. Goals:Mannum: T Boughen, C Waterhouse, P Sarno 3, B Quinn, L Krause, A Hockey 2, J Maloney, Z Bullard. Jervois:   T Rigney 5, S Mahony, B Schmidt 2, S Sterzel, S Braidwood

Imperials             1.3            8.8            14.15        18.19        127

Mypolonga           3.3            6.4            10.4          12.7          79


Imperials:              R Eyre, B Kenny, D Girdham, T Wait

Mypolonga:            B Martin, B White, J Pedler, L Chadwick


Imperials:              L Harrowfield 6, S O’Brien, M Kowald 5, B Kenny, D Girdham

Mypolonga:            B Martin 6, P Anastasiou, B Davids, S Meneghetti, J Pedler, J Coulter, K Jaensch, C Lynn


Meningie:             5.11          9.14          11.16        15.20       120

Tailem Bend:     2.1            4.2            5.4            7.5            47

Best: Meningie:      D Rossi, T Saddlier, J Benbow, M Arbon

Tailem Bend:         A Coombe, J Linde, M Sumner, J Schultz


Meningie:               J Benbow 6, R Mallard, G Saddlier 2, B Gibbs, J Payne, E Smith, J Robinson, D Rossi

Tailem Bend:         M Sumner 3, B Bell, D Hogarth, J Marks, J Linde

Nine from Waterhouse seals Mannum win By Brendan Shakes

Nine goals from forward Clive Waterhouse has seen Mannum leapfrog Tailem Bend to third place on the ladder with a 43 point win.

Played at Tailem Bend, the home side built an early two goal lead with both goals going to roving midfielder Dylan Hogarth.

In the middle, Tailem were dominating with ruckman Pat Gabb tapping the ball to advantage as well as contesting well around the small ground but went into the first break down by seven points. The second term was again a tight tussle with both sides only dominating in patches.

Waterhouse was beginning to warm up with an early goal and his teammates began to use him more as he was clearly going to be the difference in the match. Even with the forward matchups, Mannum’s lead was only 22 points at the main break however came out with a six-goal third term to open up the game. They began the quarter with high intensity and were rewarded as Aaron Hockey and Waterhouse extended their team’s margin to 46 points.

To Tailem Bend’s credit they were able to keep the match from becoming a blowout, winning the final quarter and gaining some positives from the match. Best for Mannum was Danny Walker, Waterhouse and Michael Rander whilst Tailem’s better players were Rick Berling, Hogarth and Jarryd Linde.

At Jervois, what was once a highly anticipated match turned out to be a one-sided dominance as Imperials piled on the misery, defeating Jervois by 82 points. After trailing by one point at quarter time, Imperials stepped it up a notch and never looked back as Jervois could only watch at the Blues dominance around the park. Jervois’ Trevor Rigney booted two goals in the second term to help stem the barrage that was Imperials but by the end of the match he had kicked half of his team’s goals. Five goals in the second term helped Imperials turn around the deficit into a three-goal lead however after the main break, things got catastrophic for Jervois. Four points is all they could manage for an entire half but even with the pressure by Imperials, their 2.8 in front of goals, gave a small glimmer of hope to Jervois. Even so, Jervois persisted with flooding their backline and giving up any chance of victory as Imperials found ways through with seven final-quarter goals. Best for Imperials was Ash Temby who finished with five goals, Ryan Edwards and D Girdham whilst Jervois’ best were Michael Tomlinson, Steven Braun and Wade Hutchinson.

The Mypolonga Tigers have broken through for their second win of the season and keep their chances of finals football alive with an upset 22 point win over Ramblers. Played in good conditions at Mypolonga, both teams were hot out of the blocks with early chances going to both sides before Mypolonga’s Josh Coulter booted the opening goal of the game. The first half was evenly contested with the margin being seven points at quarter and half time. Both sides were attacking the ball and occasionally the man hard and scoring was soon becoming a premium.

With the margin of seven points at the main break, Mypolonga came out booting six goals to two to add some separation to the teams.

Coulter was a problem up forward and midfielders Kieran Jaensch and Scott Meneghetti were in the form that has seen them push for association call ups. Missing a number of key players proved to hamper Ramblers as they trailed by 32 points with a quarter remaining.

The final term was again closely contested with Ramblers able to close the margin and if they had kicked a lot straighter, the game could have become more interesting. Best for Mypolonga was Jaensch, Meneghetti and captain James Pedler whilst Ramblers best were Daniel Zadow and the O’Neil brothers.

May 30, 2009 - Round 8

Mannum              4.4            7.9            13.12        17.17        (119)

Tailem Bend       3.3            4.7            6.11          11.10        (76)

Best - Mannum: D Walker, C Waterhouse, M Randea, T Boughen, S Harte. Tailern Bend.: R Burling, D Hogarth, J O'Connell, J Schulz, J Linde. Goals Mannum: C Waterhouse 9, A Hockey, Z Bullard 2, D Krollig, L Krause, S Harte, T Boughen. Tailem Bend: M Sumner 4, D Hogarth 2, P O'Connell, D Buckingham, J Schulz, M Vicker, J O'Connell.

Mypolonga           4.4            5.8            11.13        14.16        (100)

Ramblers             3.3            4.7            6.11          10.18        (78)

Best - Mypolonga: K Jaensch, S Meneghetti, J Pedler, N Creaser, M Obom. Ramblers: D Zadow, L O'Niel, M Vason, P O'Niel, T Matthews. Goals - Mypolonga: J Coulter 5, N Bolt 3, C Lynn 2, B Martin, K Jaensch, P Anastasiou, T McAlister. Ramblers: A Jackson 3, T Cowland 2, C Weyland, T Matthews, T Pfeiffer, L O'Niel, J Sykes

Imperials:           1.2            6.9            8.17          15.23        (113)

Jervois                  1.3            4.3            4.4            4.7            (31)

Imperials Best: B Kenny, R Edwards, Z Kenny, D Girdham, A Temby. Jervois – M Tomlinson, S Braun, W Hutchinson, S Braidwood, S Mahony. Goalkickers: A Temby 5, C Wingard 3, S Day, R Eyre 2, S Redden, B Harrowfield, Z Kenny 1. Jervois – T Rigney 2, S Braidwood, S Sterzl

Eagles Fly High By Brendan Shakes

Tailem Bend has continued the misery for Mypolonga, maintaining their spot in the top five with a comfortable 38 point victory. Played out at Tailem Bend, the home side got off to a quick start and with the aid of the breeze was able to maintain a stranglehold on the match. Tailem ruckman Patrick Gabb was dominant in the centre and was able to venture forward to kick a goal and extend his side’s lead to 22 points at quarter time. Mypolonga were able to get themselves back in the match with quick goals to Brad Martin, Nathan Creaser and Josh Coulter. With their margin evaporated, Tailem were able to gain back their lead with back to back goals to bring the margin back out to three goals.

The competitiveness of the match was fierce and both teams could not wait to hear the half time siren.

Both teams went on the attack after the main break, with Tailem outscoring the visitors six goals to four. Mypolonga were still in the match after Tailem were unable to put the game beyond doubt however were matched by the Eagles in the final quarter. Two quick goals by Mypolonga closed the margin but Tailem Bend’s Michael Sumner sealed the match at the start of time on to assure victory.

 At Meningie, a rampant second quarter helped Imperials demolish Meningie by 106 points.

Things did not look well for the visitors as Meningie was in front for a quarter and a half but ten goals in the second and nine in the final quarter proved to be the difference. Trailing by ten points at quarter time, Imperials went on the attack and showed why they are one of the best teams in the league. Imperials Daniel Girdham, Tyson Wait and Henry Hodge were running rings around Meningie’s midfield and up forward Luke Harrowfield was just as dominant. What was a ten point deficit turned into a 40 point lead and all of a sudden, Meningie were on the back foot.

After the main break, Meningie were unable to use the breeze effectively as Imperials worked the ball into the wind and extended their half time margin. The final quarter saw Imperials blow the game apart with nine goals as the margin did not fit the result. Imperials had 11 goal kickers in total with Luke Harrowfield booting nine and Tyson Wait three. Best for Imperials was Girdham, Wait and Harrowfield whilst Meningie’s best was Dean Rossi, Evan Smith and Ben Gibbs.

 In Murray Bridge, Ramblers made the most of their opportunities, defeating Mannum by 41 points.

Ramblers began the game in red hot form as they on-ball pressure as well as their power forwards helped gain a big lead. Ramblers Mark Rumbelow was moved up forward and booted four first-quarter goals to help his side build a 32 point lead. From then on, Mannum was able to match it with the home side but their inaccuracy in front of goal proved to be their downfall. Even though they were able to hold Ramblers goalless, their 2.7 return was not the reward that they deserved heading into half time. The third term was a tight tussle with Mannum keeping them in the game.

After Rumbelow’s first quarter dominance, Adam Jackson was then their go to man and his third quarter effort was crucial as his two goals helped his side maintain a 26 point lead, heading into the final quarter. A six goal last quarter from Ramblers, into the breeze, effectively killed off the match and gave an ominous sign to the rest of the competition. Best for Ramblers was Sam Pfeiffer, Daniel Zadow and Patrick O’Neil whilst Mannum’s best was Andrew Smithson, Shaune Harte and Zac Bullard.

Round 7 - May 23, 2009

Tailem Bend       5.5            7.9            13.15        17.16        (118)

Mypolonga           2.1            5.4            9.4            12.8          (80)

Best - Tailem Bend: B Bell, D Hogarth, M Sumner, D Raidis, L Rankine. Mypolonga: B White, K Jaensch, B Martin, S Meneghetty, J Coulter. Goals _ Tailem Bend: M Sumner 4, L Rankine, B Bell 3, S Comer, B Hansen 2, P Gabb, J Marks, D Williams Mypolonga: B Martin 6, B Jaensch 2, N Creaser, J Coulter, P Pedler, J Oxborrow.

Ramblers             7.4            7.6            10.11        16.11        (107)

Mannum              2.2            4.9            6.9            9.12          (66)

Best - Ramblers: S Pfeiffer D Zadow, P O'Niel, L O'Niel, A Jackson. Mannum A Smithson, S Harte, Z Bullard, J Rosensweig, B Quinn. Goals - Ramblers: A Jackson 6, M Rumbelow 4, L O'Niel 3, R Viney 2, P O'Niel. Mannum: B Quinn 2, J Allen, B Wakefield, A Hockey, Z Bullard, P Sarno, D Walker, J Rosenzweig.

Imperials             3.1            13.3          16.7          25.12        (162)

Meningie              4.5            6.5            7.6            8.8            (56)

Best - Imperials: D Girdham T Waite, L Harrowfield, H Hodge, B Kenny. Meningie D Rossi, E Smith, B Gibbs, A Cunneen, W Eatts. Goals - Imperials: L Harrowfield 9, T Waite 3, D Girdham M Seyers, B Kenny, S O'Brien 2, C Wingard, B Harrowfield, H Hodge, M Kowald, R Eyre. Meningie - R Mallard 4, S Ferenci 2, J Benbow, D Ross.

Bluds in Thriller  By Brendan Shakes

Jervois continued to pile on the misery for last years Grand finalists, Mypolonga, with a tight one-point win. Played out in Mypolonga, Jervois started well early with Trevor Rigney causing early headaches with an early goal for the Bluds.  Kicking with the wind, Jervois applied more pressure than Mypolonga and were rewarded with a strong 26 point lead at the quarter time. The second term belonged to Mypolonga with a commanding eight goal to four effort that brought them back into the match. Mypolonga’s Nathan Creaser was damaging for the Tigers with three goals for the quarter and along with his fellow midfielders, they cut the deficit back to four points at the main break. From half time, neither side could be split as both teams went goal for goal. With Jervois holding onto a one point lead with a quarter remaining, the spectators were treated to a fantastic match. Mypolonga’s Brad Martin booted the first goal of the final term with a strong mark and helped put his side in front. Jervois were quick to reply with Rigney again found himself in the right spot at the right time and when Shane Sterzel booted his sixth, the game seemed over. However, Mypolonga were not done with yet as Martin again kicked truly to bring the margin back to two points. Mypolonga’s Scott Meneghetti had the chance to be the hero but his shot just missed and moments later the siren went, to signal the heartache for the Tigers. Best for Jervois was Wade Hutchinson, Sterzel and Russell Jarvis whilst Mypolonga’s best were Josh Coulter, Creaser and Meneghetti.

At Le Messurier Oval, not even a persistent effort could stop Ramblers pushing aside Tailem Bend with the home side winning by 28 points. Leading at every change, Ramblers hard running midfielders proved to be the difference between the sides as Troy Cowland and Patrick O’Neil gained plenty of the ball and used it to their advantage. With the breeze at their back, inaccurate goal kicking cost Ramblers early and this kept Tailem Bend in the match. Trailing by two goals at the first change Tailem responded to the onslaught, pressurizing Ramblers into making critical mistakes but the Eagles could not put this pressure on the scoreboard. Up forward, Jason Marks was making an impact and after kicking his first goal in the opening quarter, Marks was able to register his second midway through the term. With key players out Ramblers resorted to a makeshift forward in Jarrod Sykes and the regular back man was up to the task with three first-half goals.  Ramblers were able to keep their noses in front for the entire match with Tailem not being able to get those crucial consecutive goals. With an 11 point lead heading into the third term, Ramblers inaccuracy cost them from putting the match beyond doubt. Ramblers defence was holding strong with Daniel Zadow holding the fort down back whilst at the other end Tailem Bend’s Beau Miller was playing his part in the game. The final quarter was evenly fought with neither side able to gain the ascendency.

By the final siren, Coach Matthew Dent and his Eagles side could be satisfied that they could match it with the reigning premiers.

Best for Ramblers was Cowland, Zadow and Sykes who finished with four goals whilst Tailem Bend’s best were Tony Lynch, Brad Bell and Miller.

At Meningie, a rampaging final quarter comeback from Mannum helped the Roos to a stunning seven-point win. Eight goals in the final term saw Mannum come back from a 28 point deficit to drive back up the Coorong with the premiership points. Mannum began the game well with an early goal to Ben Quinn as Meningie struggled to find a target up forward. Meningie finally got on the board with Josh Benbow but three late goals to the Roos extending their lead. After quarter time, Meningie came out swinging booting eleven of the next 14 goals.  Mannum had Todd Boughen, Aaron Hockey and Clive Waterhouse boot all their goals for the second and third terms but when Waterhouse was yellow carded midway through the second term, Meningie booted 10 unanswered goals. With a 39 point lead at the final change it was Meningie by how much but to Mannum’s credit they responded to the situation. Waterhouse booted three final-quarter goals and was dominant up forward with Mark Mueller and Brad Wakefield wreaking havoc in the centre square with numerous clearances. Meningie could not find anything up forward as the Mannum defence held tight to help their side come from no where to snatch victory.

Round 6 - May 16, 2009

Mannum 15.17 (107) d Meningie 16.6 (102).

Best- Mannum: B Wakefield, J Maloney, M Mueller, J Croxton, B Quinn. Meningie: D Rossi, R Cunneen, B Gibbs, A Martin, E Smith. Goals - Mannum: C Waterhouse 4, J Crouton 3, A Hockey, P Sarno 2, B Quinn, J Maloney, T Bouchen, C Rudiger. Meningie: J Benbow, C Ferenci 4, R Mallard 3, Z Treloar, A Bettineschi, J Robinson, R Rossi.

Jervois 14.11 (95) d Mypolonga 14.10 (94).

Best - Jervois: W Hutchinson, R Jams. Mypolonga: J Coulter, N Creaser. Goals - Jervois: S Sterzi 6, T Rigney 4, D Dugan 2, S Mahony, M Brion. Mypolonga: B Martin 4, N Creaser 3, C Lynn, K Jaensch 2, J Coulter, M Oxborrow, J Freestone.

Ramblers 15.15 (105) d Tailem Bend 11.11 (77).

Best - Ramblers: T Cowland, D Zadow, J Sykes, T Matthews, P O'Neill. Tailem Bend: T Lynch, B Bell, 8 Miller, M Vickers, D Raidis. Goals - Ramblers: J Sykes 4, A Jackson, T Mathews, L O'Neil, R Irvine 2, R Viney, P O'Neil, B Gogel: Tailem Bend: J Marks 4, B Bell 3, D Raidis, L Rankine, D Williams, D Hogarth.

Tigers Secure First Win of the Season  By Brendan Shakes

Mypolonga has recorded its first victory of the year with a commanding 71 point win over lowly Meningie.   Leading from start to finish, Mypolonga began the game with a six-goal to nil first quarter and from there on, they were never headed. Brad Martin booted three goals for Mypolonga in the opening term and along with Caine Lynn set up a seven-goal quarter time lead.

The second quarter saw Meningie try and get themselves back into the match and their persistence won them the term.  Josh Benbow was playing a lone hand up forward for Meningie, as by half-time, he had kicked two of their three goals. After half-time, Mypolonga went about putting the match beyond doubt, slamming home another seven goals to one.  Martin again was in the thick of it with another three goals and Brett White also chimed in with two goals of his own. Meningie simply had no answers to Mypolonga’s Scott Meneghetti and James Pedler, whose dominance in the middle earnt them spots in the best players.  In the final term, Meningie again proved their competitive spirit outscoring Mypolonga three goals to two. The win helps Mypolonga get them off the bottom of the ladder whilst Meningie now fall to the bottom of the cellar.  Best for Mypolonga was Meneghetti, White and Martin who finished up booting nine goals for the match.

At Tailem Bend, visiting side Imperials produced a solid defensive effort as the Blues went on to record a 79 point victory. The win keeps Imperials undefeated season intact and also secures their position as this years favourites to win the flag. Tailem wasted opportunities early in the first quarter and with the amount of shots at goal, should have gone in to the break with a lead. Play was dominated early but a goal against the play by Imperials Daniel Girdham helped Imperials kick into gear. Imperials forwards have been in fine form and they continued it against Tailem Bend as Matt Seyers and Jamie Honnor booted majors and extended the margin to nine points. Honnor and Seyers where in the action early in the second term, again booting goals to extend the margin however Tailem’s Patrick Gabb and Dylan Hogarth kept the margin within reach, only trailing by 17 points at the main break.

After half time, Imperials went up another gear, keeping Tailem Bend to one goal while piling on ten of their own. Quiet in the first half, Imperials Luke Harrowfield booted the first two goals of the half and again Seyers and Honnor found the big sticks as Imperials  margin blew out to seven goals at three-quarter time. The final term saw Imperials wasteful in front of goal and if they were more accurate, the margin could have reached triple figures. On the small ground, Imperials midfielders continually found space as the usual suspects were Henry Hodge, Tyson Wait, Daniel Girdham and Blake Harrowfield. Imperials tall timber was again the focal point, booting 12 of their 17 goals but the bye cannot come quick enough with an ankle injury to Honnor.

In a dominant display out at Jervois, reigning premiers Ramblers piled on the misery for a struggling Jervois side with a 149 point win. From start to finish, Ramblers proved they are still a force to be reckoned with as some of their stars found some good form. The opening term saw Ramblers pile on eight goals to three as Clint Girardi booted four of his sides goals. Ramblers came out to Jervois to play and were relentless at the ball. Their core midfield group of Mark Rumbelow, Liam and Patrick O’Neil and Tyson Matthews ran riot throughout the game as Jervois had no answers to the juggernaut. The second term did not get much better for Jervois as their defence leaked another six goals.  Ramblers Ryan Viney and Troy Cowland were finding plenty of the ball and Viney was providing headaches for Jervois up forward. It did not help for Jervois, with injuries compounded to just 17 fit men and Ramblers took full control booting nine goals and five in the third and final quarters. By the end of the game, Girardi had booted ten goals and Viney six with ruckman Rumbelow, Patrick O’Neil and Adam Jackson also finding their way into the best players. For Jervois, Sam Braidwood booted three goals and James Lyon, Sam Mahony and Ty Burkett all contributed well.

Round 5 - May 9, 2009

Imperials 17.18 (120) d Tailem Bend 5.11 (41).

Best - Imperials H Hodge, B Harrowfield, D Girdham, M Sevens, B Kenny. Tailem Bend - M Vickers, B Bell. T Lynch, E Raidis, M Krueger. Goals - Imperials: M Seyers 6, L Harrowfield 4, J Honner 2, A Temby, B Redden, M Kowald, D Newell, D Girdham. Tailem Bend: D Hogarth, A Gregurke, J Marks, P Gabb, B Bell.

Ramblers 28.23 (191) d Jervois 6.6 (42).

Best - Ramblers: P O'Neil, M Rumbelow, C Glrardi, A Jackson, T Mathews. Jervois: J Lyons, S Mahony, T Burkett, W Hutchinson, S Braun. Goals - Ramblers. C Girardi 10, R Viney 6, L O'Neil, A Jackson. P O'Neil 3, M Vanson, M Rumbelow, R Irvine. Jervois. S Braidwood 3, T Rigney, M Tomlinson, T Burkett.

Mypolonga 18.15 (123) d Meningie 7.10 (52).

Best -- Mypolonga: S Meneghetti, B Martin, B White, J Pedler, C Lynn. Meningie: R Cunneen, Z Treloar, M O'Leary, A Martin, J Benbow. Goals -- Mypolonga - B Martin 9, C Lynn, B White 3, J Coulter, C Wells, P Anastasiou. Meningie: J Benbow 5, Z Treloar, A Barker, A Martin.

Imperials Makes Roadkill Out of Roos     By Brendan Shakes 
Not even former AFL player Clive Waterhouse could save Mannum from a miserable 71 point defeat at the hands of Imperials. A superb ten goals in the second quarter proved to kill off Mannum and the win keeps Imperials on top of the ladder.

With perfect conditions at Johnstone Park, the visitors got off to a steady start with Jarrod Woodward snapping the first goal of the match. Mannum’s skills were up early as their counterparts were wasteful in front of goal, missing numerous chances to build a margin. Imperials red-hot midfielders kept up their form as Tyson Wait and Daniel Girdham racked up plenty of early touches. Two late goals, including one on the siren by Jamie Honnor, gave Imperials a four point lead at the first change.

The second term saw a three pronged attack of Matthew Seyers, Luke Harrowfield and Honnor rip the game out of Mannum’s hands. All three booted three goals for the quarter as Mannum had no answers to Imperials attacking power. At the other end, Waterhouse was having a day he would rather forget as Imperials Ryan Eyre made the former Fremantle Docker look ordinary on a number of occasions.

The second quarter proved to be the difference as Imperials could only extend their lead by 11 points for the rest of the game. Waterhouse kicked his first and only goal of the game midway through the third term but Zac Bullard was proving more of a handful than Waterhouse as he chimed in with two brilliant goals. The only highlight in the final term was a superb goal from Wait who dodged two players before capping off a good game for his side. Imperials had winners all over the park with their blue-collar midfielders of Girdham, Hodge and Wait all playing well with the only downside being an injury to Roger Puckridge. Mannum did have an upside with youngster Bullard as well as Brad Wakefield and Andrew Smithson contributing well. 
At Le Messurier Oval, Ramblers continued their good form over Meningie with a dominant 100 point victory. Ramblers Ryan Viney was making life difficult for Meningie’s defence as his strength and skill gave him three goals for the first term. Troy Cowland and Adam Jackson also booted two goals each as Ramblers held a large 33 point lead at quarter time. Meningie coach Jamie Gibbs asked more from his players in the second term however his rev up fell on deaf ears as Ramblers continued to control the match. The Meningie forward line was having a difficult time as Ramblers Daniel Zadow and Jarrod Sykes continually repelled the ball out of their defence. Ramblers should have been ahead by more than their 57 point half time lead but were wasteful in front of goals as they had three times as many shots as Meningie. After the main break, Ramblers continued with the precession as ruckman Mark Rumbelow and his midfielders had a day out. Rumbelow controlled the centre square as Jarrad Weyland, Liam O’Neil and Mitch Vanson were repeatedly given first use of the ball. A generous handball gave Viney his ninth to three quarter time as Ramblers lead had blown out to 84 points.

Even though Viney did not reach double digits, Ramblers again outscored Meningie to give a complete four-quarter game to their coach. Best for Ramblers was Weyland, O’Neil and Rumbelow whilst Meningie’s best were Josh Benbow, Josh Robinson and Chris Lawson 
Jervois has made it two wins in a row with an emphatic 43 point victory over Tailem Bend. Tailem battled for the entire match but one goal for the entire second half put the match beyond doubt as Jervois player/coach Sam Mahony recaptured some of his best form. With good conditions at Jervois, Tailem began the game well but were wasteful in their forward line as they trailed by five points at quarter time. The game was tough and tight in the second quarter as both teams went goal for goal but three late goals in time on from Jervois gave the Bluds a 13-point lead at the main break.

From half time Tailem only kicked one goal, courtesy of Jason Marks as the Jervois defence dominated down back. Jervois’ Sam Braidwood, Ty Burkett and Shane Sterzel were all multiple goal kickers as the win now sets up a crucial match with Ramblers next week. Best for Jervois were Chris Braun, Sterzel and Mahony whilst Tailem’ best were Adam Robertson, Daniel Gregory and Christian Aspel.

Round 4 - May 2, 2009

Imperials 22.15 (147) d Mannum 11.10 (76).

Best - Imperials: D Girdham, R Eyre, H Hodge, S O'Brien, L Harrowfield. Mannum: Z Bullard, M Mueller, B Wakefield, A Smithson. Goals-Imperials. L Harrowfield 8, J Honner 6, M Seyers 5, B Kenny, T Wise, T Waft, D Girdham. Mannum: B Quinn 3, C Warehouse, Z Bollard, B Wakefield 2, T Bought, J Woodwind.

Ramblers 22.20 (152) d Meningie 7.10 (52).

Best - Ramblers: J Weyland, J Sykes, M Rumbelow, D Zadow, L O'Neil, M Vanson. Meningie: C Lawson, J Robinson, J Benbow, R Payne, E Smith. Goals-Ramblers: R Viney 9, T Lowland, C Gerardi, F O'Neil 3, A Jackson 2, J Weyland, R Irvine. Meningie: J Benbow 3, R Cunneen, A Barker, A Bentineschi, J Robinson.

Jervois 12.16 (68) d Tailem Bend 6.9 (45).

Best - Jervois: C Braun, S Sterzl, S Mahony, P Zarrantenello, D Stimson. Tailem Bend: A Robertson, D Gregory, C Aspell. J Marks. Goals - Jervois: S Sterzl 4, S Braidwood, T Burkett 3, T Rigney, W Hutchinson. Tailem Bend: S Comer 2. P O'Connell, L Ranking, D Williams, J Marks.  

Mannum Prevail in ANZAC Day Thriller  By Brendan Shakes 
In the annual Arnfield, Noble and Martin Cup, Mannum has overcome a spirited Mypolonga, winning by five points. Throughout the game, the scores remain tight but the win now leaves Mypolonga at the foot of the ladder without a victory to their name.

Conditions were gloomy at Mannum, and things began gloomy for the home side as Mypolonga kicked away to a two goal lead through Paul Anastasiou and Caine Lynn. Trailing by seven points at the first change, Mannum came out firing with goals to Todd Boughen, Dwayne Krollig and Jarrod Woodward.

Mannum’s quick start threatened to put the game out of reach for Mypolonga, however Brad Martin stemmed the flow. The second half was just as tight as the first as neither side could gain the upper hand. Mypolonga kicked three early goals however Mannum hit back with three of their own to hold a four-point margin, with only a quarter remaining. Mypolonga’s Caine Lynn played a superb final term with three goals but it was not enough as a steadying goal from David Mullins to cap of a superb victory. Best for Mannum was Mark Mueller, Josh Rosenzweig and Brad Wakefield with Todd Boughen chiming in with five goals. Mypolonga’s best were Kieran Jaensch, Lynn, who finished with five goals and Brett Davids who tried hard in the ruck. 

At Meningie, Jervois registered its first win of the year with a comprehensive 41 point victory over Meningie. Jervois used the breeze to affect in the second and fourth quarters and this proved to be the difference between the sides. The first term saw Meningie attack with the aid of the wind as Nathan Wright kicked an early goal and then was followed up with Josh Benbow kicking more goals to help his side gain the ascendancy at quarter time.  Jervois dominated the second term booting seven goals to one, to set up a comprehensive lead at half time. Jervois’ Sam Braidwood was dominant up forward, booting three for the term and four till the main break.   Meningie simply had no answers as Trevor Rigney and Peter Zarantonello also kicked majors to extend the margin to 31 points.

The third term was scrappy as Meningie failed to utilise the wind, kicking only the one goal, however keeping Jervois scoreless. Jervois ran out the last quarter with another five goals to keep their winning streak at Meningie intact.  Braidwood ended up kicking five goals whilst Wade Hutchinson, Shane Sterzel and Rigney all kicked two each. Best for Jervois was Zarantonello, Sam Mahony and Chris Braun whilst Meningie’s best was Tim Saddlier, Ben Gibbs and Chris Lawson. 
Imperials have now won three out of three after demolishing reigning premiers Ramblers by 70 points. Kicking with a strong wind towards the cemetery end, Imperials began the game well as forward Matthew Seyers booted all three goals for the term. Ramblers simply had no drive from the middle and when opportunities arose, their finishing let them down.  Roger Puckridge was the spare man down back for Imperials and for the first half, continually used his class and polish to rebound the football out of the back line. After being held goalless after quarter time, Ramblers Clint Girardi went about cutting the margin with two important goals but the smooth moving Imperials were treating the game as if it was a dry day.  At half time, Imperials lead has increased slightly to 20 points but a six-goal third term put Ramblers on the chopping block. Sam Redden was a livewire out of the goal square with two early goals in the term and the Harrowfield brothers, Blake and Luke, contributed with late goals to give the home side a 37 point lead with a quarter remaining.

Any chance of a Ramblers revival were quickly snuffed out as the Harrowfield brothers again chipped in with a goal a piece as Imperials booted another six goals into the breeze. The final quarter skills from Ramblers were disappointing as they again failed to register a goal, the second time in the game.

Imperials defence was fantastic as Ben Quast continued his rich vein of form and Jason Puatti’s found some form on the half back line

Round 3 - April 25, 26 2009





13.9 (87)





12.10 (82)

Best - Mannum: J Rosensweig, N Mueller, J Allen, D Thiele, D Krollig. Mypolonga: K Jaensch, J Oxborrow, C Lynn, S Menenghetti, B Davids. Goals - Mannum: T Boughen 5, A Warnest, J Woodward, B Quinn 2, D Krollig, D Mullins. Mypolonga: C Lynn 5, P Anastasiou, A Eckermann, B Martin 2, B White.  





14.6 (90)





7.7 (49)

Best- Jervois. P.Zarantonell, S.Mahony, C.Braun, B.Schmidt, K.Sumner. Meningie. T.Saddlier, B.Gibbs, C.Lawson, C.O’Hara, D.Rossi. Goals  Jervois. S.Braidwood 5, W.Hutchinson 2, S.Sterzl 2, T.Rigney 2, P.Zarantonello 1, K.Sumner 1, J.Cobbledick 1. Meningie. J.Benbow 2, S.Ridley 2, N.Wright 1, S.Ferenci 1, W.Eatts 1





17.12 (114)





5.15 (45)

Best -Imperials. J.Puiatti, M.Seyers, B.Quast, Z.Kenny, H.Hodge. Ramblers. D.Zadow, T.Mathews, J.Weyland, M.Mundy, C.Girardi. Goals- Imperials- M.Seyers 4, S.Redden 3, S.O’Brien 2, B.Harrowfield 2, L.Harrowfield 2, R. Puckridge 2, D.Girdham 1, B.Kenny 1. Ramblers. C.Girardi 2, A.Jackson 1, J.Weyland 1, R.Irvine 1

Eagles Fly Home win second win on the trot  By Brendan Shakes 
A spirited last term performance from Tailem Bend has seen the Eagles win their second match, defeating Meningie by eight points. Both teams came out with an attacking flair and did not hold back with the game immediately turning into a shootout. Tailem’s Ben Hansen kicked two early goals but they were cancelled out by Meningie’s Stuart Ferenci. Meningie continued with the pressure but could not capitalize on the scoreboard as their lead should have been more than the 21 points at the quarter time break. Tailem were unable to gain any ascendency as Meningie was able to combat any charge from the Eagles.  Trailing by 29 points at the final change and with only one fit player on the bench, the Eagles finally awoke from their slumber. As Tailem slammed on seven goals, Meningie were only bystanders as their lead quickly evaporated.  Goals from Shane Comer, Mitchell Vickers quickly cut down the lead and after a reply from Meningie’s Peter Reichelt, Tailem booted five unanswered goals to come out with the win and keep their season undefeated. Best for Tailem Bend was Phil O’Connell with five goals as well as Patrick Gabb and Dylan Hogarth whilst Meningie’s best were Josh Benbow, Chad Thorpe and Tim Saddlier. 
At Jervois, an eight-goal third quarter from the visiting Mannum saw off Jervois, with the Roos winning by 24 points. Jervois began the game well as Daniel Stimson opened the game with an early goal before Mannum quickly replied through Brad Wakefield and Ben Quinn to wrestle back the lead.

The game was tight and physical with both sides trying to gain the ascendency and even though Jervois were winning the contest, they were unable to apply scoreboard pressure. One of the highlights from Jervois was a superb goal from the boundary which dribbled and curved its way through for a goal. Jervois looked to be in control until three goals in time on gave Mannum the lead at the main break. With Mannum holding a five point lead at half time, the Roos went about putting the match out of Jervois’ reach. Mannum was a wrecking ball as they broke the Jervois’ defence as by three-quarter-time, Andrew Warnest had booted five goals.  The final quarter saw Jervois desperately try and overturn the deficit but it was too much as Mannum kept the Bluds winless for the year.

Best for Mannum was Michael O’Malley, Jarrad Allen and Mark Mueller and Jervois’ best were Sam Braidwood, with six goals, Steven Braun and James Cobbledick. 
Imperials kept on with their winning ways, demolishing last years Grand Finalists, Mypolonga, by 45 points at the Mypolonga Oval. The Blues were switched on early as they went about booting seven goals whilst keeping their opponents goalless. The margin at quarter time ended up to be the thing that cost Mypolonga the game, as for the rest of the match, the Tigers kept with Imperials. Imperials midfielders continued their impressive start to the season as Tyson Wait, Daniel Girdham and Roger Puckridge all played their part. Centre half forward Matthew Seyers was showing why Imperials were so keen to bring him back to the club as his prescence was too much for Mypolonga. To the Tigers credit, they kept with Imperials and showed a lot of promise, even with the loss of some of their stars from last year. Both teams will be happy with their younger players as Imperials Ben Quast and Shaun O’Brien played some of their best senior football whilst Mypolonga’s Scott Meneghetti and Kieran Jaensch also played good football. Best for Imperials were Seyers, Quast and Wait, who finished with five goals whilst Mypolonga’s better players were Meneghetti and Brad Martin who also ended up kicking five goals. 

Round 2 - April 18, 2009

Tailem Bend 18.11 (119) d Meningie 16.15 (111).

Best -Tailem Bend: P O'Connell, P Gabb, J Linde, D Hogarth, T Lynch. Meningie: J Benbow, C Thorpe, T Saddlier, A Barker, D Rossi. Goals - Tailem Bend: P O'Connell 5, B Hansen 3, J Marks, S Comer, M Thomas 2, M Kartinyeri, B Bell, M Vickers. Meningie: J Benbow 9, S Ferenci 3, A Barker, M O'Leary, P Reichek, N Wright.

Mannum 17.19 (121) d Jervois 15.7 (97).

Best - Mannum: M Mueller, M O'Malley. P Sarno, J Allen, L Krause. Jervois: S Braidwood, S Braun, J Cobbledick, D Stimson, C Braun. Goals - Mannum: A Warnest 5, T Boughen 4, B Quinn, J Allen 3, M Radnor, P Sarno. Jervois: S Braidwood 6, S Mahony, T Rigney 2, D Stimson, R Jarvis, S Sterzl, M Brion, W Hutchinson.

Imperials 17.13 (115) d Mypolonga 10.10 (70).

Best - Imperials: T Wart, M Seyers, B Quast, D Glrdham. R Puckeridge. Mypolonga: S Meneghetti, J Coulter, B Martin, A Eckermann, B White. Goals - Imperials: T Wait 5, M Seyers 4, S O'Brien, D Newell, Z Kenny, B Kenny, T Prosser, A Temby, R Edwards, J Honner. Mypolonga: B Martin 5, C Lynn 2, J Morris, A Eckermann, J Reichstien. 

Imperials Start Season ‘Honner’ Roll By Brendan Shakes
With new recruits, new expectations and new guernsey’s, Imperials kicked off the season with an 80 point win over Jervois at Johnstone Park. After quarter time, Jervois were comprehensively beaten around the ground as the Imperials midfielders ran amok, giving their forwards plenty of opportunities. With the return of Matthew Seyers to line up along side newly appointed captain Luke Harrowfield and their latest recruit Jamie Honner, Jervois were going to be stretched down back. The three prong attack ended up with 13 of their sides’ goals with Honner booting eight in his first competitive match with Imperials. Jervois began the game with the breeze at their back but were on the back foot early on as Seyers and Honner opened up a two goal lead before responding with two of their own from youngster Matt Cheso and Sam Braidwood. As Imperials began to increase their margin, undisciplined actions crept in Jervois’ game with Cheso and Brad Schmidt receiving yellow cards before half time. After half time, Imperials came out with a seven-goal third term with Braidwood providing any resistance with three goals of his own. A third yellow card Jervois player-coach Sam Mahony compounded the misery for the visitors and Puatti’s resulting goal gave Imperials an insurmountable lead heading into the final quarter. The final term saw another Imperial seven goal quarter which included a blitz of five goals in ten minutes with the second half of the term turning into junk time. Best for Imperials was Girdham, Hodge and Honner whilst Jervois’ Braidwood ended up with five goals and youngster Trent Gazzola and Wade Hutchinson providing good contributions.

In the grand final replay at Le Messurier Oval, reigning premiers, Ramblers accounted for Mypolonga after trailing at half time. Trailing by 26 points at the main break, Ramblers gun players came into the game, kicking eight goals to one to swing the momentum of the match. Early on the reigning premiers gained the early ascendency with a five goal opening quarter. 2008 Mail Medalist Liam O’Neil started the season similar to how he finished it as his drive in the midfield helped his side maintain a two goal lead at the first change. The second term saw Mypolonga come out firing as they put on a dominant display which made Ramblers look ordinary at times. Eight goals from the Tigers gave them a handy lead at the main break but from then they were to only kick one goal for the rest of the match. Ramblers’ tall timber was proving problems for the Mypolonga defence as Clint Girardi and Ryan Viney stamped their authority on the game.
Three goals in the quarter from Viney gave his side a 17 point lead at three quarter time however having to kick into a strong breeze. With the wind at their back Mypolonga were unable to use their advantage as they were held goalless whilst their opponents were able to score two of their own. Best for Ramblers was O’Neil, Daniel Zadow and Patrick O’Neil whilst Mypolonga’s best were Todd McAllister, Cain Lynn and Adam Eckerman.

At Mannum, a seven goal final term from Tailem Bend helped give the Eagles a solid 35 point victory over Mannum. Both teams came out playing attacking football with a shootout looming in the first quarter. Mannum’s new full forward, Aaron Hockey, was presenting well but his inaccuracies in front of goal helped his side increase on its slender two point lead at quarter time. The second quarter saw both teams tightened with both defenses making a bigger impact than their opposing forwards. Mannum controlled most of the quarter but were finding it difficult to put it on the scoreboard and Tailem capitilised by getting in front by eights points at half time. After half time, injuries played a crucial part in the context of the match with several injuries to Mannum, affecting their chances of victory. Shane Harte, Justin Henschke and Hockey all were out of the game and this was the chance for Tailem to seize on. Even though Mannum held the lead at the final change, their final quarter showed the extra legs they had on the bench. The return of Mervyn Kartinyeri and Damien Raidis were having a field day for Tailem Bend and their forwards were the beneficiary of the work from their midfielders. Tailem’s full forward Shane Comer booted four goals for the term and six for the entire match as his side ran out comfortable winners. Best for Tailem was Kartinyeri, Raidis and Jason Schultz and for Mannum, their best were Adam Nitschke, Chris Rudiger and Daniel Thiele

Round One Scores - April 4, 2009

Tailem Bend 18.11 (119) d Mannum 12.12 (84).

Best - Tailem Bend: M Kartinyeri, D Raidis, J Schulz, S Corner, M Vickers. Mannum: A Knitschke, C Rudiger, D Thiele, B Quinn, P Farno. Goals - Tailem Bend: S Cormer 6, B Hasen 3, L Rankine, N Kartinyeri 2, M Thomas, D Raidis, J Linde, D Hogarth, T Lynch. Mannum: J Woodward, A Hockey, B Quinn 3, S Harte 2, P Sarno.

Ramblers 17.10 (112) d Mypolonga 12.10 (82).

Best - Ramblers: L O'Neil, D Zadow, P O'Neil, C Girardi, J Weyland. Mypolonga: T McAlister, C Lynn, A Eckermann, K Jaensch, S Norris. Goals - Ramblers: C Girardi 5, R Viney 4, L O'Neil 2, D Zadow, A Jackson, T Cavland, R Irvine, M Fiegert, M Vanson. Mypolonga: C Lynn 5, J Voulter, S Arnold 2, B Mariin, K Jaensch, J Reichstein.

Imperials 22.16 (148) d Jervois 10.8 (68).

Best - Imperials: D Girdham, H Hodge, J Honner, T Wait. M Seyers. Jervois:  S Braidwood, T Gazzola, W Hutchinson, J Kluske, A Tomlinson. Goals - Imperials: J Honner 8, M Seyers, L Harrowfield 3, S O'Brien, S Redden, T Wise, J Puiotti, D Eyre. Jervois: S Braidwood 5, B Schmidt, S Sterzl 2, M Cheso.







Round 1 – 04/04/09

Ramblers V Mypolonga

Imperials V Jervois

Mannum V Tailem Bend

Meningie Bye


Easter - 11/04/09


Round 2 – 18/04/09

Mypolonga V Imperials

Jervois V Mannum

Tailem Bend V Meningie

Ramblers Bye


Round 3 – Saturday - 25/04/09

Mannum V Mypolonga

Sunday – 26/04/09

Imperials V Ramblers

Meningie V Jervois

Tailem Bend Bye


Round 4 – 02/05/09

Ramblers V Meningie

Jervois V Tailem Bend

Imperials V Mannum

Mypolonga Bye


Round 5 – 09/05/09

Mypolonga V Meningie

Jervois V Ramblers

Tailem Bend V Imperials

Mannum Bye


Round 6 – 16/05/09

Ramblers V Tailem Bend

Meningie V Mannum

Mypolonga V Jervois

Imperials Bye


Round 7 – 23/05/09

Tailem Bend V Mypolonga

Mannum V Ramblers

Meningie V Imperials

Jervois Bye


Round 8 – 30/05/09

Mypolonga V Ramblers

Jervois V Imperials

Tailem Bend V Mannum

Meningie Bye

Queens Birthday  - 06/06/09


Venue TBA


Round 9 – 13/06/09

Imperials V Mypolonga

Mannum V Jervois

Meningie V Tailem Bend

Ramblers Bye


Round 10 – 20/06/09

Mypolonga V Mannum

Ramblers v Imperials

Jervois V Meningie

Tailem Bend Bye


Round 11 – 27/06/09

Meningie V Ramblers

Tailem Bend V Jervois

Mannum V Imperials

Mypolonga Bye


Round 12 – 04/07/09

Meningie V Mypolonga

Ramblers V Jervois

Imperials V Tailem Bend

Mannum Bye


Round 13 – 11/07/09

Tailem Bend V Ramblers

Mannum V Meningie

Jervois V Mypolonga

Imperials Bye


Round 14 – 18/07/09

Mypolonga V Tailem Bend

Ramblers V Mannum

Imperials V Meningie

Jervois Bye


Round 15 – 25/07/09

Tailem Bend V Mannum

Ramblers V Meningie

Mypolonga / Imperials & Jervois Bye


Round 16 – 01/08/09

Mypolonga V Mannum

Imperials V Tailem Bend

Meningie V Jervois

Ramblers Bye


Round 17 – 08/08/09

Imperials V Ramblers

Jervois V Mypolonga

Meningie V Tailem Bend

Mannum Bye


Round 18 – 15/08/09

Mannum V Meningie

Mypolonga V Imperials

Jervois V Ramblers

Tailem Bend Bye


Round 19 – 22/08/09

Tailem Bend V Jervois

Mannum V Imperials

Ramblers V Mypolonga

Meningie Bye


Qualifying Final – 29/08/09 – Imperials

Elimination Final – 30/08/09 – Ramblers


2nd Semi Final – 05/09/09 – Jervois

1st Semi Final – 06/09/09 – Tailem Bend


Preliminary Final – 12/09/09 – Mypolonga


GRAND FINAL – 19/09/09 - Mannum