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All reports by Terry Willoughby unless otherwise mentioned

Teams: Casterton, East Gambier, Millicent, North Gambier, South Gambier and West Gambier


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Round 1 - April 25, 2017





13.12 (90)





3.9 (27)

Best: North - H. Telford, N. Blachut, B. Close, N. McInerney, M. Ashby, J. Jenner. South - B. O''Neil, D. Ridding, B. Miller, J. Foster, A. Bryant. Goals: North - T. McLennan 3, B. Close 2, W. Stafford 2, S. Stafford, N. Blachut, H. Telford, D. Carmody, N. McInerney, B. Kennedy. South - B. Kain, J. Ryan, B. Glynn

Saturday April 22, 2017





18.14 (122)





6.9 (45)

Best: East - K. Thomson, J. Fry, F. Scanlon, T. Williams, S. Balshaw, M. Rumbelow. West - T. Lewis, L. Bradley-Brown, J. Pfitzner, T. Zeitz, R. Fox, J. Coombe. Goals: East - K. Thomson 5, M. Scanlon 3, J. Fry 3, M. Rumbelow 2, J. Dawe, T. Williams, M. Dempsey, S. Balshaw, J. McKeon. West - J. Schapel 3, R. Hosking, A. Gibbs, A. Hentschke





14.6 (90)

Casterton Sandford




8.11 (59)

Best: Millicent - C. Gallio, H. Nitschke, D. Bromley, S. Duldig, C. Gysbers, D. Tincknell. Casterton Sandford - M. Cummings, M. Jarrad, T. McArlein, J. Stephenson, T. Shannon, S. Broomby. Goals: Millicent - D. Bromley 5, P. Duncan 4, J. Grimes, M. Reilly, S. Willis, T. Hutchesson, C. Gallio. Casterton Sandford - K. Carlin 2, M. Cummings 2, T. Shannon, J. Gibbs, J. Searle, T. McArlein


Grand Final report with Terry Willoughby

South Gambier won the toss in swirling windy conditions against crosstown rival North Gambier and kicked to the Velodrome end. The wind did the crowd no favours with play concentrated on the outer wing. North were first to goal through Brad Close but defences on both sides maintained a strong grip on forward moves and goals were hard to come by. Brayden Kain was dangerous at full forward for South as both teams sought to gain control. There was plenty of feeling in the game and players had a bonding session in the northern end goal-square before North got their second major and they led narrowly at quarter time and South hadn’t made the most of a small scoring advantage.

North started the second quarter well but South resisted strongly and the margin between them rarely got beyond two goals. North had more of the play through Nick  McInerney and Brock Egan around the stoppages where Brett Kennedy was doing a great job for North whose speed around the big ground suited their runners and tight defence by Buckley and Blachut cut of many South forward moves. Kain again stepped in and goaled for South to keep them in close touch before the main break but North appeared to be going better although leading by just 13 points.

South needed a big effort to get on terms in the third quarter but North held them for a long time before Ash Bryant and Kain goaled to bring them right into the game, Bronson Saffin crashed heavily after a great mark but he hadn’t been a significant player. North also goaled to keep the margin beyond two kicks. North had opportunities go begging and South responded with a late goal to finish the quarter only 3 points in arrears. There was still plenty of feeling in the game as played raced up and down the ground as both defences worked overtime to keep the forwards under control and only minor scores were registered. South were battling hard with coach Brett Exelby doing everything to lift his team, he set up numerous forward moves only to see them breakdown when chopped of by Tim McInerney and Nic Blachut who used the ball more efficiently than two weeks ago. Neither team could get the break they were looking for but North managed a goal to go seven points clear but South got it back through Kain and the arm wrestle continued.

North found Hamish Telford on the wing and he provided plenty of drive in the last quarter as South struggled to get forward. North overdid the handball on several occasions and coughed the ball up but South were unable to capitalize on the mistakes. Play again switched to the outer wing and Buckley broke up a South forward in front of the scoreboard and forced the ball to half forward where Sam Stafford, a more than useful player all day, ran around his opponent and kicked long to the forward pocket where Matt McInerney used his pace to outpoint South’s Dion Stratford and race in for a goal which put North two goals in front with little time remaining in a low scoring contest. South again had the chance to go forward but siren sounded with North Gambier twelve points ahead and now premiers for 2016 and four flags in the last 5 years. South Gambier were gallant in defeat and lost no admirers in the large crowd. Better players for North, in a low scoring but highly entertaining game, were Nick McInerney around the packs, Brad Close on the ball and near goal, Brett Kennedy for his work in the ruck, Blachut and Buckley in defence, Brock Egan, Sam Stafford and Matt McInerney for their significant contributions late. South, also had many good players but they just couldn’t string good enough passages together, Brayden Kain was a constant threat on the forward line and booted five goals, Brett Exelby got plenty of possessions across the mid-field, Ash Bryant had his moments and booted a team lifting goal, Brad Bryant was useful but not as prolific as usual and Hamish Stevens picked up plenty of kicks.

Best on ground was Nick McInerney, North Gambier.

Grand Final on September 17, 2016





8.4 (52)





8.16 (64)

Best: North - T. McInerney, B. Close, B. Egan , F. Marshall, M. McInerney, N. Blachut. South - B. Kain, B. Exelby, B. Bryant, H. Stevens, A. Bryant, N. Jenkin. Goals: North -  B. Close 3, S. Stafford 2, N. Moretti, M. McInerney, B. Stafford. South -  B. Kain 5, J. Schleter, A. Bryant, H. Stevens


April 22     Round 1     

Millicent V Casterton Sandford

East Gambier V West Gambier

April 25

North Gambier V South Gambier (Anzac Day)


April 29     Round 2         

East Gambier  V  North Gambier

West Gambier  V  Millicent

South Gambier  V  Casterton Sandford


May 6     Round 3         

North  Gambier  V  West Gambier

Millicent  V  South Gambier

Casterton Sandford  V  East Gambier


May 13               

League Bye  -  Mount Gambier Gold Cup


May-20    Round 4        

Casterton Sandford  V  North Gambier

South Gambier  V  West Gambier

Millicent  V  East Gambier


May 27     Round 5        

North Gambier  V  Millicent

West Gambier  V  Casterton Sandford

East Gambier  V  South Gambier


Jun 3    Round 6         

South Gambier  V  North Gambier

Casterton Sandford  V  Millicent

East Gambier  V  West Gambier


Jun 10                

Bye  -  SE Zone Championships - Host WBFL


Jun 17     Round 7         

North Gambier  V  East Gambier

Millicent  V  West Gambier

Casterton Sandford  V  South Gambier


Jun 24     Round 8         

West Gambier  V  North Gambier

South Gambier  V  Millicent

East Gambier  V  Casterton Sandford


Jul 1     Round 9          

North Gambier  V  Casterton Sandford

West Gambier  V  South Gambier

East Gambier  V  Millicent


Jul 8                

Bye  -  SA State Championships


Jul 15     10        

Millicent  V  North Gambier

Casterton Sandford  V  West Gambier

South Gambier  V  East Gambier


Jul 22     Round 11        

North Gambier  V  South Gambier

West Gambier  V  East Gambier

Millicent  V  Casterton Sandford


Jul 29     Round 12       

East Gambier  V  North Gambier

West Gambier  V  Millicent

South Gambier  V  Casterton Sandford


Aug 5     Round 13     

North Gambier  V  West Gambier

Millicent  V South Gambier

Casterton Sandford  V  East Gambier


Aug 12     Round 14     

Casterton Sandford  V  North Gambier

South Gambier  V  West Gambier

Millicent  V  East Gambier


Aug 19    Round 15     

North Gambier  V  Millicent

West Gambier  V  Casterton Sandford

East Gambier  V  South Gambier


Aug 26     Round 16     

Casterton  Sandford  V  Millicent

West Gambier  V  East Gambier

South Gambier  V  North Gambier


Sep 2  First  Semi  Final

Hosted By South Gambier


Sep 9  Second  Semi  Final

Hosted By West Gambier


Sep 16  Preliminary Final

Hosted By Millicent


Sep 23  Grand Final

Hosted By Casterton Sandford